How to discover new events and sync them with your calendar

Zapaday is a great Web app that aggregates thousands of events, holidays, conferences, and more into customizable calendars. Better still, you can set up calendars to sync with your ICal, Google Calendar, or other service.

It's a busy, busy world, and that can mean it's hard to keep track of everything that's going on beyond our own lives. Zapaday lets us keep track of events all over the world in a simple, easily customizable format that is easy to send to online calendars. Here's how to use it: 

  1. Visit the Zapaday site. It may look a bit overwhelming at first, but it's simple to navigate. You should see highlights near the top that include worldwide and local events and headlines. Below the fold are categories, countdowns, and more. 
    Step 1: Zapaday main page.
    Step 1: Zapaday main page.
  2. It's a browser's paradise, and you can add any event to your calendar by clicking on it, then clicking "Add to my calendar." You should see a list of calendar options; once you pick one, you're taken to your calendar app's new event screen. 
    Step 2: Add event to your calendar.
    Step 2: Add event to your calendar.
  3. You can also select a Zapaday calendar, like "National Holidays" or "Business Exhibitions and Conferences," then click "Add calendar to..." to sync the entire set with your calendar. 
  4. To create a personalized Zapaday calendar with the events that matter most to you, you need to register for a free account; just click "Sign up" in the upper right and create login info or connect using Facebook. 
  5. Once you're registered, you have new options next to events: "Show on My Zapaday," "I'm going," "Track changes," and "Remind me..." These make it much simpler to handle individual events. 
    Step 5: Track personalized events.
    Step 5: Track personalized events.
  6. To add your personalized Zapaday calendar to your regular calendar, just click "My Zapaday" at the top, then select your preferred calendar under "Use my events." 
    Step 6: Sync Zapaday calendar with your own.
    Step 6: Sync Zapaday calendar with your own.

There's quite a bit more under the hood, but those are the basic tools. Zapaday is great for creating custom calendars and discovering new events.

Thanks to Lifehacker for the tip!

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