How to create a shared photo stream album on iOS 6

You can share a Photo Stream album on iOS 6 with other iOS users, or through the iCloud Web site. Here's how.

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  • To create a Shared Photo Stream, launch the Photos app on your iOS device, and select the Photo Stream option at the bottom of the screen. In the upper-left corner is a + sign; tap on it.
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  • Enter the iCloud e-mail address of the person (or people) you'd like to share your album with. Enter a name for the album. If you want people without an iCloud account to be able to view the album on the iCloud Web site, toggle the Public Website switch to On. Select Create when you are done. Regardless of whether the album is shared with iOS users or via the iCloud site, you'll be the only person able to upload a photo to the album. Anyone else will only be able to "like" and comment on the photos.
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  • You can now send photos to the album, either when viewing the album, or by viewing photos in the Photo app and tapping on the share button. You can then select Photo Stream from the list of options, leave a comment, and submit it.
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  • Anyone invited to share the album can then comment or like the photo by using their iOS device. You'll receive alerts of each each new comment or like.
  • The ability to have shared photos uploaded to a Web site, free of charge, will be a popular feature to share photos with family or friends who aren't using iOS and iCloud. Then again,

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