How to clear your iOS browser history

Clearing your iOS browser history isn't something you will need to do often. But knowing how to do it will come in handy should the need ever arise. We are going to show you how to clear your history, cookies, and cache in two easy steps.

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If you recently ordered a present for a loved one on your iPad or iPhone and don't want him or her to stumble across the site you used to place the order, clearing your browser history will eliminate that possibility. Clearing Mobile Safari's history is a great way to cover your tracks on the Internet, as well as free up some memory (although the amount of memory is minimal). We are going to show you how to erase your browser history, cookies, and cache on your iOS device of choice in two simple steps.

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The first step to clearing your browser history is to go into the Settings app on your iOS device, and tap on Safari.

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This is a screen shot of the Settings app, with Safari selected on an iPad. You can see the options we will be dealing with on the right side.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

The second and final step would be to tap on each different button for history, cookies, and cache. Doing so will prompt an alert, asking if you are sure you want to delete this information; confirm your choice for each one.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

That's it! Your Mobile Safari browser history is now erased, not a trace left behind of your browsing habits.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani

Quick tip: To delete just your browser history, and not the cache or cookies on your device. Simply view your browser History by tapping on the Bookmarks icon, then History at the top of the list. At the bottom of the History screen will be a Clear button. Tapping on that button will clear just your browser history, still leaving your cache and cookies.


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