How to boycott SOPA with Android

Do you want to show your disdain for SOPA with your voting dollars? We'll show you how to boycott SOPA with Android.

Do you want to show your disdain for SOPA with your voting dollars? If so, you can boycott companies and products that support SOPA, using your Android device. Here's how:

First, make sure you have a bar code scanner like Google Goggles or ZXing installed, then install the Boycott SOPA app from the Android Market.

Next, launch the Boycott SOPA app and scan the bar code of the product you're interested in. After a few moments, the app will return with "Item OK" or "Bad Item." If the product isn't in the database, you may also get a message saying that the item was not found.

Bad item!
Screenshot by Ed Rhee
Item OK!
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. The developers are constantly updating the database of known SOPA supporters and are working on an update to allow you to contact companies directly from your Android device.

For more details on SOPA, check out CNET's SOPA FAQ .

(Via Android Central)

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