How to Androidify yourself for the holidays

If you love the Android robot, we'll show you how to create one to Androidify yourself for the holidays.

Google released a fun little Android app called Androidify earlier this year, that lets you create your very own Android robot caricature. The recent update to Androidify adds a few holiday-themed items to provide some holiday cheer to your Android robot-loving ways.

Here's how to Androidify yourself for the holidays:

1. After installing Androidify to your Android smartphone or tablet, you'll be presented with the basic Android robot. To customize it, click on the hanger icon on the lower left corner.

Start Androidify
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

2. A column of items is on the left and a row of categories like pants, shoes, glasses, hair, etc. is on the bottom.

Android Santa
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

3. To resize your Android robot, zoom in and out of the areas you want to change by pinching the screen next to the arms, head, or legs.

Tall Android Santa
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. When you're all finished customizing your Android robot, you can save it to your Android device or share it with others.

Have fun and happy holidays!

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