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Grab the articles you want to read on the Web and see them in your e-mail later.

In order to hang onto those articles you want to read but might forget about later, you need to keep some sort of list. Magazinify offers the ability to keep tabs on the things you want to read, and even send them to your e-mail inbox all in one PDF. With this service, you can read content in your browser, on your PC, or even transfer it to an eReader. Best of all, it'll be in magazine format, but only feature stories you actually want to read! Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Head to and sign up for a free account.

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Step 2: Activate your account by clicking the link they provide via e-mail.

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Step 3: Login and adjust the personal settings to fit your preferences (update intervals, time zone, etc.).

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Step 4: Drag the Magizinify bookmarklet to your Bookmarks bar (or menu).

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Step 5: Click the bookmarklet on any article/site you want to read at a later time. A pop-up message will appear to tell you the page has been added to your queue.

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Barnes & Noble Nook Color

If you accidentally click the bookmarklet on a page you don't want to save for later, you can manage your queue by logging into the Magazinify Web site.

That's it. The pages you clicked the bookmarklet on will be sent to your inbox at the specified time interval, in PDF! Now load it on your  Nook Kindle, or tablet and your favorite online content becomes mobile.

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