Delete annoying URL predictions from Chrome's omnibox

Ever begin typing a URL, only to have Chrome autocomplete it with the wrong address? Here's a way to prevent that URL from showing up ever again.

Use a little-known shortcut to remove URLs from Chrome's omnibox predictions. Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

Chrome has good intentions -- it wants to help you get to where you're going faster and more efficiently.

But one day, you head to Cool.

A few hours later, you attempt to go to, but Chrome thinks you're heading to the Dining section again, so it autocompletes it to And no matter how many times you yell at your browser, it just won't stop.

Though there isn't a button or right-click solution in sight, there are two ways to stop Chrome from predicting URLs.

To delete a URL prediction:
To remove a single prediction from the omnibox (like our example), arrow down with your keyboard to highlight the URL, then click Shift-Delete on a PC; Shift-FN-Delete on a Mac; or Alt-Shift-Backspace on a Chromebook.

To disable predictions altogether:
If the URL and Web search predictions are getting in the way, disable the feature altogether. Just open the Chrome menu > Settings > Show advanced settings (at the bottom). Under Privacy, uncheck "Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar."

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