CNET How-To is hiring. Come write for us!

Come write for CNET How-To direct from the comfort of your own home -- if you so desire. We're hiring a freelancer and we want you!

Mounting a GoPro onto a kitchen timer is just one of the many wacky ways we get stuff done around here. CNET

CNET How To is seeking an enterprising freelance writer who's well-versed in a range of topics and can regularly come up with creative ideas for original content related to gadgets, apps, operating systems, do-it-yourself projects, and more. In particular, we're seeking someone with plenty of Windows 8 or Mac OS experience.

You should be an experienced professional writer able to produce authoritative and engaging How To articles -- sometimes on a tight daily deadline. You must be able to write clear, colorful, high-quality prose carefully checked for accuracy. Photography and videography skills are a big plus.

If interested, please send your resume, links to at least five writing samples, plus a few words about why you want to write for CNET How To, to, with How-To Freelancer: Your Name in the subject line.

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