Clean up your Pinterest stream by hiding comments

Comments and likes on Pins can make Pinterest look cluttered and hard to read. Find out how to hide comments for a cleaner browsing experience.

Pinterest's endless stream of tiled photos may be its most luring feature, but comments and likes quickly clutter the design, especially when an interesting Pin prompts dozens of likes and comments.

Sounds nit-picky, but as a power user, I can attest that a Pinterest page littered with comments like "Awww!!!!" and "omg i have to make this inflatable iPhone case" is not conducive to efficient pinning. And there is only so much time to pin in one day.

Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin/CNET

To solve this issue, indie Web developer Craig Fifield created a handy bookmarklet that lets you toggle to view or hide comments on Pinterest. When the bookmarklet is active and comments are hidden, nearly twice as many Pins appear in a single window.

To get the bookmarklet, visit this page, or simply drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Toggle Pinterest Comments.

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