Check out Google Play recommended apps

Need to expand your Android app horizons? Google has a built-in tool that finds apps you might like.

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Scouring the Google Play Store for apps isn't always easy. When looking for an app you'll probably know the category it falls into, and you might know the name of something that works similarly to what you're looking for. Unfortunately, it's still a lot of work to sort through each entry until you find the perfect one.

You could look at app reviews online, or check star ratings in the Play Store, or you could try looking at Recommended For You.

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Just open the Google Play Store and tap on Apps, then tap on the banner that says Recommended For You. This feature will help you find apps that are +1'd by your friends on Google+, popular based on geographic location, or similar to other apps you're already using. In fact, Recommended For You may seem familiar if you've used the Google Play Store on the Web, since it's been live there for the past month.

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When you see an app you aren't interested in, you can tap on the small circle with the line through it on the right-hand side of the list. This will prevent it from showing up in the list again.

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There are a few features the Google Play Store is still missing. For instance, you can't clean out apps from your list that you've used in the past, purchased apps do not display separately, and there's no option to create a wish list.

Do you find it strange that Google implemented this recommended app feature before any others? What would you like to see as a new feature in the Google Play Store?

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