Add to Wunderlist extension provides easy, cross-platform Web clipping

Add to Wunderlist is a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that makes it easy to clip pages as you surf.

I have yet to take the Evernote plunge, and I don't use Pinterest unless I'm looking over my wife's shoulder. Yet, I admit I have a need for some variety of Web-clipping app. My current strategy, if you can call it that, is leaving browser tabs open for days on end, or adding to my ever-increasing and wholly unorganized list of bookmarks.

Thankfully, I found Add to Wunderlist, a browser extension that works for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It adds a button to the right of the your browser's URL bar for clipping a Web page from any site, and it also integrates itself into a number of sites, adding a button to the likes of Amazon, Asos, Ebay, Etsy, Gmail, Hacker News, IMDB, Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Clicking on the Add to Wunderlist button -- either the button it installs to the right of the URL bar or one of the secondary buttons it integrates in the above Web sites -- opens a small window with the title and description pre-filled for the page you are clipping. You can edit either field, and you can select a Wunderlist folder in which to file the item.

Before you get started with Add to Wunderlist, you'll first need to sign up for an account with Wunderlist, a to-do list app you can use in your browser or with iOS and Android devices.

What do you use for your Web-clipping needs? Let me know in the comments below.

(Via Engadget)

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