Add downloadable files to your LinkedIn profile

Spice up your LinkedIn profile by adding the app, which allows you to add downloadable files to your profile.

If you're seeking employment, LinkedIn is useful for finding job openings, building your professional network, and posting your resume in hopes of discovery. Completing all the elements of your LinkedIn profile will give you an advantage, but there's also an extra (and little-known) feature to enable.

While LinkedIn allows recruiters to download an automated PDF version of your profile, the formatting is often jumbled and lacks the finesse of a carefully formatted resume. There also isn't a streamlined way for recruiters and people in your network to view samples of your work.

To solve this problem, allows you to add downloadable files to your profile. Add your resume, work samples, and any other files to your LinkedIn profile with this tip. allows visitors to download your resume and other files directly from your LinkedIn profile. Screenshot by Sharon Vaknin/CNET

Step 1: Go to > Profile > Edit Profile. Scroll to the bottom and select "Add an application."

Step 2: Select " Files," then "Add application." If you already have a account, sign in. Otherwise, sign up for a free account.

Step 3: On the next screen, upload files you'd like to appear on your LinkedIn profile, like your resume or work samples. Once your files are uploaded, click "Menu" (upper right) and select "Settings." Here, you can tweak the way files look on your profile. Hit "Save."

Step 4: Head to your LinkedIn profile and scroll to the bottom, where your files are now available. If you'd like them to appear at the top (or elsewhere), just drag to reorder your profile modules.

You can revisit the application at any time to add or remove files, or disable the app altogether.

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