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Googlicious Motorola's Droid Turbo brings 48 hours of battery life
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Googlicious: Motorola's Droid Turbo brings 48 hours of battery life

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Google wants to get into your bloodstream, Amazon announces their Fire TV stick and the two day smartphone battery has arrived.

[MUSIC] What's going on? Brian Tong here, and welcome to Googlicious, for all the Google that we can pack inside of a show. We've talked about Google X, and their out there project, and if you weren't already impressed with their smart contact lenses that can measure. Glucose levels, well try this. The Googs is designing magnetic nano-particles about 1,000th the width of a red blood cell to patrol the human body and look for signs of cancer or other diseases. Now the effort is led by Andrew Conrad, the head of the life sciences team at GoogleX. And the goal is to get an early heads up on cancer and other disease and hopefully gain some insight for more effective treatment as well. It's more than five years off and faces major challenges technically. There's privacy issues with the data they can collect because, come on, it's Google. They collect everything. But there's also regulatory issues if the bill of remethod is by swallowing a pill. But this is just some of the mind blowing. Amazing stuff that Google's working on right now. Now in semi health related news as well, Google recently released their Google fit app for Android to track your fitness activities like walking and running. It's compatible with smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 and higher. With it's misty material design looking charts and graphs. It also pulls info from third party apps, so if you wanna get your fitness on, you can check it out right now. All right, lots of gadgets have been announced recently. Including the official unveiling of the Motorola Droid turbo. By Verizon. Now, I could go down the list of specs, but what makes this phone special is its 48 hour battery life based on usage times. This is not just being idle in your pocket. That's 48 hours of usage. And, it's turbo charging. How about an additional eight hours of juice? In just 15 minutes. Now that's something that no one is delivering in smartphones right now. Also the surprise of the week came from Amazon with their $39 Fire T.V. Video streaming stick, that competes directly with the Chromecast and Roku stick. It brings the eight gigs of storage and a duel core processor for. Faster and more fluid navigation according to the Amazonian's. And for $30.00 you can upgrade the remote to take advantage of their voice search which is really one of the best I've tried for a set top box. And prime members also had a limited time to get one for just $19. Alright jumping over to wearables AT&T recently announced they will be one of the. First US carriers to sell LG's recently announced G Watch R, really the hottest-looking Android wear watch to date now, and I'm sorry Moto 360. It will start rolling out in the beginning of November in select markets like France, Italy, and Spain. Asia and North America will get it sometime after that. And Android wearers latest update has begun rolling out for select devices. Some of the new features include offline music support that you can store on your device and listen to it via Bluetooth headphones and speakers. GPS support is now here as well as long as the hardware supports it. And at this time it's really only Sony Smart watch 3 that can be preordered from Verizon's website. And, finally, I'm sorry to bring a bit of bad news if you're a Twitter addict and you own Google Glass. So, this is for you and, yeah, that might be four or five people. Well, according to Glass support, Twitter is no longer developing the app and it no longer shows up in the MyGlass app hub. So, sure, someone can step in to fill the void, but for now no more tweets. Aw! Alright, that's gonna do it for this week's show. You can always e-mail us at Or tweet me directly at briantong. Thanks so much for watching, we'll see you all next time for some more of that Googlicious. [MUSIC] Googlicious.

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