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Are there code dumps online?

by F-1DeskLamp / April 29, 2016 1:53 AM PDT / Posted in PC Hardware

I seem to remember something about how people salvage scripts to make something rather than everyone re-writing the same things over and over.

I take your advice, pal. Don't get me wrong. I'm not some ungrateful MF'er, but what about I keep asking the questions, and you entertain the thoughts for a sec.

8 Pi's run about $350 plus all of the cables and power cords - $400. That's new gear! I have to code it too. I can't speak computer logic yet. My head's already hurting thinking about this situation.

I think I'm cheaper than that.

2 Used Dell PC for $50 each
4 Used Graphics Cards $40 each

That's half the cost. I just put 2 Graphics Cards in each PC, and run 4 monitors out of each PC. I also don't have to write a single code, so it's quicker and immediate at my golden level of beginner computer craftsman. That way I can just hook up my money making rig to Wall St, and I can continue to study coding, ethical hacking, and hardware like is my dream theme.

Is it possible? I could just buy another Dell PC. I could possibly just put one Graphics Card on each with the original port, and run 3 monitors out of each Dell PC giving me 9 monitors total. I won't have one switch, so I'll just put them to sleep when not in use one at a time.

That makes:

3 Dell PC's $50 x 3 = $150
3 Graphics Cards $40 x 3 $120
No extra cable costs
Total about $300

I hate to bug everyone about all of this. I've been chatting with people about learning different trades on line since 2004, and this is how I learn so much.