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The tribes

by TONI H / February 7, 2016 5:07 AM PST / Posted in Speakeasy

for many years have had separate self-governing, but you failed to mention that. The settlement has been going on for years, long before Holder and this administration, took many years for both sides to come to agreement, but, as I said, eventually, they were compensated to their satisfaction. The lands, etc. were held in trust during those discussions and terms so that NEITHER party could dispose of the lands, much like a mechanic's lien against someone's personal property holds up a sale of a house.

If you ask American Indians themselves, they will tell you that NO ONE owned the lands.....they traveled much like animals migrate all over the country to follow the food and water sources. They never 'settled' in one spot.

ISRAEL, on the other hand, was GIVEN their own country and other world leaders forced them into giving parts of it up as concessions during 'peace' talks....and it has never been in Israel's interest or favor.