Thank you for your query!

There are a couple of reasons TechTracker may report a version as out-of-date when it is actually up-to-date. Most often, our technology is at the mercy of developers and publishers who may or may not consistently update their application information within the program's files.

If CNET TechTracker is reporting a version which looks incorrect to you, we ask that you send us a report from the TechTracker site. To do so:

1. Visit your CNET TechTracker page at www.cnet.com/techtracker
2. Locate the item which appears incorrect
3. Underneath the name of the program, click on the "Feedback" button
4. Fill out a short report which describes your issue

This will send the information we need directly to our software editors, who will then be able to research and hopefully fix the issue.

If this issue is inconveniencing you, you are also able to temporarily or permanently hide specific applications from your software list. To do so, locate the application on your list and click the "Expand All Info & Settings" tab. You may choose to either "Hide" a program, which permanently moves it to your Hidden list, or "Skip" the program, which removes it from your list until the next version is available.

CNET TechTracker Support