wertigo - I have installed this unit into a recess to allow flush-fitting of a Samsung 52" flat panel.

The initial setup requires that the unit be fully retracted and centered befor the "setup" button was pressed. With my tv recessed into the wall, this presented something of a challenge. Even with flush-mounting, the tv itself would be an obstacle, so this may well be a part of your difficulty. Proper operation requires that the unit be connected to an unswitched power source. Powering off the unit clears all centering information as well as the presets you program - something you may wish to do before trying to reset your unit.

I used a small servo and receiver from one of my r/c planes and simpy duct taped everything in place inside the cavity behing the tv. That allowed me to flip a switch on my transmitter and have the servo arm press the setup button. The thing came out, wiggled around to find the limits of its movement - when it bumps the wall, it stops and remembers where it is - and then went back to its original position. Once that was done, it worked perfectly until the day the power went out and I had to dig out my r/c parts again.

One more thing. After the initial setup is complete and you've selected your presets (there are 3 available), select the "center" option. It allows for an absolutely dead-on and snug fit when you turn the tv off and the mount goes to its rest position. Unless you do this, you are likely to hear the clicking noise you mentioned - the sound of one of the servos trying to choose where to stop. It's not gears (thankfully), but cam be quite annoying.