You could instead opt for *wireless streaming* over your home wifi network to a achieve a better quality wired speaker solution (or solutions). It certain would sound nicer than BT too since wifi can handle the job better and you could buy better quality (wired) speakers. Plenty of items would be on sale too if you bought online.

What I do is, utilize an older Apple Airport Express (refurb from BB @ $40), and use the digital mini-jack audio output from that to send out audio from the laptop (& other computers, iPods, iPads, etc.) to the HT receiver (via digital optical cable). The program Airfoil from a company called Rogue Amoeba allows me to stream other content to the Airport Express besides iTunes (default limitation of AE hardware). Anyway, I use the A/B speaker selector to also send the sound coming in via the Airport Express to a pair in the kitchen. You could go one step further and use a speaker selector switch downstream and add another pair somewhere in your house. The wiring involved is certainly nothing exotic since speaker wire is so easy to run.

Equipment needed:

-Wireless router
-Apple Airport Express
-Additional pair of speakers
-Speaker selector/switcher box(?)
-Airfoil software (to be able to send along Rdio stream)
-AV receiver with available digital optical input & A/B speaker option
-Speaker wire

Some folks even connect small powered speakers directly to an Airport Express as in the following reference I saw on the Apple site. This would even be more desireable than wireless speakers but also give you a lot more flexiblity in where you located the speakers & AE unit.