In order to have wifi work, it has by default, route by various CHs. within the frequency to connect. They bounce around and if there is a conflict or stronger signal elsewhere the "weakest" loses. To you it may appear to be lost but it should reconnect on its own or try to. All this boils down, that you have moved and gotten a new PC. Which no doubt you continue to use old setting from the past setup. You need to "totally" remove wifi and install as everything was new again, as in from scratch. That way it configures to what is now best for the new setup, etc.. rather than trying this or that and make a picky fix to hope it works. Too often you trip up and get hosed stepping all over the setting.

IMHO, when nothing seems to work, I get a totally new and/or possibility new different router and re-install it all over at least that part. It seems to resolve many issues and it reconfigures everything and addresses it all. make darn sure good wifi reach is possible, sometimes interference from walls, neighbors PC, metal, furniture, etc., cause wifi to lose strength and poor reception is introduced. A better antenna can greatly help.

FYI- I had a client that everything worked until he moved his office(work desk). The office was now in a metal shed within a metal building. Once we routed an antenna outside was he able to connect to the old admin. building which he was next to at the last office. Oh yeah, still was in winter when it really conked out, but during the summer no problem. Why?, because the big metal door was open during the summer very much of the time, winter closed.

tada -----Willy Shocked