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WiFi PDA -- How Exactly Do You Connect to Web???

by Rustie143 / December 14, 2005 7:05 AM PST

I'm thinking of getting the Palm TX and would like to be able to use it to surf the net when I'm out. How does this actually happen? Do I go through my ISP? My cell phone? Or is there already a some sort of connectivity device/browser built into the TX?

I have Cingular and know, from expience, that there's a data usage charge for accessing/spending time on the internet and the speed on my RazrV3 wasn't all that good. I'm wondering if the TX would be a better better way to connect when I need to.

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About wireless internet...
by John.Wilkinson / December 14, 2005 8:07 AM PST

WiFi is a technology (and antenna) built into (otherwise you can usually find an adapter for it) some PDAs (including the Palm TX) and laptops that allows you connect to the internet whenever you are within range of a wireless network (home/work) or are at a ''hotspot'' (a designated location that offers a WiFi signal). Using your cell phone and an ISP is another method of connecting to the net which is associated with Bluetooth, not WiFi. For my wireless internet for PDAs tutorial, click here.

Hope this helps,

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Many thanks, John
by Rustie143 / December 16, 2005 2:50 AM PST

Yep, I was one of those who thought that with Wi-Fi, I could access the internet anywhere, anytime, for no charge. Guess I'll look again at PDAs to see which will meet my non-network needs.


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Palm T/X
by askphyl / December 16, 2005 3:48 AM PST

In response to your Palm T/X posting, I just want to let you know I purchased this Palm a few weeks ago and am absolutely over-the-moon at how wonderful this product is. I've been a Palm user for years and in my opinion, this is the best Palm ever. You do need to have a wireless network set up in order to take advantage of the Wi-Fi capability, so if you don't have wi-fi at home, you'll severely limit your ability to surf the net using wi-fi technology. Still, if you live in a major city, public wi-fi access is becoming more and more available. At a local shopping mall in Los Angeles, for example, there is an Apple store that has a public link. You can sit outside, within a pretty good distance from the store, access the Apple Store link and check your e-mail, browse the net, etc. at no cost. The browser application pre-loaded onto the T/X is" Blazer" and is amazingly fast. If you don't have a wireless network at home, it is no longer very expensive or difficult to set up and is well worth the effort. If you already have a wireless home network, you're home free. I can't say enough for what a great product the T/X is. I debated for a long, long time about upgrading my phone to a Treo 650 and ultimately decided that, being much more of a Palm user than a phone user, I'd benefit more from upgrading my Palm. The T/X came out just as I'd finally made my decision to upgrade and I am so, so happy that I chose this route. If you use your cell phone service for web access, you pay a significant monthly fee and usage fee, as you know, for the "data package" that gives you Internet access. Wi-fi, once set up, is totally free for unlimited time and access.
I could go on and on about all the other great T/X features, not the least of which is the beautiful high-resolution, landscape/portrait screen, but I think I've made my point. You'd think I work for Palm, the way I'm raving, but I have absolutely no connection to the company. I am, as I said, just a long-time user who believes the new T/X is a great, great value and tool. Good luck with your decision!

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by SunYiEsq / December 21, 2005 12:59 AM PST
In reply to: Palm T/X

I have a wireless DSL modem at home and havent been able to get online with my Palm TX. Please help. It sees the connection, connects and I still can't get online. What am I doing wrong?

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No details, but let me share my setup.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / December 21, 2005 1:50 AM PST

I have the T|X, and a DI-524 wifi router. I had to update my router firmware and scale the WEP back to 64-bit and now it's good.


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Have TX - Have Router - but what's WEP?????
by Rustie143 / December 30, 2005 4:01 PM PST

I was so hoping that the router was going to be the answer, and a fairly simple one. I sure hope it comes with some kind of clearly written manual. Probably not, nothing else lately seems to have more than a poster, which is NO HELP if you hit a glitch!

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by John.Wilkinson / December 31, 2005 1:18 AM PST

WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) is a security protocol for the 802.11 WiFi standard. While it does keep out the average person, the protocol was cracked back in 2003, and thus replaced by WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) for those serious about their network's security. For more information, click here for the Wikipedia article.

Hope this helps,

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Addendum. I use MAC filtering as well.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / December 31, 2005 1:50 AM PST
In reply to: WEP...

There is also an article claiming WPA is less secure than WEP.

-> I know why we don't have secure WIFI. You can ask if you want to know. Hint: Gov.


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problems with wireless connection
by ukeguy / December 31, 2005 6:31 AM PST

If I am interpreting this string of messages correctly, the problem is NOT with the lack of a wireless connection - the T/X makes a good connection. The problem is not being able to access a web page or use email even after a wireless conneciton is made.

That is the same problem I am having. My T/X quickly and easily connects wirelessly to my Macintosh Airport, but it will not load a web page after it is connected. I suspect the problem has to do with proper setting of preferences or such as that. Same with email - how do you go about setting server preferences?

I was able to work my way through the WEP issue (found and inputted the WEP number), but there seems to be more to it than just being connected.

Anyone got some answers for the next step?

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My settings are not your settings.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / December 31, 2005 8:22 AM PST

Here I can use my email per the ISP's settings. However I can't access my MSN email since they have their own authentication which prevents my use of the PDA.

Wish that you had my luck, but my settings can't be used on your PDA.


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Problem Solved!
by ukeguy / January 5, 2006 4:11 AM PST

What it took to fix it was a Hard Reset that restored it to the original factory settings. Of course I had to reinstall a few things after that, but everything is now working reasonably well. I suspect that some of my third party programs that I included in the original Hotsynch were the culprits. I left anything suspicious out of Hotsynching after the hard reset, and all is now working well.

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by SunYiEsq / January 5, 2006 4:46 AM PST
In reply to: Problem Solved!

How did you turn off WEP? And that was all it took? You can get on the net? I still haven't gotten anywhere with my TX. All i do is play Scrabble on it... =(

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Here's how
by ukeguy / January 5, 2006 9:28 AM PST
In reply to: HOW?

1) Turning off WEP was not actually the solution, but I did it anyway, just to make it easier for guests in my home to use my wireless.

2) The solution to ALL my Palm TX problems was to do a "hard" reset on the Palm. That restored the factory settings and got rid of 3rd party applications and other junk that was Hotsync'd from my previous Palm. Just be careful about what you reinstall after the reset so you don't get back in the same situation. Instructions for performing a hard reset can be found at

3) I use a Macintosh computer with Mac OS 10.4.3. These instructions turning off WEP are only valid for that system. Go to "System Preferences," then to "Network." Highlight your network name, then click on the "Edit" button. Pull down the "wireless security" bar and select "none" Then click on "OK" Then click on "apply now." That should do it.

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Need help using Wi-Fi at home - I have the same problem
by ukeguy / December 28, 2005 2:25 PM PST

You and I have exactly the same problem. Once I got past the hurdle of finding my WEP number and entering into my new Palm T/X, I could see that I was connected online. But I still can't get to any web pages or use email. I suspect there is more setup required, but I am lost. Anyone have any clues on how to set up email server setting and also how to get a web page to respond? This is getting very frustrating.

I am connecting through a Macintosh home network using a Mac Airport and a Linksys router. I share 2 Macs and a PC on my LAN, but I can't get my Palm T/X to work on it.


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No connection with the Internet
by BillGill22 / January 1, 2006 1:19 AM PST

I am having a similar problem with the Palm TX i purchased yesterday. I can connect to my network but not the internet. Here is my setup: I have four computers in the house [3 wired and 1 wireless] with a TiVo 2 connected to my network. I am using linksys G router upstairs as an access point while my DSL westell wireless router [actually a linksys router] is in the basement with the wireless shutoff. My computer and tivo connect to the internet but Palm does not. I typed in my WEP key, and manually assigned IP addresses and DNS but still cannot connect to the internet. When I find a unprotected wifi in my neighborhood I can connect to the internet but the signal is not great and often drops.

I am upset that my computers and tivo connect but not this palm. Is ther something I might be doing wrong? I have Verison DSL is it them?

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No Internet
by BillGill22 / January 1, 2006 1:25 AM PST

I have to add that in my setup the wireless access point is set to mixed mode because Tivo for some reason doesn't do a good job of supporting g adapters. So to eliminate replies regarding the Palm using b wireless, well that has been thought of on my end. I did notice once person scaled back their WEP to 64. I am using 128 but might try 64. Just odd I can connect to network but no internet.

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So, What's a non-techie to do?
by Rustie143 / January 1, 2006 1:43 AM PST
In reply to: No Internet

I was initially able to ''piggy back'' on someone else's unprotected Wi-Fi network and get to my ISP, my email, the web. Now, I may have changed some setting, somewhere, and it's not working for me. (And yes, I DO turn the Wi-Fi connection ON before trying to access the internet.)

I'm dreading setting up the Lynksys Wireless - G Router w/ broadband speed booster, since the dialing back that's mentioned above, may be about the speed of the connection. And, I have no idea what my ISP's protocols are or how to find that out. I use AOL. (I told you, I'm a non-techie).

If anyone knows a good techie in Central MA. . . .

Yikes, I was told I didn't need a network adapter, but that's one of the system requirements on the Linksys Router box. Wait! I DID purchase a service contract on the TX, so maybe I can get them to help me set this up. (Crossing my fingers now.)

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Palm TX wireliess connection
by ukeguy / January 1, 2006 7:47 AM PST

The fact that you have a large and complex wireless system in your home should not make any difference (I don't think). The Palm TX should be able to connect whenever it is within range of any wireless network. There is probably a simple solution (Anything is easy if you know how!), but it sure has excaped me, and you have the same problem that I do.

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Still No Connection....
by SunYiEsq / January 11, 2006 4:39 AM PST

I was on the phone with Palm for two hours and they did not help me. They advised me to go to a Starbucks to see if my TX works at a hotspot. I was so disappointmented with their customer service... ANYWAY... I still haven't been able to connect and I spoke with my ISP and was advised that we don't have a WEP. I tried manually installing IP and DNS. Still nothing... Someone please help... I feel like I'm wasting this device... I only play scrabble on it!! =(

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Get it exchanged?
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / January 11, 2006 5:04 AM PST

Mine is nirvana. Wish it could do VOIP.

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Try this to get a connection
by ukeguy / January 11, 2006 12:40 PM PST

This is an answer I gave in another posting. Give it a try.

The solution to ALL my Palm TX problems was to do a ''hard'' reset on the Palm. That restored the factory settings and got rid of 3rd party applications and other junk that was Hotsync'd from my previous Palm. Just be careful about what you reinstall after the reset so you don't get back in the same situation. Instructions for performing a hard reset can be found at

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Here is something interesting I found
by BillGill22 / January 1, 2006 1:33 AM PST

Most unstable palm device so far. November 27, 2005
T. Moore (Fort Myers, FL)
Gender: Male
How do you typically use CompUSA products?: Home and Work
Technology awareness: Early Adopter




Battery Life



"I recently purchased 2 of these. One for me and one for my wife. The unit functions somewhat like it should but has some serious stability issues with palm apps. Adding apps to the device is a nightmare with 9 out of 10 of them crashing the device and rendering it unusable until a factory reset is performed. The ones that do allow the device to even boot afterward disable the input area altogether. The unit works very well for the built in apps, but new apps are a serious problem. I am upgrading from a palm m505. When I did a hotsync (using the new software for the TX) the TX died. When it was reset the device would not reboot under any circumstances until I did a factory reset.

802.11b works very well, but is only compatible with 40-bit or 104-bit encryption (so those of us with Linksys routers are out of luck). The power saving features associated with it are very good however. The unit will connect very well once WEP is turned off (unless you have 40-bit on your router, you will have to turn off WEP!!!)

Bluetooth is a joke on this device. It does not support OBEX in the most simple incarnations. My VERIZON PHONE has more bluetooth functionality than this thing!! (If you know verizon, you know how bad a statement that is.) Bluetooth headsets will pair but you cant use them for anything, file transfers are non existant. While you can use bluetooth for connecting to the net via a cell phone, that is not enough of a benefit to make it worthy of a purchase point.

The screen is very pretty. I did like the features of the os, like being able to turn the screen 90*. The color and brightness are great and overall it is a very good display.

In my opinion, Palm OS is dead if this device is any indication of compatibility. I am very unhappy with this PDA and I am returning it today for a Palm PC based device. Unless you are a die-hard PALM OS user who can deal with having to buy all new apps and wait until support is there for the device, do yourself a favor and stear clear."

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My Problem Solved
by BillGill22 / January 1, 2006 2:04 AM PST

I followed a previous person's instructions and reduced WEP encryption from 128 to 64. I use a passphrase and selected the 40 bit passphrase and everything is working fine now. I can connect to the internet easily.

So my advice for those of you with this problem if you are using a 128 WEP key scale back to 64. It might solve your problem. Use mac filtering for an added layer of security.

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Problem Solved!
by ukeguy / January 5, 2006 4:10 AM PST
In reply to: My Problem Solved

I simply turned off WEP, and although that simplified connecting, it did not, by itself, solve the problem. I was getting a good connection before, but I still could not use the Web or Email on the TX.

What it took to fix it was a Hard Reset that restored it to the original factory settings. Of course I had to reinstall a few things after that, but everything is now working reasonable well. I suspect that some of my third party programs that I included in the original Hotsynch were the culprits. I left anything suspicious out of Hotsynching after the hard reset, and all is now working well.

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similar problem
by jkh772 / January 23, 2007 11:02 AM PST
In reply to: Problem Solved!

I am having the same problem with my palm t/x. i have a netgear wireless network, works with my laptop. i can "connect" but again cannot access any webpages or email. I tried the hard reset and turning off my WEP, but same problem, i can connect but I can't do anything. I have been able to connect while i was in a hotzone at work, but not my home network. are there other setting i need to change on my netgear? anyone else with ideas?

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Need help with aol mail
by pberry1288 / January 1, 2006 4:05 AM PST
In reply to: Palm T/X

I have set up an aol mail account, but it will only display the first 9 messages. How can I view all of the messages in my inbox?

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by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / January 1, 2006 6:00 AM PST

Your post was placed in a discussion about the T|X and connection to the router/internet. Maybe making your own post with full details would be a better idea.


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Click on box labelled "Get:"
by Rustie143 / January 4, 2006 11:49 PM PST

At the bottom of the screen you should see "New" and "Get". Tapping "Get" downloaded 79 messages for me in pretty quick time.

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Do I need an ADAPTER?
by Rustie143 / January 4, 2006 11:58 PM PST

Right now, all I'll be using is my wired pc, dsl modem and TX.

Since I can get online, get and send email, surf the net, etc. -- by scanning for a neighbor's router, 2 floors away from me? I think I don't need am adapter, but the Linksys box lists "network adapter" as a system requirement. Do I need an adapter now?



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(NT) (NT) The T|X has such an adapter...
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / January 5, 2006 1:22 AM PST
In reply to: Do I need an ADAPTER?
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