I own both Zune and iPod music players and find the Zune sort far better than the iPod. The sort lists every artist and combination of artists on every album in your collection. I have almost 10,000 artists according to the iPod making it nearly unusable. I?ve searched everywhere on the internet to find a resolution to this with no luck. The best anyone has offered is to tag Sound Tracks and such as ?Compilations? which removes them entirely from the artist sort. In order to clean up your collection this way you would need to tag virtually all albums that have guest stars or where individual songs give credit to artists in different ways (Tom Petty, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, etc). I?ve also seen people recommend that you edit the tags to give all songs on an album the same artist name but this causes you to lose the actual artist information. Why can?t Apple just fix the software? iTunes works well and they have even added fields for ?Sort Artist? and ?Sort Album Artist? but unfortunately the iPod doesn?t use them to sort. The Zune works great for sorting. Anyone considering an iPod Classic should seriously consider the Zune instead.