Here's an indicator for you. At the office we banished WiFi except for some web access and and OpenSHH transfers. Even then, some work was done to limit the ports to just 80 and 22 and no others.

The simple demo I did with AirSnort did wonders to highlight this issue.

In short, WEP was a misfire. If you hear any WiFi vendor telling you it was good enough, you are likely talking to it's marketing and not anyone with an engineering or security background.

If you want to know a good reason why security wasn't put into the product from day one, my best thought on this is my experience with a two-way paging system. The moment we went near encryption, EXPORT CONTROLS came down all around the products. As such, the encryption over the air is usually not the fault of the vendors, but our gov...

Since I'm too close to the hardware design, I can't see why the hardware needs replacing. Can you tell why?