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To all those with HP Tech- Support Problems--BEWARE!

by IDAREYOU / August 21, 2009 11:48 PM PDT

My heart went out to all the reader's who had encountered problems with HP's poorly trained out sourced technical support team in India. The focus of many of the complaints seemed to be on the language barier- which can exist. Worse, however is the lack of competency -even in those one can understand. I wish I spoke foreign languages more fluently, but I don't. I would never apply for, nor expect to be hired at a Hindi-speaking company that dealt with technical issues.
BUT BEWARE! Should you have as many problems as I did, (see my review of the HP MINI 1151NR on CNET under NETBOOKS for THAT travesty),
or if you simply wish to discuss your issues with HP Corporate HDQ in Palo Alto, CA, beware a I say. They don't speak English either. Its an unsettling combination of words you know, sentences you will be offended by, arrogance, cynicism, rudeness, lack of attention to detail, failure to follow up and a weird/nasty sense of humor about terminal illness (if you have one, as I do).
I received a FORM letter thanking me for taking the time to contact the CEO. "Your ideas have been passed along..." Right.
I'd like to send out a group e-mail to all HP stock owners urging them to read this forum. And I certainly preferred a simple language barrier to the slap-in-the-face response I received in clear English but not a language I understand or wish to learn.

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HP has the worst tech support I have ever experienced
by zahmbee / August 23, 2009 10:13 AM PDT

You aren't kidding when you say that the HP techs are clueless. it's a real mess and HP really could not care less. Also, beware of HP updates from their website. they are written by the same clueless idiots that offer tech support. My recent problems came when I installed an update to their mediasmart software. Honestly, it was 3 weeks of back and forth with idiots. I finally gave up and re-slammed my computer to get it back to factory new condition. Can anyone tell me what happened to the good name of HP. One of my friends was charged $50 for tech support when the Indian tech said that they could fix a burned out network adapter over the phone. That was totally ridiculous. HP is going to end up like the Detroit auto companies very soon if they don't look at the harm their Indian tech support is doing. I'm sure that the cost savings look good today but there isn't going to be a customer base in the future. The writing is on the wall.

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OMG HP tech support is legendarily terrible
by christyrobinson23 / October 25, 2009 9:56 AM PDT

Not just the people. I'd be happy to spend more time with the people. But I was hung up on FOUR times while either on hold or while being transferred. What I really want is tech support chat, but that function appears to be down. What total jokes.

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love those case nrs
by Tinkydinky / October 25, 2009 2:35 PM PDT

Bought Pavillion laptop HP in Honkers in June 08. Screen crashed in December. Called to lovely Cheeta in Bangalore. She gave me 2 case numbers in case. Went for repair in January. Came back with replaced HDD. Told techinician that the problem was a dead screen. Guy checked it out on the spot and confirmed. Called Cheeta's sister in Neeva Sheeva. She gave me another casenumber. Laptop went in repair until May (4 months!). I picked up the laptop in May. Technician could not find my laptop amongst all the other Pavillions (...). Problem was that apparently my laptop got another casenumber than the one I got from ms Neeva Sheeva. Finally started lapping around. Last week the Laptop crashed again. HDD failure. Called HP again. This time mr. Bombay on the line. He told me after 37 minutes that there was no more warranty and that he would charge me. I have asked him for a case number to confirm my call. I got another casenumber (but this one already closed was the condition...). Enough casenumbers to go to Fair Trading now to 'expose' the casenumber scam HP has setup to confuse everybody.
Bought a new HDD today. Cannot restart it 'cause I dont have CD with Vista.... I have gone back to manual at the moment and told my clients they can from nowonwards expect snail mail in their mailbox. Wonder how long it would take my biz to go belly up. Probably faster than HP.

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Those case numbers really make your day, don't they?
by IDAREYOU / October 26, 2009 11:50 AM PDT
In reply to: love those case nrs

I winced as I read every line of your terrible ordeal...until late in your text when I realized you have a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF "CASE NUMBER" HELL to experience.
To reach this layer of horror, you need to call the corporate office in Palo Alto. They change the name from Customer Assistance to Customer Follow Up every week or so to confuse you...but tell them you wish to file a phone complaint about the phone service you received. You will be assigned a "caseworker". S/He will...get ready...assign you a new and separate case number from all the others. S/He will tell you that if you need to call Tech Support again, NOT to mention this case number because it is the number used by HP Mgmt to track problem calls and inefficient staff. Therefore, S/He will ask your assistance in keeping this number secret. Here's the joke. The Tech Support staff CAN SEE THE NEWLY ASSIGNED CASE NUMBER ON THEIR SCREENS if they know where to look...and most do. They, then reverting to their zombie-like idiocy, will begin to MIX UP THE PREVIOUS (LATEST) tech assigned number and the SECRET HDQ CASEWORKER CASE NUMBER so you will not know which HP case number to refer to when you call back. Unfortunately, HP does not yet market a DECODER RING to help us understand this process...but hang in there, I'm certain it'll be available soon...with an especially preassigned case number should there be a problem. Seriously,I DO feel sorry for all you went through and just hope you and I find a bedtter company with a solid product. John

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HP chat help
by brett_frank / January 22, 2010 8:37 AM PST

This feature has been down for months!

HP is ridiculous.

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HP Customer Service /warranty should be a class action suit!
by rfroode / October 30, 2010 9:15 AM PDT

MY HP is less than 4 months old,(HP Pavilion 633of, had issues right out of box, slow, weird crashes etc...Called HP, they said needed new hardrive, sent a new one but wanted my credit card info first?? Said if i didn't send it back within 15 days I would be charged. OK, maybe could live with that but system wouldn't allow cd back up, went out and bought an external hard drive, followed directions etc...still won't work, now getting boobytrapped with "code purple", 3 calls to India, I cannot communicate what is wrong and they don't understand me and vice versa..This took hours, by the way. I'm a single mom, I don't have hours to spend!. This company needs to go DOWN THE DRAIN. They said if I wanted a tech I would have to pay for it ...ON A 4 MONTH OLD COMPUTER!!!Really can't take anymore techno stress, going to UTube in front of University of WA with one big puppy of a hammer. Now buying a Mac. Lets all join together for a national smash HP day!!Mad as Hell and I'm not Taking it ANYMORE!!

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not going to buy HP again
by zahmbee / October 25, 2009 7:52 PM PDT

I'm not going to buy another HP computer.

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Very disturbing
by MARBLEANN / October 29, 2009 4:42 AM PDT

I have never had any problem with HP's customer service UNTIL recently. And the tech was in Canada and was not Indian.n A way to fix a minot problem was to do a complete restore. After I did it I had to do major damage control to get it working correctly. And the probelm was not solved. The other issue was my laptop 9005us was one of the laptops with a one year extended warranty because of a problem HP admits to. Would you know the problem happened a few months after the one year extended warranty expired. I called them up and told them I had no problem with the computer for two years and right after the warranty is up a problem that HP admits is theirs wants me to cough up 400 buck to fix that very problem. I told them there should be a unlimited time to make good on that problem. Why fix something until it is broke. And if the person has it fixed and the same problem happens HP should make good on it for the life of the laptop. I am really upset.

But in defense of HP customer service. It doesn't matter to me if the techs come from Mars if they do their job. I have to believe the tech hires in India are probably more educated then the techs here and in Canada, plus they can speak English. I can understand them, how many of you can speak Hindi.

I was talking to a tech for IBM a while back he was in Utah, he told me he had school the next day and I was his last customer. I inquired what year in college was he in. He responds he is not in college but in 11th grade. See do not make the assumption because a person has a accent they are somehow less competent to do the job then a native born American. I love the way people love to pick on these people. But give a pass to American customer service people. I find them no different and I think it is pure bigotry to complain about people simply because they come for India, I bet none of the Customer Service complainer would be question their intellect if they all had Irish or German or Italian accents,. And I again will bet those techs in India are probably better educated then the ones in America because they do not have to pay professionals the same amount of money there and they do here. I bet a person with a Master in India probably gets paid the same or a little more then a person with a High School education or little better here.

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Disturbed a "Very Disturbing"'s reading ability
by IDAREYOU / October 29, 2009 2:28 PM PDT
In reply to: Very disturbing

Speaking only for myself, I found your comments unusually jingoistic and poorly thought out. For myself, I stated in my comments I wish I DID speak Hindi, but I question your assumptions about these techs educational background and expertise. Two of the 5 techs I spoke to did not know how to turn on my device!! I did notice many who wrote complained about a language barrier...you are gifted and lucky having no difficulty understanding somewhat heavy accents. But the point is...you chose to berate and criticize those who are not as gifted and DO having problems understanding the techs. THE POINT OF THIS FORUM IS POOR SERVICE....NOT HOW THE POOR DIRECTIONS ARE SPOKEN. You write 3 sentences about some problem with HP and 4 paragraphs about how bigoted we all are. Wrong forum. This is about HP's steady decline in concern about customer satisfaction...which is plain to anyone regardless of what language in which it is stated.

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Passive agressive not working here.
by MARBLEANN / October 31, 2009 4:47 AM PDT

Gee I am sure you would question my assertion that they are probably more educated then the average American phone tech. I already stated why I feel that way. No need to get into that again.
See I am not challenging all the complaints people have about HP Tech support. I have a few myself. What I am challenging is the bigoted remarks some of you are making. So do not get it twisted. I have had
hard times understanding home grown American techs and their understanding of problems. See I have gotten Canadian techs who work for HP and had problems. You folks act like the people on the phones do not speak English. They speak English. And about accents I am sure some people living in Great Britain will say we have terrible accents too. Which btw the Indian educational system is based on.

About you getting a job that was outsourced to India. I am sure if you lived in India and was qualified you would get a job for HP as a Tech for Americans, because you Do NOT have to speak Hindi you have to speak English.
I am also sticking to my feelings if these were outsourced European Techs no one would be complaining about their accents or their education. And you would not be equating poor service with having accents. Ask for another tech you can understand, if you cannot indeed understand the directions. The fact is just because you do not understand them does not mean the vast majority of customers cannot either. Bad service is if they refuse your request.

Going back to the previous point if you indeed had a hard time understanding the English the tech was using did you ask for another one? I have certainly done that with not only people from other countries that I do not understand but for people who perhaps have very thick local American accents I cannot understand. Or is it easier for you to just complain and assume none of the Indians techs can speak clear enough English for your ears?

There is a saying that goes if you throw a rock into a group of dogs the one that got hit barks the loudest. I say that because you are the only one baking about what I mentioned.

And lastly it does not matter if this discussion was on CNET or in a church or a department store parking lot. Bigotry should not be tolerated anywhere, not even CNET. So if you do not like I mentioned some people were acting like bigots. Stop acting like one of them.

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XMas 2009 wishlist of things I want from HP!
by denbois / November 30, 2009 8:35 AM PST

Mailed HP CEO on Nov 30th at this website:


Mr Hurd:

I would like to share with you 2 comments. The first pertains to my past 4 year experience with a Pavilion latop. The second pertains to the customer support experiences.

1 - I have had a Pavilion DV2618ca computer for about 4 years now. I think that the physical product is a good one, BUT in all honesty the VISTA OS did you and me a great deal of disservice. I had to rebuild this machine 4 times now, due to the flakiness/instability of the OS. It is a shame that HP does not take more care when offering preloaded machine packages. In the future I will defintely be more careful when purchasing preloaded machines including HPs. All in all the rebuilding of my machine 4 times and the loss of info has cost me significant!!!

2- Regarding the customer support, it seems that most of this is now being done thru India. This is very disappointing to me as I am of the belief that HP should be hiring US persons rather than shipping jobs off. I believe the latest headlines state that official unemployment is at 10.2 % while unofficially it is probably close to 20%. My question is: 'Can't HP stop thinking about their max Rupee profits and think about helping Americans get jobs'.

Additionally the outsourcing of the support I sense is affecting the quality of the support and it is quite annoying when you clearly sense that everything is script driven. Actually my last online support with someone bearing a very American name, was I believe, handled from India. When I asked the person their location, he stated that company policy prevented him from divulging this information. This online chat support occured a few days ago.

It really frustrates me that HP is not doing more to help keep jobs here and it is very disappointing that HP is now instructing their staff not to divulge their location. This seems dishonest and most certainly confirms that overseas avenue that these support calls are being sent to.

TO RECAP, I hope HP will in the future avoind the preloaded VISTA fiasco and will do everything in their power to hire AMERICAN workers in the support area. If you do this I will defintely buy more HP products from you!

Cheers and wishing you health and happiness for Xmas 2009!

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HP Computers may be Bad!, and Service is too???
by Mike Hallock / December 4, 2009 10:33 AM PST

Like everyone here in the HP Forum, I have had my problems also. I bought a desktop last December 2008. In March, my hard drive stopped working, but HP sent me a new in a few days, and I installed it.

In 30 days, the second hard drive quit. My thoughts were "Why did I leave my guard down?" Again, HP sent me another HD, next day!

Well, I said to myself. Tech support. Something else happened. I don't remember what it was, but I started getting frustated. Couldn't get hold of tech support. So I started looking for someone who could help. I happened to come across a phone number for spanish people. I said, "what the heck!" This guy answered in spanish, but recoved nicely when he discovered I couldn't speak spanish. Believe it or not, I got some help. Good help!!! He knew what to fix and how to keep my computer working. I haven't had any problems since then.

Now I have a question for all of you. My warranty expires next month, any suggestions of whom I can to cover my problems when I have a problem.

Thanks for listening.

Mike H.

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Marbeen please back off and have a nice week
by denbois / January 23, 2010 7:13 AM PST


I too find some of your comments offensive ... it is not only IDAREYOU that does. If you are happy with the HP service then that is great! If you can speak Hindi then pat on the back to you! It is amazing today how if anyone speaks about keeping jobs in America or about difficulties understanding the customer support rep, then they are automatically called bigots and racecists! It is the classic line of defense these days - well I and many Americans / Canadians are tired of hearing that tune. If you are not happy, then why not go home?

As for me, 90% of the times I call or online message HP customer support I end up in India exhanging with someone that is har to understand and that is doing everything by script. I would prefer that some of these jobs be given back to Americans and if HP does that then I will buy more of their products in the future.

The large Indian outsourcing companies have done alot of damage to America and now we are stuck in dire times, many people without jobs (15+ Million) and losing their homes and lives. So I say its time for large International and AMerican companies such as HP to give back some.



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HP problems
by 577ron / March 15, 2012 7:35 AM PDT

Why would anyone expect me in the united states to speak Hindu. The problem with HP is everything they build is from out of the country. I bought a new printer/scanner and it has not worked from day one. I've talked to customer service 6 tlmes and all they want to do is sell me a service contract. It's easy to see that they are on comission sales and could care less about any problem you have with their products. Get this, I opened the menu on the installation disc and went into the help menu. Dam if it wasn't writen in Hindu, are you kinding me? I have had it with HP products and will never buy one again.
Also stay away from Kodak printers. They don't save you any money on ink and their customer service is also in India.

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by sarcastic1987 / May 14, 2012 10:45 AM PDT
In reply to: HP problems

Most of the guys who have problem with India tech support mark my words ... by any Dell, Acer, and what not you will still reach India.....lol
So well come.... i wish the Latinos take over US and you will end up calling Mexico or Cuba(rofl)

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Please Please PLEASE outsource to Mexico or Puerto Rico
by OHFACHRISSAKE / February 26, 2016 2:28 AM PST
In reply to: Funny....

Puerto Rico could use the work! They should get the business before Cuba does!

And at least I speak enough Spanish to complain if they don't do a good job!

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by JSummaHPHATER / June 24, 2012 4:21 AM PDT

He is wrong I know I agree with you 100% I dont bother responding because he is having trouble understanding that it isnt about who or where they are it is that the service is bad and they are speaking english but very poorly and the customers calling in from the us to a us company deserve to not have to struggle to understand or be treated rudely so if HP calls them self an American company they should insist the company tech support can handle the language for the customer. CUSTOMER that's us not them they work to serve our needs and we should not have to strain to understand them. Last while they might not all be poor techs most are. I am a tech for and isp and had an HP rep call in with a customer and had told the customer that her modem is not compatible with win 7. I deal with win 7 and that tech was telling the customer were lying to her. not only is she wrong and rude but extremely unprofessional. When i asked for her Employee ID she refused. HP is a joke!!!

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Educated does not mean understandable.
by Oldone11 / March 18, 2010 2:37 PM PDT
In reply to: Very disturbing

I wish to congratulate you, for you are the first person worldwide that I have ever come across that could understand Hindu Pigeon English.I certainly cannot.

What good is tech support that you cannot understand. It is completely worthless. I think each and every country should have its own tech support. No I do not speak Hindu and if I have to speak Hindu to own an HP, then HP can kiss my grit's. When you complain about not being able to understand the tech support, you are not being racially prejudice -- you are merely being honest, which is more than I think you are being.

When I buy an hp, I count on 4 seconds of support after I hit purchase, then nothing.

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After years of speaking to various techs
by MARBLEANN / March 18, 2010 3:19 PM PDT

I can understand them. Hinlish just comes natural to me. I guess it is because I have been dealing with them for so long after a while you understand them. Most companies, even t mobile outsources to some Asian country. My roommate tells me I speak just like them when I talk to them. Then when I get off the phone I go back to my first language Long Islandish which I hear is also hard to understand for some people. You can't win. In any case use the chat it is much better.

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Couldn't agree more...
by grapesofwrath / April 6, 2010 10:10 PM PDT
In reply to: Very disturbing

I also had a bloody experience with a customer service rep, an Indian. He just couldn't get the problem right. I was just asking for a copy of a recovery disc because my PC crashed and I haven't created one yet. The smart guy kept on letting me make unnecessary, stupid, irrelevant to the problem things like Flashing and updating my BIOS, etc. WTH do I need to do those? I only need a set of recovery discs. I am on the advanced level of computer literacy and I can very well tell my 5-year-old cousin is smarter than the one I'm wasting my time (and money for the phone bill) calling to. Result: Useless. And I could not even get his words well with his very heavy Indian accent (like the ones you hear from Indian newscasters and Indians in the movies, and the ones on your neighborhood).
Anyway, I got the problem resolved through their HP Chat. There is no accent there so we understand better with the rep. But that was not the only case, I had some ordeal a couple more times. One including a motherboard and one with the battery... Too long a story.
I have nothing against outsourcing and nothing against Indians but HP should have good training for these people who work for them. It reflects the whole company. They are part of the company, even if outsourced.
Maybe they should think of outsourcing somewhere else too, like the Philippines. They speak better American English (not British mixed with Hindu, as in India) and frankly, smarter. And they are "culturally" inclined to customer satisfaction. I can attest to that. Haven't heard any complaints from outsourced Customer service reps in the Philippines yet. AOL, Sprint, to name a few. But HP, damn. Every experience is horrible. Well, not every, but most. They should train them better or find new people.

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No problem with folks in India
by rfroode / October 31, 2010 8:54 AM PDT
In reply to: Very disturbing

I did not mean to offend anybody nor do I hold the language issue against the Indian people, I hold the issue agains HP. I believe I said I could not understand them and vice versa. And, I agree they are probably more educated than we are here in America, by far. This does not change the scenario that HP enxlaves both cultures to adhere to. If anything, I have empathy for them trying to understand us...I can imagine what it would be like for me as a customer service rep trying to understand a second language, I wouldn't last an hour. HP is the factor who needs to be more culturally competent and not exposing reps and customers to exchange that have an inherent failure rate built into them..

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RE: Very Disturbing (you are an idiot)
by skidaddy20 / January 16, 2011 12:25 AM PST
In reply to: Very disturbing

You my friend are simply an idiot. All people are saying is that they would like to get better tech support and be able to speak to someone here in America that speaks CLEAR English. I don't press "1" for English to get Indian.

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by FINO152 / March 8, 2016 5:32 PM PST
In reply to: Very disturbing

Education and accent are not a problem. I have no idea about other countries' service center.
The australia service centre is the worst experience I have ever had. I do not care how they are educated but their customer service is the worst, they did not provide invoice separately. I dropped my laptop and took photos to get quote. They said AU$ 220 in the first quote and ask me to sign and drop to service center. Then I paid for it from phone (they said this is the only option) and no receipt for the payment. The guy told me to take the transition ID with 4 digits. Then they sent it another quote with AU$ 500 a few days later and in which some items were the same in first quote which were not deducted from my payment. When I replied the email about the reason of the price and why it was still $500. The guy did not reply for a week .When I phone to HP service center, they said they could not find my transition and ask me to provide bank statement.
I have never experienced that un-proffessional service center or workplace before.
Everything was disaster. I hope they should train properly in their customer representatives.

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HP tech support changed and now is crap!
by delreb / April 6, 2016 8:05 AM PDT
In reply to: Very disturbing

Actually up to about a year ago, I always connected with Indian techs. I found them very knowledgeable, patient and very polite. Yesterday for the first time in about a year I called tech support. Answered by an Indian person. I gave them a lttle info and they connected me to an American tech. Attitude right off the bat and knew NOTHING. Kept putting me on hold to find help how to help me. Finally gave up after 45 minutes of that! When I used to be served by an Indian Tech..it was great! They asked for permission to remotely access my laptop..fixed the problem..bam! I was done. All the time getting very well mannered treatment. These people over there know what they are doing! They never had to put me on hold or read on the pc what I need to do next. It is an ongoing thing in our country here (USA) that people have become lazy uncaring and mostly stupid! We ar now 30th in the world in education..nuff said? So HP needs to go back like they were before they started contracting out for tech support. Talking to these ones they are using now..you may as well ask the mailman or your dog how to fix a problem! Btw, I have never experienced not being able to understand their English.

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of course
by James Denison / April 14, 2016 9:11 AM PDT

If you are from India, you will understand the "Desi" version of English better than Americans. Duh.

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HP tech support ruined my new laptop
by lottylee / December 12, 2009 1:56 AM PST

As I write this, I am doing a disk recovery of my laptop. It is two months old and barely used. I was waiting for Windows 7.

That's where the nightmare begins. The Window upgrade.

I won't go into too much detail but after the upgrade to 7, my laptop would not shut down. I started emails back and forth to tech support (I was certain via phone, I would not make out what they were saying). After 10 hours of going back and forth, my laptop slowly lost function. They had me do numerous patches and add new users, stating it would fix the problem. I got to the point where Recovery Manager and System Restore would not even respond. At one point, I couldn't even get to my Control Panel. I was then told it was time for me to buy the Recovery Disks. They insisted they order them for me. Even that was a disaster. I finally told them to forget it and ordered them myself.

I told them how disgruntled I was and was told a team leader would be in contact if I gave them my info. I did and later received an email saying they STILL needed my info. In the meantime, I was sent an email stating someone tried to call me but no one answered my phone. I was here all day.

And today, I called because the laptop wouldn't even respond to the Recovery CD! I tried a few things and emailed them. Their advice was for me to put the CD in, turn off the laptop and turn it on again. Duh! Attempted that four times before emailing! I responded and told them if anyone has that problem again, the proper response is to shut down the computer, go into setup and tell the computer to boot up from the CD drive (took me a while to remember that old trick).

Ten years ago, everything in my office was HP. Then I had to use Tech Support. Decided to forgive and forget and try them again. MISTAKE.

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by IDAREYOU / December 13, 2009 6:44 AM PST

Despite my attempts to clarify MY experiences with HP, both on a tech and supervisory level, I was roped in to the "racist" crowd by a reader whose educational background suggests a cursory understanding of the phrase, "Passive Aggressive". I feel somewhat vindicated since Ms. Lee's experience suggests that whether in India, Canada or HDQ's Palo Alto, CA, the message seems clear: What advice one is given usually doesn't work and attempts to clarify or complain result in more frustration. I am sending all of these posts to Verizon Communications since they market HP exclusively in their netbooks and should be aware - if not already - that HP is a liability to their idea of integrating a Broadband manager into the device. Other companies like SONY now have VZW broadband access managers embedded and while more costly, I'm not certain I wouldn't rather pay more up front than try to "translate" the frustration and delay encountered in dealing with HP into dollars and cents to see which product isn't a better buy.

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In follow up to my message above to Mr Hurd (post 10)
by denbois / December 13, 2009 7:12 AM PST

I was called a few days later by Hp and given a case number to call in and follow up. I did so and surprising the customer support person could not locate my record. Finally by looking up my mobile # he was able to and he read my message. He seemed annoyed with my message and simply stated in an annoyed tone that HP is a world wide company. I could tell he wasn't thrilled. Nonetheless he stated that he would fwd my feedback to the HP powers to be. His stated was clear to me in that he was justifying that sending of the support calls and online support to India. I am not a racist, and am happy that India can win in on some of the business, but to me the HP support matter seems to be all in India - every call and online chart I recall making was handled from overseas. If there interest is not to hire US workers then maybe HP should move their corporate offices over there and be done with it. That could include directors and executives after all HP is worldwide company! Cheers all and Merry XMas

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HP Email Service Sucks to
by ldlacyguam / January 11, 2010 10:25 AM PST

I have written to Mr Hurd in the past to, and never got a response. My most recent nightmare begin when I upgraded to Windows 7. I have HP Photosmart Premium CC335A printer which worked with no problems under Windows Vista 64Bit. However, since I upgraded to Windows 7, I have had to uninstall and reinstall the software/drivers provided by HP at least 100 times. Their email support has been nothing but one big run-around with suggestions that don't work. When I tell them their suggestion didn't work, they come back with a solution that has nothing to do with the problem, which was why the printer keeps loosing it's network connection. I have finally given up and plan to try and sell the printer, at a loss of course, so I can get one that is certified Windows 7 compatible. I've purchased my last HP product.

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Same problem with printer
by MARBLEANN / January 22, 2010 11:43 AM PST

That printer losing connection was what was plaguing me. I use Vista 64 bit and it is a problem. I have a Photosmart c7280 and it goes offline by itself. You have to turn off the printer and restart it and then it starts printing up everything it was suppose to print before. SO I used the online tech support, through chat. There is some critical update for it and you have to update the file and connect your printer through the usb cable. I tried to do it wireless and it only worked for a few days. So use the usb connection to correct it. I am not even trying to upgrade to 7 anytime soon.

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