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To address the new, and misleading information on FICA

by Ziks511 / December 10, 2012 3:19 PM PST

I have done some research.

"Congressional negotiators signed off on the House-Senate compromise package Thursday night, after two Maryland Democrats signaled their support despite objections to provisions impacting federal employees.

"The bill passed with a vote of 293-132, with 91 Republicans and 41 Democrats voting against it.

"The Senate approved the bill shortly after the House, in a 60-36 vote. Fourteen Republicans voted for the bill; five Democrats voted against it. Four senators abstained.

"The payroll tax break gives workers a 2 percent tax break in their paycheck, and will benefit 160 million working Americans. The average worker will receive a $1,000 tax break over the course of the year."

So, it has not been in place for 4 years as you indicated but was passed in February 2012. It is not a complete suspension of collecting all FICA taxes as you indicated, but was the reduction of FICA by 2% per taxpayer.

And you accuse me of twisting facts.

So for the 27% whom you assert pay no taxes and are therefore existing through accepting Federal handouts foodstamps etc. it appears that they continue to pay 98% of their assessment. The FICA break actually puts money in workers hands, and makes it less likely that they might need assistance. But they are still paying the remainder of their taxes via their employers into the Federal Coffers.

So, Toni., Is one entitled to hope that you have Lied for the last time I trust??. Or do your handlers have further fictions to disseminate through your gullible self. Your assertions re: FICA are a farrago of lies and misrepresentation, and do not change in the slightest the fact that more than 74% of all Americans pay Federal taxes, that many who receive Social Security whose income is above a certain level also pay taxes, the Working Poor pay taxes, even down below the $20,000.

I doubt that the number of people who are dependent on Federal dollars exceeds 15% of the total potential work force, and as noted, other than the Disabled and those whose only income is Social Security, and some other small categories, only 2% of the non-Working population receive benefits.


"A popular myth swirling around Washington, DC, and throughout the media
these days is that many Americans do not pay taxes, and are therefore
free-riding off of our society without contributing themselves.
This has
even been referred to by some as a "new orthodoxy."
The origin of this misconception is the observation that only about 54
percent of American households paid federal income taxes during
recession-affected 2011. But that statistic is misleading because it
provides an incomplete picture of the overall tax burden on American
families, and because it incorporates individuals who naturally
shouldn't be paying taxes because of their age or economic circumstances
due to the Recession. A closer look reveals that nearly all Americans
do, in fact, pay taxes."

In re: EITC etc.
"But these credits are also an important component of the progressive
tax system that help offset the burden of other taxes and raise poor
working families out of poverty. Credits like the EITC and CTC have
helped to reduce poverty, provide economic security, and offset
declining labor-market opportunities for low-income workers. The EITC
alone is responsible for raising 6.6 million children
out of poverty. Perhaps most importantly, these credits expand the
number of people contributing to the economy by causing many additional
Americans to participate in the labor force and causing others to work
more hours.

"While this helps explain the declining number of low income families
paying federal income tax, it does not address one key point: federal
income taxes are only one component of the broader federal, state, and
local tax system, and only one way in which Americans are able to
contribute their fair share through taxes. Indeed, while some families
do not pay federal income taxes, these households do pay other forms of
taxes. Those who focus exclusively on the federal income tax ignore one
of the most significant federal tax burdens on workers—the payroll tax.
In fact, most Americans pay more in payroll taxes than in income taxes."

I can only pray that this will shut you up, because you have an extraordinary aversion to accepting facts which contradict your preconceptions, or you "Group Think" or your "Indoctrination".

Have you ever read 1984, Toni? because you appear to be exhibiting all the symptoms of Big Brother's propaganda.

Sadly, 1984 was not published in (19)47 which would have been convenient and very appropriate fo further crush your fiction. It was merely completed in '47. It was published in 1948, hence the reversed 4 and 8 in 1984.


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A real approximation of those making too little to pay tax.
by Ziks511 / December 10, 2012 3:48 PM PST

"But once all federal taxes are considered — investment taxes, payroll taxes and others — the share drops sharply. Several tax experts I interviewed thought the number was around 10 percent and probably lower than that.

You can see this by looking at the Congressional Budget Office data on tax rates by income group. It shows that the total net federal tax rate for the poorest fifth of households — that is, those most likely to pay no federal taxes — was still positive. In 2006, the last year for which there is data, this rate was 4.3 percent. The average income-tax rate for this group was indeed below zero: -6.6 percent. But the combined rate of payroll, investment and excise taxes was 10.9 percent, leading to a net positive rate of 4.3 percent.



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Oh yeah....
by TONI H / December 11, 2012 1:03 AM PST
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Guess you're not as good on researching as
by TONI H / December 10, 2012 7:24 PM PST

you claim to be............ The payroll tax deduction was put in place almost immediately after he was sworn into office in February 2009........so what you are reporting as 'voted in' was an EXTENSION of it, not the actual original bill. Six weeks from now, it will have been in place for FOUR years, thank you very much in advance for your apology for calling me a liar ONCE AGAIN.


And in case, you haven't noticed (which obviously you haven't), I have always maintained that a huge working population do not pay FEDERAL taxes, and many, because of the EIC, actually receive a refund FAR MORE than what was taken from their paychecks, so whatever they DO have taken from their paychecks (and because you are ENCOURAGED by our Federal Government to claim MORE dependents than what you actually have in order to get a larger paycheck each week than what you would have gotten had you only claimed the number of dependents you ACTUALLY have, many have NO Federal deductions taken......and they STILL end up with a refund because of the EIC.

Now......for those 'rich' folk, you liberals are so happy to take from who make $200K (for single persons) $250K from a couple........

An increase in their tax rate to 39.6% couldn't possibly hurt them, right? Now add in their obligation to the State income tax (varies from state to state with CA, NJ, NY being the highest bracketed rate), plus their County/City tax, plus their real estate taxes creeping back up, plus (in my county, not sure where else) personal property taxes (farm equipment...anything from a tractor and bush hog to a backhoe/dozer to a sawmill..., your personal vehicles, a boat..could be as small as a canoe or kyak..your 4-wheeler, a golf cart...many use that like a 4-wheeler cuz it's cheaper....etc), and you have someone with a 'personal wealth' on paper of over $250K now paying upwards of 55% or more of their 'income' as taxes. Now also consider that every product you purchase, including food has either a State Sales Tax or a Federal Sales Tax or BOTH attached to it. How long do you think that local farmer is going to be able to pay another local guy to help him with the farm or in his auto repair/farm equipment repair shop fixing a tractor or lawn mower?

Be honest......would YOU be happy having the government taking 55 cents OR MORE out of every dollar you have earned?

And if you really believe that the EIC has 'pulled children out of poverty' you really HAVE been gone from the USA for a long time......we have more poor now than we have ever had.

The key word (some people here would call it a CODE word that only liberals would recognize) in your entire tirade is PROGRESSIVE..........our tax system was deliberately set up to be a progressive tax rate rather than a flat tax exactly for the sole purpose of taking more from the 'upper class' in order to redistribute it.......supposedly to the 'poor'; however, the REAL reason for that progressive tax was to take from the wealthy and spend it wherever some liberal/progressive wants it to go to.......and the 'poor' very rarely ever sees a dime of it except in the form of welfare. Liberals truly believe in 'control their money and you control the people'.....and they've been working at that for nearly a hundred years now. BO was only the first one of you sick bunch to actually say it out loud......unfortunately not enough people heard the words so they didn't take the warning he was arrogantly throwing in their faces seriously.

Foolishness can be overcome and it will be...........two years until the next election and then two more to be rid of BO. We can hang in there a little bit longer. Yeah, yeah.....I know.......'you lost, get over it'.......I'm over the fact that BO won/bought his election. But I told you ahead of time that I'll still be here ranting for another four years about him, so it's time for YOU to get over that.

I'm tired of you calling me a liar, Rob.........cease and desist.

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RE: We can hang in there a little bit longer.
by JP Bill / December 10, 2012 8:31 PM PST

You might only need 6 cups and saucers to entertain the entire Tea Party.

Rift at Tea Party Group Reveals Questions about Movement's Direction

The messy split this week between **** Armey and the Tea Party organization FreedomWorks may be a harbinger of things to come. Armey, the former majority leader of the House GOP, left the conservative group with an $8 million payout and a line of questions in his wake. Among them: what prompted the apparently acrimonious rift? And is the movement FreedomWorks helped foment — and which it rode to relevance and riches in return — headed for a similar breakup?

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And what exactly
by TONI H / December 10, 2012 8:55 PM PST

has this new trash post of yours to do with FICA?

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You tell me
by JP Bill / December 10, 2012 9:03 PM PST
In reply to: And what exactly

You're the one that brought up

two years until the next election and then two more to be rid of BO. We can hang in there a little bit longer. Yeah, yeah.....I know.......'you lost, get over it'.......I'm over the fact that BO won/bought his election. But I told you ahead of time that I'll still be here ranting for another four years about him, so it's time for YOU to get over that.

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But Toni, it was you who said FICA was the same as Federal I
by Ziks511 / December 11, 2012 4:32 PM PST

Income Tax deduction, which I then went on to debunk (One does not need to debunk the truth)

So the Remewal took place in Feb. Big deal, it was a deal to give back 2% or the tax. as noted previously, roughly $1000 per. 2% times 5 years. I'm sure that's what created the Fiscal Cliff, no, I'm sorry it was John, "Who put Iced Tea in my Scotch glass" Boehner. And yes, I know it's supposed to be Pineapple Juice.

That still does not invalidate the assessment that roughly 10% of the poorest pay no taxes, but may or may not use Federal Programs.

You are still in the Red (Where else) regarding Factual or True, real world statements, but don't worry, I'll tell you if you get close to one.


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Where did I say that FICA is the same?
by TONI H / December 11, 2012 7:09 PM PST

I have said previously that people paid into Social Security and Medicare, State and Local Taxes, and although they may or may not have had Federal Income Taxes taken from their pay (depending on how deductions they claim), most times they get every dime of that back plus the EIC, so in essence not only do they NOT pay taxes but they collect much more, even if they aren't on ANY of the OTHER Federal handout programs. And the number of people who get those kinds of refunds along with the others who don't work at all and collect a government check (including unemployment and Social Security or SSI) amount to the 47%....that 47% represent the number of people who are actually receiving some type of government assistance, including Section 8 housing, food stamps, Medicaid, schooling, training, child care, housebound care, heating, cooling, telephones, repairs to their homes, transportation, etc. The freebies constitute a tremendous number of programs they can apply for and usually qualify for.

Again, I ask......Be honest......would YOU be happy having the government taking 55 cents OR MORE out of every dollar you have earned?

How much of YOUR money that you have earned or inherited or saved or invested do you think you should be able to keep?

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RE: the government taking 55 cents OR MORE
by JP Bill / December 11, 2012 7:37 PM PST
the government taking 55 cents OR MORE out of every dollar you have earned?

Is that true?...

The government is REALLY doing that?

OR was that just a rhetorical question?

What's with "55 cents OR MORE "?...Why not 95 cents?...Why start at 55 cents? What is the significance of 55 cents?
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