Audiophile quality table when setup right. Scrap DJ cartridge at 5 grams will eat up 220 records quick. Don't fall for the hype and spend 500+ for a cartridge ( some are 5000.00). Try a GRADO cartridge they are nice sounding as they come and you can upgrade stylus only (1.5 grams). I own 3500 LP's. Here is my components:
Integrated Amp: Jolida 302 CRC (50-75 watts) vacuum tube power GREAT VALUE
Digital to Analog Convertor: Jolida Glass FX [A MUST HAVE]
Turntable: Luxman PL260 [35-40 years old] with: Audio Technia Cartridge with Shibita Stylus, tonearm stock by Micro Seka transparent sound [ with any table setup is critical to prevent listeners fatigue.]
speakers: Wharfedale Evo2 - 40 towers rosewood
CD player Music Hall 25.2
BEST PART my 5 hard drives play through DAC unit for LOUD and clear AT A NEW LEVEL.
Cables: If you think you will benefit by 500.00 power cables let me know. I use decent cables shielded, gold ends, make my own speaker cables. Oh it's what sounds good to you in the end this combination plays LOUD and CLEAR did I mention CLEAR.