You have to be proactive.

Below are two links to Malwarebytes blogs that address these issues:

Part 2 will display the difference between no protection and protection against unethical and malicious ads present in your browser. Read the first blog, then the second one.

Many useful tips are included in these two blogs, as well as needed information.

If you wait for the computer industry to stop this, you will be waiting for a very long time, unfortunately.

Some other proactive add ons or software to think about:

adblocking add ons will not necessarily block malicious links, but Hostsman will.

If you do not see multiple download buttons blocked by an adblocking add on, you cannot click it.

Hope this helps.

NOTE: To test if your adblocking add on is working, temporarily disable the add on, and refresh the web page you are on. You should then see what you are missing and maybe, you can do without?