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Samsung Complaint !!!!!

by sirmugen / October 4, 2009 1:32 AM PDT

I want to vent my Samsung experience because I am too frustrated with a Samsung product and their customer service. I purchase a reasonable expensive (over $1,000) flat top electric stove because I thought it would be better then the generic GE products and I liked all the bells and whistle the stove had. I got it delivered to my house and the installer just turned it on to show that the stove worked or so I thought. Since I had never used an flat top before, I didn't know how long the hot surface like was suppose to stay on. After 2 hours, I realized something had to be wrong. I called Samsung Customer Service to report the defect two days after my stove was delivered (my big mistake). I should have called Best Buy and asked them to replace it. Samsung Customer Service were nice in providing me with a local service company and the company did contact me a few days later. The tech showed up to my house on our scheduled date at 5:30 when he was suppose to be at my house between 8 - noon. The tech took apart the stove top section and pull out every wired that the connected to all five burners before he told that he had to replace the burner. He was so rough pulling out the wiring that I felt he devirginized my stove since I hadn't even used it. I called Samsung and complain that I should get a replace since I had just purchased within 14 days. They transfer me to the Executive Relations department (no public relation) for further assistant to replacing my stove. They gave me a transaction number and tried to resolve the problems several time. Each time I call for status, I get a new answer why my request wasn't approve or what additional information I was missing. Two and a half months later, I have been rejected 2 times for a replacement, waiting for a 3rd and wondering what excuses now as to why they won't replace it since I provide them with everything except my DNA that I purchase the product. I am now on a Samsung products protest and ready to ebay my stove off and cut my loss and just buy a new stove from another manufacturer even GE at this point.

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Samsung Complaint !!!!!
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / October 4, 2009 8:26 AM PDT


I'm sorry to hear that you're having this issue.

What is your transaction number? I'll see if I can assist. I am not a part of the service department, so I can't guarantee anything, but I'd like to see if I can help.


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Samsung I will never buy again..
by unhappywithSamsung / February 22, 2011 7:27 AM PST

Buyers Beware!

We purchased our appliances from Future shop around Nov 20.2011. So just over two months ago. Well we purchased an induction stove (Samsung) which we thought was a great idea with small children. The other great decision we made was to purchase our appliances from a big box outlet thinking we are covered if any warranty issues. Well think again if you do not purchase the extended warranty which is another cost above the price they give you than you are on your own. Let me tell you about on your own. Now we have issues with our stove. Induction works by transferring heat to either a pot or pan by magnetic heat transfer. (Sounds strange but really works great when it works) So we are having problems with the burner sensors I assume and the main panel (Touch screen sensors). I have called Samsung directly to address my concerns as per what the warranty is requiring. They have put me on to a service tech in Edmonton who called once about 3 weeks ago to ask the same questions Samsung asked and should maybe been redirected. The service tech said they would need to speak to someone at their office and never heard back since.. Then I call back Samsung to only be put on hold for well over 25 mins finally give up and call the next day to speak with a guy who seems to get we are having problems and will address it with his manager and gives me the phone number to the tech out of Edmonton. Which turns out to be a fax number when I call?So I decide to wait for another couples days rather than being put on hold for 25 more minutes? So now a few more days pass and I decide to call Samsung again to speak to a lady who stress the exact same concerns the last Samsung worker did. This time I ask is there any record of me speaking to the last Samsung worker she says no..So I ask how do I know if anything is going to get done? She answers you have to trust me?ok like the last guy I spoke to at Samsung.. (I guess you can see where this is going? nowhere fast)

I have a few concerns the stove burners only work with a certain dia pan or pot so if it does not work we are half way through cooking and everything goes cold. If I didn't have children waiting for Dinner this might not be a big concern right now. The other concern is they are now telling me they have to send a tech out well when ever that happens the tech will have to order parts and then we wait and wait and then they get installed maybe. Who knows how long this could get dragged out. I guess my question is why should a person who bought an item like this and have issues not even two months in have to deal with so much headaches. It's not like I'm trying to get a new stove,, it is already new minus the problems. It's not like I don't own more Samsung products and have been a good client..or this is a small company that cannot afford to completely replace the stove to keep me happy and buying Samsung products.

This is not the only Samsung product I own but will be the last I ever buy!!

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Samsung I will never buy again..
by sunlaker / February 22, 2011 11:00 AM PST


if you want us to read your complaint try some paragraphs. It's a lot easier on the eyes.

Hows that time travel machine working out for you?

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by unhappywithSamsung / February 22, 2011 11:21 PM PST

Thanks for the tip..more paragraphs,,I guess when a person vents they forget about the little things.. The stove is ok when everything works..I've heard this tech. Has been around for ever. I guess that's why I bought it. It is a great idea if you have kids but really wish I could get this thing working proper..I really feel Samsung is letting me down and I own lots of samsung products but feel this is the last..

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by ospreyv22 / December 7, 2012 11:21 AM PST

I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANY SAMSUNG products again in my life and will do all possible to prevent anyone I know - or even don't know ( through blogs, etc) from never buying a Samsung product. How is it that foreign manufactures come here and inflict this on American consumers and nobody does ANYTHING about it. If you want reliable household appliances STAY FAR AWAY from Samsung.

We bought a refrigerator in April 2012 and it stopped working in October 2012. We used the warranty service and Samsung Tech (NISI) telling us is Defect Air Compressor and need to get replace. But NISI have to order the replacement Air Compressor it take about a week. We can't wait that long so we call BestBuy and they get the replacement unit replace within 3 day. We already lost $800 worth of food. In December 1, 2012 we noticed the refrigerator running with loud noise and water leaking out from the ice-maker tray and freezer display 80 degree, and cooler display 38 degree. So we call Samsung request for service since we still under warranty, it take 2 day for NISI called and we request for afternoon appointment; they flat-out told us that they don't do afternoon service and schedule us for Dec 8th which a week without refrigerator and all we lost all the food for second time since we buy the Samsung Refrigerator. Samsung stated they have no control over the service company and that is garbage. Any company you use is a reflection on you! So incredibly disappointed and feel like we've been taken advantage of with this warranty service. We want Samsung to replace our Refrigerator.Peoples beware! Don't buy any Samsung Products! 26 cu. ft. French Door RefrigeratorModel #: RF267AERS/XAASerial #: 21830NISI Service Ticket : 4117170921

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Samsung washer is an expensive lemon!
by 26510434098862746237006794332435 / July 17, 2015 5:11 AM PDT

So disappointed and upset over washer/dryer set purchased at Lowes about 18 months ago- I have only had 2 washer/dryer sets over the past 50 years doing laundry for a family of 8 for much of that time! And even when I sold each set they each still worked after small repairs! In 2014 I purchased a Samsung set - they worked fairly well for about 8 months - the washer is a piece of junk! Spend time constantly babying the machine, readjusting loads every few minutes to get it to spin. Cycles don't always complete - had to have the 4 rods relaced that evidently hold tub in place and enable it to spin. The rods we have been told will need to be replaced every year - they completely wear out after 1 year! Extremely poor design! Bleach dispensor can't be used so if I want to use bleach I have to wait till water has filled machine, pause the load and pour it directly in to water - it has rusted out all around the edges of dispensor and if you use it it retains Bleach so bleach is spit out through following loads of laundry! This leaves big old bleach spots on your next load which may be your permanent press clothes! The machine is so loud it sounds like a pending train wreck no matter how many times you redistribute load or how big or small your load is - a horrific nightmare! I would be better off with an old ringer washer!! Shame on Samsung - Shame on Engineers that obviously either don't care or are incompetent ion their field! And yet Samsung is one of the most expensive sets you can buy - didn't know I'd have to pay over and over for it in repairs! I was so excited to replace my 15 year old set with something new and quality! I am stuck now till I can save up for a new set. I researched before I bought and saw nothing but positive reviews before I bought - people who wrote those either don't use the machines or had only had them less than 6 months or they were reviews planted by Samsung! Oh I must add - the stupid song that plays to signal your load is done is the ONLY thing on the machine that works! WARNING TO CONSUMERS - STAY AWAY FROM SAMSUNG AT ALL COST!!!

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Denied and Ignored... NEW TV
by Fofomon / August 28, 2015 4:17 PM PDT
I'm so saddened by Samsung. I have no idea how to get my complaint in front of someone who matters. Here is an email I sent.

Samsung is in the process of letting me down. Having been a long time customer and enjoying the many products over the years, I can say that with some clarity that I feel like I’m about to become one of those customers they let go and let down. While it’s true Best Buy has some hand in this, Samsung is the ultimate looser in this situation.
On July 2nd I purchased a 65” Inch Curved TV from Best Buy online to add to my new movie and game Room. I’d been eyeing the curved TVs for some time and having already owned three other Samsung TV’s was pretty confident this was what I wanted after several display demos. I purchased online and it was ready for in store pick up on the 5th. I got the unit home and did not unpack it for a few days since the entertainment center hardware that would display the TV still had to be built. A week later after my center was setup, unboxing and setup was a snap. I’m familiar with Samsung products and am not shy to assembly. Using the unit was great, bright beautiful colors, interesting design and a cool interface. I have an Xbox One and Apple TV connected and enjoyed most content. When it came to Dark content however, I noticed some irregularities. The screen had noticeable white clouds in the upper and lower right sides of the screen. The bottom right was more profound because it ran from right to left in a diagonal. I contacted the local BestBuy store and they explained this is normal with these types of TVs and the clouds would disappear after some time of use. I had no reason to not believe them and waited. A little over a week later the clouds were still present so I contacted Best Buy again to request something be done. Best Buy support explained however that I was 2 days over the warranty timeline and that my return or in store help was no longer an option. Best Buy, you fail but they explained I had a manufactures warranty from a company I trusted so I was ok with contacting Samsung to continue.
My first contact was on the online live chat. Communicating with the rep, I explained the situation and together we did some troubleshooting. I explained that the image during bright scenes was not the issue, it was dark images that were the issue. Nothing we tried resolved the problem but the rep requested that I hold the selected settings for 1 week as part of the test.
About 10 days later I contacted Samsung again via the online live chat as instructed. Again, explained the situation and what was tried already. The new rep and I continued troubleshooting with no luck. It was determined that a service request would be needed. As instructed, I completed the online form, attached pictures and submitted the detail that was already collected by both the online reps. Sorry Samsung, you fumbled but still in the game at this point.
A day or so later I received a call from a Samsung scheduling rep to confirm the online request and schedule a service date. At that very moment, I happened to be in my local Best Buy comparing my TV pics to the one on display and to talk more to the BestBuy reps. The Samsung scheduler put me down for a Wednesday after 4pm timeslot for the service rep visit after giving me some detail on what to expect.
Sometime later, the service company contacted me to request pictures and information on the issue. They explained that they needed this information before Samsung would even look at the issue… Wait so what were the online information and service ticket with pictures for? Yet another fumble on the part of Samsung. I sent the information requested and after a confirmation call from the service company saying they received the pictures and information, it was a short waiting game.
Today I received a call from the service company explaining that based on the photos, Samsung tech support concluded my issue is within normal operating specifications. So after explaining that issue does not show up that well on a photo and that the issue is only on dark images AND with no one physically coming to see the unit this was deemed as acceptable? Yet a 3rd Fumble Samsung. I quickly contacted Samsung phone support to get some help with how frustrated this was turning out to be.
The first rep I spoke to collected my information and listened to my situation. I could sense he didn’t know what to do and asked to put me on hold. He came back after a short while a little flustered explaining he didn’t know what to do and was going to transfer me to executive level support. That sounds important… I felt valued… That transfer connected me with a different person who at this executive level again collected my information and listened to my situation. I was put on hold repeatedly and at one point was told the onsite rep had determined there was no defect with the TV… But wait, no one had EVER been to my home to observe the issue. This was all determined with a photo. The rep retracted and corrected the information in either the system or whoever he was communicating the issue to. After a few more holds said he was going to send out a rep but that if it was determined that there was no defect, I would be charged and unknown amount. Well Samsung, at this point the ball has been punted and is in the air… I think he could sense my frustration but holding my composure I accepted a few longer holds while the ticket was created to go back to the service company. The Rep explained when someone is onsite they will determine if the unit needs repair.
After hanging up, not more than 15 minutes later, I received a call from the contracted service company who wanted to confirm the request Samsung had just put in. This was the same rep I’d spoken to before so they were familiar with my complaint and issue. They explained that the visit charge would be $99 for the service call and that the technician could not and would not determine if the unit was defective. All he or she would do is come on site and take pictures of the issue to send to Samsung… Samsung technical is the ONLY group that can determine an issue and they work off photos. Well Samsung that punted ball is now WELL out of bounds… NO GOOD!
You are failing me as a loyal customer. So now what? Do I live with this dissatisfaction? That is what it sounds like and if that’s true, your customer satisfaction promises are dishonest. Your tech support is basically saying my defect is acceptable and I’m being put through an unforgiving loop on a TV that is a little over 2 months old. There is an acceptable defect level???
So why am I so disappointed? I’ve had Samsung products since my first microwave back when the ad’s included the flexing arm pictures. I have or have had Galaxy phones, three other Samsung TV’s, sound systems, Laptops, multiple hard drives, cameras, Refrigerators, a washer and dryer and other Samsung products. I supported and influenced a change at my hospital to adopt Samsung Laptops and equipment in place of HP and dell products. More recently, I am in the market for a kitchen upgrade and was going to go Samsung since I believe in the products but this recent experience has seriously shaken my confidence. I’m a dedicated consumer who backs a product I believe in so I hope you understand this process is insulting to me as a customer. At this point I want my TV issue resolved or my money back.
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Please don't be mad at me.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / August 28, 2015 4:27 PM PDT

But burying your plea for help in very old threads may not be read by those that can check into this. Top post it.

As to curved models, many call that a gimmick. 4K certainly got beat up by CNET.

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Samsung Customer S6 unreliable
by Miker2017 / July 20, 2016 8:51 AM PDT

I purchased a Samsung S6 November 2015. Since then the main board is always getting fried. They tell me "You had a defective board and you should be OK after the repair" I was on a 4 week business trip when on the second week I experienced the same problem. I returned to Montreal and called Customer service and explained the situation and was transferred to their retention center in which I spoke to a unprofessional individual. She kept on interrupting and finally she told me that Samsung policy is only to repair and not replace. After the one year warranty I will have to be paying top dollars for those repairs. So I'm putting the unit in the garbage and buying a used reliable Phone! No More Samsung for me!!! I asked that I speak to her supervisor and she told me "I have no supervisor" . Thank you for Nothing Samsung! Garbage Phone and Garbage service!!!

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