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Samsung capacitor problem

by bonillardms / February 28, 2010 1:18 AM PST

After reading up on the fix for the Samsung TV issues (re: not turning on), I tried to fix the problem myself which seems to
be two bulging capacitors. Those which come with the TV are 10v, so I purchased two 35v 2200uF. The 35V are physically too big for the board so I am now looking for 16v instead.My problem is I cannot find a local electronics store (south Florida area)which carries this item. Any suggestions, addresses, links that you may know of will be of much help.
Thanks, Rich.

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by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / February 28, 2010 1:23 AM PST It may take some digging through their catalog.

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by bonillardms / February 28, 2010 2:17 AM PST
In reply to: Try.

Outstanding! They had exactly what I needed...and at the right price.
Thanks, Proffitt.

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Samsung power problem
by clipper39 / September 28, 2010 2:56 PM PDT

Samsung is now stepping up to the plate and offering a one time fix to their faulty capacitor issue. My symptoms are widely described, longer time to power up, followed by clicking noise and even loger power up times, then finally clicking noise with no power up at all. After reading other articles on the web I called Samsung support and they are sending a service tech out. My warrenty expired 6 months ago and as long as it is the capacitor issue there is no charge. I own an LCD LN46A650.

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Samsung power supply issue
by jplipp / November 23, 2010 9:47 PM PST
In reply to: Samsung power problem

I have a Samsung Plasma model PN50A450P1D. About 3 months ago, the tv started experiencing the powering off and clicking and now finally it is completely dead. No clicking, no led, nothing. It acts like there's no power coming to it, but I know there is. After reading all of these posts, I went down to radio shack and bought capacitors and was going to replace any bulged capacitors on the power supply board. When I pulled the back off and began looking, all of the capacitors look good. None of them are even slightly bulged. Being a novice when it comes to electrical components, my question is, Is it possible that the capacitors could be bad without really showing or do I have something else on the board which has failed? Thanks for any input.

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Sadly no.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / November 24, 2010 1:10 AM PST

If you wait till the set is dead then that delay could have something else die. You then have to let Samsung fix the set.

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Same Problem..Model..LN32A450CID
by xspence70 / November 24, 2010 3:46 AM PST
In reply to: Samsung power problem

I had a power problem...(Powering off and on and then staying off for long periods) . I called Samsung Canada ...Call center guy told me that it was the capacitor problem and would give me a one time fix.He told me that someone would come to my home and do the repair....I contacted the repair shop to set up a time and they told me that I would have to take it to the shop, about a 1.5 hour drive away, because it was less than a 40 inch. I took it in and 5 days later I was notified it was not a free fix ...the power board was toast . ...The set was about 18 months old , just off warranty . It cost $155 to fix . A new power board installed ..Needless to say, when I upgrade it won't be Samsung.

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The bad cap problem is not limited to this make.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / November 24, 2010 4:19 AM PST

If you upgrade I fear that we have to consider longer warranties.

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by netcab / January 13, 2011 8:31 AM PST

My TV at first would take longer to power on. Thought it was bad batteries. Changed the batteries. Then, would hit power button on TV. That worked for awhile. Suddenly, nothing. I, too, was told by customer support someone would call and come to my home to assess/repair. If it were the capacitors, it would be fixed at no charge. No one called. I called customer support again today and was told, as was xspence70, that it would have to be sent in or taken to a shop because it was "only a 32" TV". So, I guess spending more than $400 for a TV isn't enough. My set is 25 months old, out of warranty. Not done with this yet. Haven't decided yet to ship it to New Jersey....from Cleveland, Ohio. May keep it local with someone I can trust. It appears Samsung is not that trustworthy. When I give someone $400, I TRUST the product will last longer than 25 months.

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by elitedata / October 20, 2011 7:38 AM PDT

$155 for the repair of a 32 inch or smaller set ?
i am positive you paid 4 times more when you purchased it.
additionally, assuming the set was manufactured somewhere between 2005 and 2008, but you claim its 18 months from your post date 11/24/10, means you must have purchased it 18 months from 11/24/10 because an 18 month old set from 11/24/10 would have been manufactured 5/09 and sets manufactured in 2009 and further out dont experience the "cap" issue.
when you purchased the set is irrelevant, its the manufacture date that is relevant to the cap issue.
capacitors will fail from age, whether they are being actively used or not.
id say you got more than your "times worth money" out of it versus the cost of repair.
This topic reminds me of the customer who paid $2,000 for a 2003 50 inch DLP which finally failed in 2009.
The customer threatened lawsuits toward everyone involved and demanded a replacement tv.
now tell me, does that make any sense to you at all ?
sure, the old CRT type televisions lasted for years upon years, but that was different technology back then compared to the current technology today.
things are manufactured differently today, because consumers demand to pay less to purchase products, manufacturers must respond to produce a product that is cost effective for them with an appealing price to the consumer while still making a profit, the end result is the endurance of the product suffers.
we have no one to blame but ourselves and our China Toothpaste.

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Contacting Samsung
by ngusmar / December 27, 2010 2:34 AM PST
In reply to: Samsung power problem

In response to clipper39, I tried calling Samsung and they don't answer. Do you have a contact for Samsung regarding the capacitor issue? Any input from folks who've had success in contact and replacement is appreciated. Thanks.

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Try this.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / December 27, 2010 2:52 AM PST
In reply to: Contacting Samsung

Get a transaction number and post it in a NEW discussion here. The number we start at is 1800SAMSUNG and be sure to note what country, make, model and details.


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Just got Samsung support regarding this 1/2 hour ago
by eenovice / December 29, 2010 8:00 AM PST
In reply to: Contacting Samsung

Confirming clipper39's statement...I called 1-800-SAMSUNG 1/2 hour ago (hitting dreaded on/off issue with my 40A650A1F that I bought in Aug 2008) and they set me up with a conditional free-of-charge (if faulty capacitors are the issue) service visit. FYI, I am in the bay area (CA), just in case your mileage varies depending upon the location. Incidentally, the scheduled service technician TV Unlimited replaced my TV panel when I saw always-lit lines in 2009 while I was still in warranty.

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phone number
by rkfd / January 19, 2012 6:10 AM PST
In reply to: Contacting Samsung

We called 800-726-7864. we have a DLP hlr6768 and they said they won't fix this model. Apparently they think the only one they think has this problem is the LCD which they will fix for free.... maybe if enought people call & complain they'll fix the DPL model as well. They fixed our light tunnel for free...which also was a huge problem........

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Sorry, not big enough
by netcab / January 13, 2011 8:43 AM PST
In reply to: Samsung power problem

It's only cool and smooth if your TV is large enough. If yours is smaller than 40", you will have to either take it to a shop or ship it, at your expense,to (in the US) New Jersey. Good luck. What's a loose translation of "Samsung" in English? Bueller? Anyone?

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Can someone help diagnosis?
by nsfour / January 19, 2011 4:21 AM PST
In reply to: Sorry, not big enough

I have a LN-S4052D 40-Inch LCD HDTV, which I bought 5 years ago. About 2 months ago, the first problem came up while the TV turned on, picture was normal, but no sound. So everytime I had to turn it off and then turn it back on and the sound will come back.

About 1.5 month ago, it started to have the blown capcitor "clicking" issue which was widely discussed on here and it takes longer to power up but the "no sound" issue only happens occassionally.

Until last couple of days, it took us up to 15 ot 20min to power it on, and the no sound problem becomes consistent now. Every once in a while, the tv will be up for a second and then some color lines across the screen and then it will shut itself down.

According to the symptoms above, do you think it's more than the regular capacitor issue? I'm taking it apart tonight and will try to do a fix myself in the next couple of days and would like to know what else I should look for once I have access to the motherboard.

I already prepared for the worst...which is to buy another one. I just don't understand why Samsung is still the one of the top brands out there while so many people have the capacitor problems and most of them have that problem a lot earlier than me.

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by nsfour / January 22, 2011 10:27 PM PST

replaced 4 capacitors on my LN-S4052D and TV works now with both picture and sound! Youtube rocks!

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TV clicking
by Lori56 / May 10, 2011 4:12 AM PDT

New here, sorry if I am not posting correctly.
My 52" LNT5271FX TV started clicking when being turned on and now is up to 30-40 seconds of clicking before turning on. When looking online and finding several sites mentioning this problem, it appears that bad capacitors are the issue and Samsung is aware of this, and has been fixing some for free. Unfortunately, I was told by Customer Service that they are only repairing TV's manufactured from 2008 forward, at their cost; mine was manufactured in November 2007. They gave me a transaction number and said they would have a technician call me to arrange to fix the TV at my cost. I wonder if the TV had been manufactured February 2008 if they would have said they were only repairing those from March 2008 forward? Very disappointed - I stopped buying Sony years ago because of poor customer service and thought Samsung was rated highly. I will have to revise my thinking...

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Just a tip.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / May 10, 2011 4:24 AM PDT
In reply to: TV clicking

If you top post your story (here it is buried) along with "just the facts", sometimes our nice Samsung folk will kick the item up for review and get things done right. Hope you understand "just the facts."

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just a tip
by Lori56 / May 10, 2011 4:34 AM PDT
In reply to: Just a tip.

thanks. I do understand "just the facts" and should not have given in to frustration. How do I top post instead of burying my comment? Thanks for your help.

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Do you see that "BACK TO SAMSUNG" button below?
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / May 10, 2011 4:48 AM PDT
In reply to: just a tip

That will take you to the Cnet Samsung forum. Somewhere on the top right area is a button to create a new discussion. This will create your own top post where you can post your story (just the facts) and that all important transaction number and hope for our Samsung folk to kick it up for review.

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Great Customer Service from Samsung
by KellyMcFalcon / August 24, 2011 6:47 AM PDT

I was having the same problems with my Samsung 55" LCDwhich was, of course, out of warranty. On Friday night, I called Samsung Customer Service, described the symptoms (clicking sound, delay in turning on, eventually not turning on) and was offered a one time, free service call if it was related to the capacitors. They told me a service rep would call within 2 hours to set up my appointment...he called within a half hour and set the appointment up for Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm. The guy showed up on time, fixed the capacitors, and was out of my house in about 30 minutes.

I'm glad to see that Samsung has stepped up to the plate. Despite being without my television over the weekend, it was a good customer service experience.

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Samsung is willing to fix the problem...
by wheejv / August 31, 2011 2:47 AM PDT

After reading the forum I called Samsung Support (1-800 Sam-Sung) and gave them the model and serial # of my Samsung 48" HDTV. They were well aware of the problem and gave me a service order number telling me a local Samsung repair tech would contact me within 24 hrs. My HDTV is out of warranty btw but Samsung is willing to pay for the repairs as long as the TV was purchased up to 39 months ago.

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not so fast
by ejmckenna1 / September 8, 2011 11:10 AM PDT

Samsung will only fix certain models and at what, only models that are less than 36 months old. I got negged for the capacitor repair because my model wasn't among the models made with faulty capacitors. Please, Samsung. Is that the best stock excuse you could come up with. Clearly, the set was made with faulty capacitors. So I had to go online and buy the fix and now I have to trouble a friend with a soldering gun to help me repair the tv. Needless to say, Samsung blows. I won't be buying another Samsung set or any type of Samsung product. Samsung, if you want to right your wrongs, contact me at and pay for the repair. But no, wheejv, your personal experience with their tech support isn't indicative of everyone else's. And finally, what's up with your little PR blurb at the end about Samsung tv's not being the only models with faulty capacitors. That makes you sound like you work for the company. If you do, hook me up with a repair. Please?

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To move faster.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / September 9, 2011 1:56 AM PDT
In reply to: not so fast

ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS add the TRANSACTION NUMBER in your posts when asking for an assist from the Ambassador. Some don't like that but let's go with what works.

Also, I'd avoid any post that is flaming anyone. Just some tips to help you get some where.

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How do I get the one time repair
by jmgregware31 / October 14, 2011 6:46 AM PDT
In reply to: To move faster.

I too now have the issue. I contacted customer service, got a
transaction number and explained the similar problem we are all
experiencing. I also indicated its evidently a well know problem and
several people are either having their units repaired at no cost OR a
tech is sent out and there is no cost ONLY if indeed it is the
capacitors. I was told my "TV is out of warranty and I have been
misinformed as to anyone having it fixed for free. It is either covered
under the TV warranty or it is not. If not, they are paying for the
repair. No exceptions..."
How is it some get repairs and others do not? How can I submit a request for one?
Model #: LN52A650A1FX2A
Serial #: ALOT3CFQ300259X
Version # SQ01
TRANSACTION #: 2109348022
Orlando, FL, 32833 USA

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Sorry I don't know.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / October 14, 2011 6:52 AM PDT

But try the new Service Issues post at the top of the forum next.

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Samsung fixed my TV
by gzo96 / October 23, 2011 3:49 AM PDT

I have an LN52A750 which I purchased in 10/2008. I experienced this same issue on 10/17. I immediately began researching the problem and found out about all the capacitor problems with these units.

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Fixed capacitor problem doesn't Last
by c_prof / September 4, 2012 7:16 AM PDT

Samsung sent out an authorized repairman and he replaced the bad capacitors. Now I have the same problem again, about a year later. Now the same repair company wants $100 to diagnose the problem, plus the cost of the parts. None of these new flat screen tvs hold up like the old CRTs. I've gotten 15+ years out of a Mitsubishi tv and this samsung didn't even last 4 years. Last Samsung product for me.

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Accolades to Samsung!!!
by jcskms1408 / November 8, 2011 11:16 PM PST

I couldnt believe what I read! My Samsung 40 inch model LNT4061FX has been doing the same thing for months...finally it got to the point that it took literally 20 minutes to get a picture. I was going to throw this TV out, I was so frustrated! I took the suggestion and called Samsung today. I was thrilled to hear that they will be fixing the capacitor problem free of charge, with a serviceman scheduled next week to come to my home! Samsung couldn't have been more understanding. Thank you to all those before me that took the time to post their problem and resolve this issue.

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Capacitor problems
by Lori56 / November 9, 2011 1:23 AM PST

I wasn't as lucky as some. My model was about 2 months out of warranty (I was told they only fix the models from 2008 forward; mine was manufactured November 2007 even though I didn't buy it until January 2008) and had to take the set in for repair and pay for it. It was the capacitors, as expected. Samsung didn't cover the cost, but I got the set repaired as it was well worth it. I like the Samsung products and will likely consider another one in the future, even with this experience, but I will do some advance checking to see if the capacitor problem has been resolved.

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