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Samsung BDP-1600 wireless adapter alternatives?

by kweigel / April 7, 2009 4:10 AM PDT

Samsung wants 80.00 (through Amazon, when available) for the wireless adapter for the BDP-1600. It looks just like any other USB wireless out there. What are my alternatives (other than CAT5 cable across my living & dining room)?

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Samsung BDP-1600 wireless adapter alternatives?
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / April 7, 2009 7:13 AM PDT


I think it's a proprietary piece, meaning that other usb link sticks aren't able to execute the functions for the Blu-Ray player. Unless someone knows of a different unit that's able to work, I don't have any suggestions.

I did check on as well, and they also are backordered. I apologize for the inconvenience.


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Understand: Proprietary
by kweigel / April 7, 2009 9:41 AM PDT

Understand proprietary. I read it as user-hostile. Trying to get me to pay 80.00 for an add-on wireless that should be included in a 250.00 disk player is maddening. Maddening enough that I would pay 120.00 for a netgear Line-Link, rather than give the money to Samsung.
BTW, I love the 52" 650 series TV!!

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Understand: Proprietary
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / April 7, 2009 2:18 PM PDT


I can appreciate your point of view.

The LinkSticks are designed to be uniform, which helps our tech support know that the the correct dongle is compatible with the television. The troubleshooting of internet connectivity issues are hard enough, and even more so when compounded with a wireless device that "might or might not work". There are 50 or more different USB wireless sticks that our support team couldn't possibly weed through each make and model to determine compatibility, nor can the TV preload the drivers like a computer can.

I can see where it would be perceived as limiting. But it's for a reason, and not just because our intention is to be hostile towards our customers. The BD-P3600/4600 units come with the dongle included with the idea that pre-existing-wired customers could have a choice in the BD-P1600 by not paying for a dongle they'd never use.

I guess that's "the other side of the story", so to speak.

Thanks for your kind words on the 6-Series. Happy

Quick question for you - Is that a LN52A650 that you have?


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Thanks for the good answers
by kweigel / April 7, 2009 9:20 PM PDT


Well I guess I understand your side of things better now too, especially the part about the TV / Blu ray not being able to load drivers. It's too bad there wasn't more of a uniform standard, voluntary or otherwise, for these things. Of course, that might be too limiting for some companies, who want to do really unique things.
Lower the price back to 34.99 (what some people were paying earlier), and all will be golden.
Yes I do have the LN52A650. When I bought it, I thought it was the best mix of features I could use, and by far the best value for the price. I needed a TV no more than 51" wide to fit into my entertainment center, and the 650, at 50.5" looks like it was made for it.
What really sold me was the side-by-side display at Sears. I kept going back to the Samsung. At home, it stops people in their tracks, and along with good surround sound (Denon/Paradigm), I have suddenly become everyone's expert. But I know better, it's you guys who are the experts. Thanks again!


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Thanks for the good answers
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / April 8, 2009 10:39 AM PDT


I appreciate the response. I'm lucky, really, in that I get to get feedback from both sides, and the ability to openly talk about it.

But I'd like to send you a Wireless Linkstick for your television for free. Maybe it would be easier to justify the additional cost if you're able to connect wirelessly with your television AND the Blu-Ray player for the price of the Blu-Ray player part - or maybe not - but I'll let you decide. (I'd send a Blu-Ray one, except that there are none yet, much less any allotted to me.)

So regardless of whichever direction you go to connect the Blu-Ray, I'd like to do that for you. Send your serial, name and address to (put your forum handle in the subject line) and I'll go raid the Marketing Department's storage closet again. Happy


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Wow! Didn't expect that!
by kweigel / April 9, 2009 3:27 AM PDT

Wow, I really didn't expect that! Thanks a lot! E-mail on the way.

By the way, I just got a new Samsung 22" TOC LCD HDTV/Monitor.
Absolutely fantastic -- Brilliant picture with antenna or cable, great tuner, nice software and remote. I travel out of state for months at a time, and this will be the perfect monitor/tv for me to take with me. Also, for $270.00 from TigerDirect, I feel like I stole it.

All the best--

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samsung wireless
by gotryce101 / October 26, 2009 7:17 PM PDT

well to be honest that wireless unit does cost alot of money. at best buy they are charging alot. but i found a website were i got my adapter for my blu ray for only 55$

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Linkstick way overpriced
by fatbastardf / December 5, 2009 2:55 AM PST
In reply to: samsung wireless

I, too, understand the argument presented by Samsung for the need for a proprietary wifi usb adapter. Let me demonstrate: The proprietary nature allows the Tech Support Staff to more easily assist customers.

Can I now get a free Linkstick please?

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Re: linkstick
by jaif14 / January 27, 2010 11:09 PM PST

The link stick is not the only rip off, the xbox live adapter is over priced to

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WiFi for my BD-P1600?
by msnew17 / December 24, 2009 1:36 AM PST


I have a new Samsung Blu-Ray BD-P1600 connected to a new Samsung HDTV LN46B550. We love it. But we're trying to get the wireless connectivity to get access to Netflix and Pandora. I have a Linksys USB wireless network adapter but it I now realize I don't know how to get the Linksys drivers on to the Blu-Ray. I now see from the thread that the Samsung adapter is the only one that is supported but it's expensive. Is there a way to get my Linksys to work? Or could you send me a Samsung adapter? Thanks.

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Lies, deceptive advertising on Samsung BD-P1600 Box
by pandadude / December 24, 2009 6:41 AM PST
In reply to: WiFi for my BD-P1600?

Since Samsung didn't respond to my emailed letter addressed to them, I thought I might get a response by posting it here. I didn't see a way to contact the Samsung representative on CNET, so here goes:

Dear Samsung,

I am disappointed and disgusted to find out that after purchasing a Samsung Blu-ray Player, model BD-P1600 which clearly states on the box that it is ?Wireless LAN Ready? does not in fact come with built-in Wi-Fi. The only reason I purchased a Blu-ray player from you was because I was under the impression that this model, BD-P1600, came with built-in Wi-Fi since it was so over-exaggeratedly stated on the top of the box. The choice of words are deceitful and dishonest coming from a big company like Samsung. I didn?t even know that I had to purchase another component for Wi-Fi connectivity until after reading the manual packaged inside the box. What?s even more appalling is now I have to pay an additional $79 (not including tax) to purchase a Wi-Fi dongle from Samsung since your players won?t allow any other Wi-Fi USB to be used as an alternative option. What kind of nonsense is this? For the same price I paid, I could have purchased the LG BD390 Blu-ray player which comes with built-in Wi-Fi! I own many Samsung brands from televisions to refrigerators and have had no complaints about them, until now. So here I am stuck with this Samsung Blu-ray player that I can?t directly connect to my wireless modem because the player is in a bedroom and now I am FORCED to fork over almost one hundred dollars for a Wi-Fi dongle. How absurd! Furthermore, the electronics company where I purchased my Blu-ray player does not give refunds so now I am up the creek without a paddle. As a big company like yourself and the valued customer which I am, what is Samsung going to do to remedy my situation? At the present time, I will NOT buy another Samsung product unless I receive a Wi-Fi Linkstick, dongle (Model WIS09ABGN) or whatever clever name you call this Wi-Fi USB device. I await your response.

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Samsung BD-P1600
by Maria6886 / March 6, 2010 10:56 PM PST

I am having the same issue with Samsung and their supposed Wi-Fi ready Blu-Ray disc player. I bought my unit about 9 months ago and am just getting around to setting up the wireless to stream my Netflix acccount that I just got and couldn't get it to work. So I called Samsung and they informed me that I needed to buy an additional $79 usb dongle for it. I paid $250 originally and just can't rationalize why i should have to pay an additional $79 for something that should have come with the product. No weher on the packaging that I had did it mention that this would be needed. Instead it clearly stated Wi-Fi ready. I am very upset and was told by Samsung basically that it was my problem not theirs. All I wasnt is for the unit to work as promised it would without the hidden additional costs that were not mentioned. Shame on Samsung and their deception. I will never buy another product of theirs.

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Same problem here.
by marqthomas / January 3, 2012 12:50 AM PST

I also have a New Bluray player model D-5500 3D bluray. I also didnt know I had to have the linkstick Samaung only!!! to get wireless web, after it states clearly wireless ready!!!! I have a router and everything else I own can connect so fast and easy, but NO not the blueray. I chose Samsung because I have alot of things that brand, like TVs, sound systems, appliances and phones which are fantastic, but Im so disappointed about the player. I dont think i should have to pay over 80 bucks for me to connect wireless to the internet! Come on Samaung make it right !!!!! You should send everyone who has already bought a player or tv the linkstick free of charge, and start including it in the box with purchase!!! If I dont here back from Samsung I will return my player for any that is really wireless ready!!!

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Samsung BD P1600 wireless connection
by dwsonline / February 15, 2010 1:10 AM PST
In reply to: WiFi for my BD-P1600?

Following Samsung Support FAQ, I disabled DCHP, set an IP address and Gateway and DNS info manually. Wireless connection then worked.

To get Netflix working, I set the App/Gaming priority on Linksys WRT120N router to High and disabled WMM Support.

I do suspect that direct connect would be more optimal.

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Wireless adapter
by quailhuntr / December 24, 2009 11:35 AM PST

I realize this is an old thread, but...

I purchased a Samsung BD-P1590 a couple days ago, partly for the wireless networking capability, partly because it is connecting to a Samsung HD TV. I was a bit shocked to find the wireless adapter was $80, but I purchased one and tried to install it.

The adapter does see my wireless router. Once I select it, it asks for encryption type (WEP) and then the key. After entering the key, the player tries to connect for a couple minutes, then says "unable to connect the network" (for 80 bucks it would seem like there would be SOME kind of indicator on the dongle). There are several other wireless devices connected to the router with no problems, the router is less than 20 feet from the player. If I run a cat5 cable from the wired ports on the router to the player, the player does obtain an IP address and does connect. I've also tried using WPA and removing all security from the router, all with the same result (no connection via wireless).

As a last resort I called Samsung tech support, which only increased my frustration level. After spending time with tier 1 support (and going through everything I'd already done), I was bumped to tier 2 support. She had me do the same things again, but then it REALLY got bad. She told me I needed to contact my internet provider, even though I had made it CLEAR that the problem was that the player would not connect to the router. I also tried to explain that the router would issue an IP whether there was an internet connection or not (it is set to be a DHCP server). She continued to tell me it wasn't Samsung's problem and I would need to contact my internet company. I also told her that I AM my internet company (I'm the VP of Engineering for my internet provider).

The wireless adapter is model WIS09ABGN. I've tried a new adapter (imagine the fun I had trying to get in to Best Buy to exchange the adapter on Christmas Eve) with no luck. I've updated the player to the latest firmware available on the Samsung website (something I also told the tech support, but they apparently couldn't make the connection that my internet must be working). My last option is to exchange the player the day after Christmas (should be another fun couple hours).

I can understand that there may be a problem with one of the devices, and I can understand the tier 1 support person walking me through the same procedures I'd done. But by the time I got to the "tier 2" person, I expected to talk to someone who would have had at least a basic understanding of networking. When I asked her if there was another tier or a manager I could talk to she told me no. So if that's the best support Samsung has to offer, I'll be looking for another company. And I gotta tell you, I truly love my Samsung LCD tv's, and, before this incident, would not even consider other brands.


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Could be network name
by ryanyoder / December 24, 2009 9:45 PM PST
In reply to: Wireless adapter

I don't have this adapter yet but I am considering buying it since I got a BluRay player for Christmas.

I found a post where someone had a network name or SID can't remember which one with a space in it.
Also I have had problems with pnp devices like the multimedia over coax bridge assuming that the network was on a certain subnet or that the router's IP was instead of

Maybe you could try restoring your wifi router to factory specs and see if it works. You can always save your settings in a bin file prior to dumping them in most routers.

I wonder if a powerline adapter would work better anyway.

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Samsung bluray wifi
by dancameron0 / December 26, 2009 7:21 AM PST
In reply to: Could be network name

I have a Samsung BD-P1590, and to connect it to my wireless network I purhased a Airlink AP431W access point,programmed it to operate in AP client mode and simply plugged it into the CABLE port on the BD player. Works like a charm and I'm out $25 (Craig's list). Of course there is now one listed on Craig's list for $12.


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Samsung Blu Ray WiFi
by cms25731 / December 26, 2009 3:23 PM PST
In reply to: Samsung bluray wifi

You are posting a reply to: Samsung bluray wifi
by dancameron0 - 12/26/09 3:21 PM

Dan I also have two (2)Samsung BD-P1590, and to connect it to my wireless network I purchased a two (2)Airlink AP431W access point,and their router. I tried programing it to operate in AP client mode and simply plugged it into the CABLE port on the BD player. It haven't works like a charm, can't get it to connect. If possible please let me know what setting you used. I have a 2wire router 2700hg-b from ATT which has a Lan and Wan ip address... Thanks


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Samsung Blu Ray WiFi
by dancameron0 / December 27, 2009 12:02 AM PST
In reply to: Samsung Blu Ray WiFi

Donny,I failed to point out that my 1590 is put in CABLE, not WIFI mode.Other than that, I am using a Belkin54G router with no security enabled.

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Wi Fi Adapter
by rchiare1 / December 27, 2009 6:08 AM PST
In reply to: Samsung Blu Ray WiFi

I own the Samsung BD1600, it was a Christmas gift from my daughter. She told me that the Best Buy representative explained to her, before her purchase, that Samsung made this item without the WIFI ability and a second player (the BD3600 I think) with a WIFI capability included and the intention was to give the consumer a choice that would save them a $100 approx. if they didn't need the access to the internet.
Even though I don't exactly by the argument, I do applaud the retailer that points out the choice, before you buy the player.

I was going to buy an aftermarket adapter just to see if it was worth having. Now, I think I'll just play the BluRay DVDs which do perform beautifully.

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Glad this thread is becoming active again...
by dbpropp / December 27, 2009 5:28 AM PST
In reply to: Wireless adapter

'Cause I'm not a happy camper. I bought the Samsung BD-P1600, thinking the wireless network connectivity was a great feature. Wireless services and "Wireless Ready" are plastered all over the box. Before reading the manual I tried connecting it to my wireless network, without success, of course.

So I actually read the manual (finally), and found out that I need to BUY a wireless adapter - THEIR wireless adapter. I felt betrayed and checked the box again and there, in small print on the side of the box, far smaller than the "Wireless Ready" banner, were the magic (secret) words "adapter not included."

One of my pet peeves is manufacturers, not just Samsung, locking you into spending additional money for their own proprietary equipment. And after years in tech support myself, I don't buy the argument (above) that they HAVE to do this to allow their tech support reps troubleshoot network problems (though I'm sure the rep who wrote that sincerely believes it because that's what he's been told by marketing). First, if they really believed that, they would build the wireless adapter into all their equipment. And any support rep worth a nickle could easily rule out the adapter as a problem regardless of the manufacturer.

Anyway, here I am with a wireless blue ray player that won't work wirelessly unless I give Samsung another $90. There doesn't appear to be an after-market compatible adapter, so my choices are to give Samsung another $90 for their adapter, string a cable across 3 rooms to my router, not use any of the network capabilities, or return it & get a wireless player that is really wireless (or will work with standard adapters).

I'm really disappointed that Samsung has chosen the same greedy path as Sony and other companies who force their users into purchasing additional, proprietary equipment (I won't purchase Sony equipment for that very reason).

Okay, I've let off some steam, so now I have to go and consider which one of my options I should take. It's too bad because if it were complete, this seemed to be a very nice Blu Ray player.

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Does anyone do ANY research before buying?
by mkmck / December 29, 2009 8:04 PM PST

There are at least two posts in this thread that have people complaining about not knowing that the BD-P1600 is not wireless unless you buy the Samsung dongle. That blows my do you make a major purchase like that without doing a little advance research? Best Buy, CNET, and many other websites have a detailed breakdown of the strengths and weaknesses of just about any electronic item out there...and they ALL inform the reader that this particular model of Samsung BluRay player is NOT wireless without buying the add on. They also tell you that you can step up to the next model that comes WITH the dongle. If you are too lazy to do a little research in advance and/or read the box closely, that's your fault. Stop whining like it's someone elses.

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by dbpropp / December 30, 2009 2:45 AM PST

Just wanted to thank you for your kind & considerate post about those of us who were "stupid" enough to actually believe what was written on the box instead of going to some third-party website to make sure it was true and not misleading. Trust & honesty - how quaint and naive.

Your post was just so constructive and helpful. That's what a SUPPORT forum is all about, right - calling names and telling others how stupid they are? How very mature you are to do so, too. Yes, I'm sure that everyone wishes they were as wise and perfect as you are.

Thanks for wasting time for all of us - but no thanks.

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Make up your mind
by mkmck / December 30, 2009 4:19 AM PST
In reply to: Thanks...

Gee that's funny, you are now whining that you were "stupid enough to believe what was written on the box", implying that you were misled, yet in your original post, you wrote that the fact that you need the dongle WAS written on the box, but it was in small letters. Make up your mind...which is it? Was it there or not? The answer is, it was.

Oh and by the way, you don't need a third party website to verify anything...though checking reviews BEFORE you buy a product is certainly the smart thing to do...go to Samsung's website and they'll tell you the same thing that is written on the box: The 1600 is NOT wireless without the dongle. Funny how you DO find the time to go to a third party website(this one) to whine but not to check the reviews on that product that are on this same site out BEFORE you buy. For a person who claims to have been in tech support for years, that seems pretty silly.

A support forum is for getting help with a problem you can't figure out, not to whine about the fact that you can't read English, or be bothered to find out what you're buying before you buy it. There are a few good posts here suggesting ways to work around buying Samsung's dongle when you decide you want the 1600 to be wireless, then there is yours, which is nothing but whining about not understanding what was written in plain English. You're the one wasting people's time here. Try Dr. Phil next time.

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My mistake, of course...
by dbpropp / December 30, 2009 5:42 AM PST
In reply to: Make up your mind

You're right, this support forum is to help other users - not to attack them with adolescent name-calling and accusations.

But you are also right that I didn't specifically ask for help in my original post. I was too pissed to find out that I had been deceived, if not directly lied to, to phrase my post properly (and I am by far not the only one according to this and other forums). Perhaps I should have used the words "Please give me advice about which option I should take." You are right that I did not technically ask for help in my post.

I'd also planned to ask if anyone had found a reasonably priced 3rd party adapter that worked with this box, but I neglected to do that too. Guess I was hoping that people would be intelligent enough to understand my point and perhaps offer help, even though I didn't use the words that you would have preferred. I should have remembered what happens when you assume...

For that I apologize.

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by mkmck / December 30, 2009 6:18 AM PST

I'm still looking for the "adolescent name calling and accusations" in my original post. I guess if describing a person who didn't take the time to read a review (or at least the wording on the box that was smaller than a 46 point font) as lazy is "adolescent name calling", then I'm guilty as charged. The word seems to fit the bill though...

As for as "being intelligent enough to understand your point", a kid in kindergarten could understand your point. You were pissed that you didn't get what you THOUGHT the box said was in there, and instead got what was described in plain English, so you trash the manufacturer...apparently for not having a company rep standing there to explain to you what the box said. I'm sure Samsung will be placing help wanted ads for that position soon. I'm sure they'd love to have a tech-savvy guy like you...maybe you'll get a free dongle too.

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Hey, hold up....
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / December 9, 2010 7:38 AM PST


I can appreciate the fact that "Wireless Ready" could be misunderstood, just as a computer being "Internet Ready" doesn't mean that it comes with service, or that a "Network Ready" TV doesn't mean you get a network server, or an "XM-Ready Receiver" doesn't necessarily come with an XM hardware setup or subscription package. Or HD-Ready car radios don't have the HD-Ready transmitter built-in. It's a standard industry term, and unfortunately not everyone has caught on.

I know that, and try to be sympathetic. Some people want to just vent, and I try not to kick them while they're down by pointing it out. But some of the accusations that follow (Bait and Switch, or "LIES!" for example) do need to be pointed out, since lots of "ready" units don't include what they're ready for. This is certainly not unique to Samsung or any specific product.

There are 3rd party devices that can be used, such as a wireless bridge. You may be an expert, or need someone to hook it up - I don't know your level of expertise with networks, so really, I'd be out of place advising. If someone would be less resentful by going that route and I could keep them happy with their Samsung product, then I might suggest that. But that said, I can't apologize for someone else's misunderstanding, and we can't offer support for other networking solutions. If you are thinking of going that route, my "Pro Tip" would be to get the same manufacturer for your bridge as you have for your router, so you don't get ping-ponged back and forth if you run into setup trouble between the bridge and router companies and ultimately be further frustrated, or defeated. Will it work? Some users report that it does, so that's the only indication I can offer.

The accusation that we've taken "a greedy path" is ultimately decided by the consumer. I don't think we have, but I can't change anyone's perception by arguing the point, so okay, let's just disagree for the moment. But we offer the LinkStick because we know it's a device that is designed to work with both 2009 and 2010 Samsung TVs and Blu-Ray players and most routers "out of the box". The TV doesn't have the option to load new drivers (even most computers need to do that, still today!), and so we provide a solution for people to choose. If someone wants to wrap some advanced network know-how and get their TV to work, I have no ill-will. In fact, I like when people get creative and find workarounds. But most people can't, so we've provided a solution for people to choose if they opt for the player that doesn't have the feature, and in this case, can be added later and want it later.

Additionally, the BD-C5500 is not necessarily for everyone. But it's perfect for others. If someone does have a network nearby and doesn't need the adapter or has already run Ethernet to their Home Theater area, then they don't have to spend the extra money for a feature that they wouldn't ever use. The BD-C5500 fills the needs more than adequately for many, many customers, and that keeps us competitive. I think when you look at it from that point of view, it's not about greed or pulling money out of people - in fact, I'd make the argument that it's quite the opposite - saving people money on an expensive additional feature that they might not need or would ever use.

I don't want anyone fighting over this. Mistakes happen, and every player doesn't meet the needs of every purchaser - which is why we offer different options that have different features that do meet the needs of most people. There's nothing worse than when someone gets the product that doesn't meet their needs.

The question of "why didn't we include the wireless and charge more money for it" question is, with all due respect, a bit misplaced. We do. It's the BD-C6800 or BD-C6900.

But in the same respect, let's consider that the manufacturer has a wide range of customers whose business we DO want to have, and have set up features and price points to appeal to those customers, and the first level of Blu-Ray players won't be as feature-packed typically as the more expensive ones.

I hope this explains a little, and extinguishes some of the anger. Like I said, I usually let people vent without interference, but thought that I should clarify some of the accusations made.


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Are you serious?
by doublenaut7 / December 8, 2010 9:42 PM PST

So you consider a $150 purchase a major purchase?? Some of us don't have the time to comb the internet to research something that is not a major purchase. I am going to take a wild stab and guess you are in some sort of IT or an engineer of some sort? You truly have that 'geek speak'. They should either jack up the price $50 and include it, or tell you up front. It should state clearly on the box if it is wireless or not. How hard is that? It is bait and switch at its best. By the way, isn't it time to update your Facebook page dude?

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Mr. Samsung_HD_Tech
by doublenaut7 / December 10, 2010 3:36 AM PST
In reply to: Are you serious?

Listen Mr. expert. I wanted the Blu Ray that I bought and it should have included wireless. Every one made in these times should include it period! It doesn't cost Samsung much at all to build it into the player itself without the dongle. In today's times, it's like selling a computer without internet capability! It's ludicrous to not keep up with the technology. To say that is why we offer different models is a piss poor example. Different models are offered for high tech differences, not the ability to get online. Come on dude! I would be willing to bet everything I have that it would cost Samsung less than $5.00 to build it into the player and not even have to worry about the dongle. Your argument is weak!

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Mr. Samsung_HD_Tech -
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / December 10, 2010 11:02 AM PST
In reply to: Mr. Samsung_HD_Tech


" should have included wireless."

But it doesn't. It was advertised as Wireless-Ready.

I thought I offered a reasonable explanation on "Ready" devices. My intention was to clarify, not to anger people.


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