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RoadRunner Lite, How good is it?

by kegizsftzp / July 11, 2006 1:06 PM PDT

Has anybody heard of or using RoadRunner Lite? I heard that it's $26.95/month with a maximum download speed of up to 768 kbps. Is this true? Anybody happy with this service?

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If. . .
by Coryphaeus / July 11, 2006 9:47 PM PDT

that's DSL, it's good. If it's dial-up it's impossible.

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RR lite crawls!!!! Overcharging for snail speed!
by no1rank / June 19, 2007 2:26 AM PDT

It's slow! RR charged me $30/month, because I wasn't a new customer when I switched to it in an effort to save the money I spend on boradband.

Anytime you want to play video, well you can pretty much just forget it, unless you don't mind playing the video first, press pause and wait for it to load and then press play again only when you are done loading. This makes viewing videos significantly longer than it ought to take, and takes the fun out of spontaneity.

For basic stuff like reading email or the occasional web access, it is better than dial up for sure. But if you read news like me and load up on 6 tabs so you can read the articles already loaded while waiting for the others to load, then you will have no choice but modify your net browsing habits and style so as to accommodate the snail like speed.

What was particularly upsetting to me was this. Before I made the switch, RR marketing people insisted that the download speed is 1.5 Mbps, which would be actually very reasonable. However, in reality the is max 384 Kbps, this has been my experience for one entire year! The reason I know this is because I keep track of my network activity with system monitoring software. So I checked back with RR after several months and called tech support, who acknowledged my suspicion and confirmed my experience. The guy I talked to was kind of aghast that marketing had told me a blatantly false number, and much higher than reality, mind you.

So I check back with marketing, ask them how fast my service is, I'm told the false number. Then I confront marketing, tell them my experience, and what the tech dept told me as well, and ask them to check on their info. Their response what basically that they tell customers what they are told to tell, and the individual I talked to made no effort to find out the truth nor any concern that she could be given the wrong info. Could she and other around her have known the truth all along? That I cannot say.

What makes me angry is that RR is still lying to people, as I just found out after a google search, though they do seem to have lowered the price to one that is more justifiable, for people who are new to TW.

My point is this, what they exclaim is really too good to be true, and somehow, TW doesn't mind telling you a blatant lie to get you in the door.

But then again, if you want to pay only 30 buck instead of 40 buck a month because you are so desperate on saving money, which has been the case with me, you pretty much just have to go along with their lies. For me to threaten abandoning their service means mostly likely switching to DSL, which will require I spend money on a landline, which eats up any savings I might get. Even getting dial up would be more expensive for me.

Fortunately, I'm now finding myself in a position where I can eat up the extra $10 a month for a real internet connection, so that means bye bye roadrunner snail service.

My conclusion, though desperation to save money drives one to RR lite, it nevertheless is a ripe off, for the price TW charged me, and for the blatantly false marketing that has been persistent and more likely than not, intentional and systematic.

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I know this is old but...
by Awesomebman / May 3, 2010 1:33 PM PDT

I had to say this. You're an out-right idiot. Obviously you don't even know what they were saying. First off, they were saying that you would be getting 1.5Mbps (MegaBITS per second) which is roughly 1/8th of a byte. In conversion, that exactly ties up with your 380KBps (KILOBYTES). Learn your technology measurements before making idiotic accusations.

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by avtronic / November 20, 2010 2:23 AM PST

He stated 384Kbps....with a lower case "b"...which stands for KiloBITS (which is a fraction of the 1.5 Mbps) and you based your whole flame mistaking it for 380KBps (KILBYTES). Also 1.5 Megabits=1572864 bits and 380KiloBytes=3112960 bits and 380KBps would not "tie up" with 1.5Mbps as 380KBps = 2.96875Mb. His speed of 384Kbps = 0.37109375Mbps far cry from the 1.5Mbps they sold him on.

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ROFL 384
by TheDEmonFAng / May 29, 2011 12:22 AM PDT
In reply to: BTW

i know what he means yes they say that with lite u can get up to 700kps if u dont believe go call them and yes i mean donwload and 128kps upload i have RR lite and they only give me 89 on a good day and yes im seen it go up and rite back down on a torrent so i know they have something to do with how slow its going they are just ******* ppl over now
rr sucks now days i got comcast when i lived in VA and 19.95 and geting 20mbps and RR is pretty much the same thing accept comcast likes to keep there ppl RR is crap now they want even give u what they say they will thats why they say up too,,, so they can **** you lol BB RR it will fall to comcast soon ik RR owns them but everyone sees what they are doing

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RR lite
by techforums123 / May 29, 2011 8:31 PM PDT

Its very slow, compared to other, need to have a look at it before planning to get. the speed to too less also compared to others

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Road Runner Lite
by MeanDonnaJean / July 8, 2007 9:51 AM PDT

I've had RRL for approximately 4 months now and so far, so good. I think I'm payin' $19.95 per month....its "bundled" with my Time Warner cable t.v. bill, and now I get AOL for free (big whoop, right?). I'll tell ya tho, its a HUGE improvement over dial-up, thats for darn sure....but hey, that's a given.

My teenaged son seems to love it.....altho a bit TOO much perhaps, cuz now I can't EVER get him offline so that *I* can get ON. He's constantly downloadin' music, videos and whatever else he can get his hands on, and he's had no complaints. He's got less patience than *I* do (and thats lil' to none for moi) so it must be doin' somethin' right!

You can betcher sweet buttcheeks that if and when there ARE any complaints with RRL, I'll be FIRST in line to pitch a fit. I'm REAL good at THAT!

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Switch to Road Runner Lite
by pc_pa / December 4, 2007 1:01 PM PST
In reply to: Road Runner Lite

I have just switched from Earthlink Cable ($41.95 @ 6 Mbps) to Road Runner Lite ($26.95 @ 768 kbps). I verified to speed at before and after, and they are exactly as advertised.

Looking at the speed downgrade, you may think this sounded like a bad deal. However, if you understand today's internet applications, you will know that it was a great deal. Most applications today (2007) won't require higher speed than 768kbps. I tested with real-time video at cbs, cnn, google video, and youtube. They worked fine; the speed requirement was about 500 kbps. The bottleneck of these video downloading is still mostly on the server and your connection.

I tested telecommuting to my office and tried graphical-based applications. It worked great, no difference.

I'm also using a 3rd party Voice over IP service (Vonage kind of service) and it still works fine as expected.

You will want to have higher speed only if
1) you are watching high-quality videos over the internet. There may be a small number of websites offering that today but high-quality videos won't be a mainstream applications any time soon.

2) you are downloading a lot of large files over the internet and your servers are fast. Downloading a CD (650MBytes), for example, makes a big difference. 6Mbps link can get you a CD in about 15 minutes, while 768kbps link needs about 2 hours. This is assuming the server can provide the data at 6Mbps, which most servers out there don't. But they do better than 768kbps. I was able to download a CD in about 30 minutes from some sites when I had Earthlink.

3) if you share the internet link and expect more than a few people to use it at the same time.

Marketing messages out there are misleading. I hope this information would help you decide better. For me, Road Runner Lite is the best deal. I save about $200 a year. I will upgrade to a faster service only if high-quality videos become more mainstream.

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Road runner is a rip off
by justabadguy / September 26, 2010 5:45 AM PDT
In reply to: Road Runner Lite

improvement over dial up? r we in 1980 or something????? come on people we got 4g phones around so dial up is like suuuuuuper old Road Runner lite maybe is good 4 people using computer to check email read news and check facebook. If someone need it 4 anything else than that is absolutely to slow. RRL is a joke 4 dumb people same like most available providers here in US. last nite was saturday so i want to play halo reach to kill some time in the evening while my gf was studying... and what? speed 2.43kbps wow i got regular RR what suppoded to be around 10.00kbps so i tried reset modem than router without any speed increase so basicly instead paying 34.99 i should pay them around $10 bucks because my transfer is 1/5 what i supposed to be getting lol i was lagging so bad that couldnt even enjoy the game because of the huge delay so i turned it off;-(((( what will be with RR LITE????? i dont want to even think about it hhahhaha

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Spell your words
by DaddyDemon / January 25, 2011 2:31 AM PST

I'm sorry, but... IF YOU CANNOT LEAN TO SPELL CORRECTLY, THEN YOUR OPINION IS NOT VALID! Anywhere. You're how old? 5? Please, for the love of God, stop being such an ignorant American!

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RoadRunner Lite - will it support streaming of NETFLIX?
by chefseb / May 18, 2010 3:50 AM PDT

Called NETFLIX and was told that the bandwidth required is 1.5Mpbs, does RR Lite maintain this bandwidth to enjoy the streaming?

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Are we talking about RR lite or basic?
by ahtoi / May 18, 2010 5:27 PM PDT

Max. speed for RR lite is 768kbps which will not satisfy Netflix's requirement. And in most cases the speed you get will be lot less than the max. I assure you.

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Yes it will support Netflix
by gregsenne / November 11, 2010 10:57 PM PST

I have RR Lite. Yes, it is very slow, but I can't afford anything better. I have used a friends Netflix login at my house before to watch streaming videos, it actually works just fine. It has to buffer for about 3-5 minutes before the movie starts, but after that, I have never had a problem. I'm sure if they offered streaming HD video, it would not work.
Like on Youtube, for the majority of videos, you have to hit pause for about a minute to let the video buffer first. It really depends on what you are watching. For example, if I watch Southpark online from, i have to let it buffer for almost 10 minutes before I can watch the video.

Hope that helps.

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1.5Mpbs, does RR Lite maintain this bandwidth to enjoy the
by TheDEmonFAng / May 29, 2011 12:24 AM PDT

no dont get it i cant even watch it on my 360 with RR lite u can on the computer but its really low and u will never get HD and it will load for over 10min at a time trust me this **** is crap

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by fussydb / July 26, 2010 3:53 AM PDT

I had roadrunner lite when I was in my apartment last year. I played World of Warcraft and used Skype for my phone service with it and it was awesome! I had absolutely no complaints. I only wish I could get it where I am now. I would get it again in a heartbeat!

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by justabadguy / September 26, 2010 5:30 AM PDT

Dude if u thinking that RR lite rocks u r an idiot sorry

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by DaddyDemon / January 25, 2011 2:50 AM PST
In reply to: ????????????

DUDE! Learn to spell then maybe people can take you SERIOUSLY!

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road runner is a garbage
by justabadguy / September 17, 2010 12:27 PM PDT

i had road runner turbo wow i was thinking is gonna be lightning fast yes the promises r but the speed is not. supposed to be up to 15kbps but im a gamer so speed is super important to me(lag) so every time i checked speed( helpful website) the speed is always around 6-8 than u have to reset your modem to get back to promised speed. i moved out contract expired got new one in new place took the regular RR cause didnt wanna pay so much for speed what im not receiving. playing right now and im getting kill so im checking my speed and instead 10kbps is 2 with some change. 10 years ago in Poland i had better internet than i have right now in USA seems like a joke. and what is better , faster than RR TURBO? anything? Most ppl in USA r dumb and uneducated so they dont know about data transfer counts only YEAH i got internet at the house and is wireless wow but how fast is it and what u paying for does anybody fuckin know????? if my bill for regular RR is $35 for 10mbps and im receiving 2 should i pay only 1/5th of the bill??? i think if people will be smarter here company like TIME WARNER will be not ******* customers over making millions of dollars ripping us off. maybe some ppl should open their eyes check the speed and ask ***??? what im paying 4?? In my opinion TIME WARNER should be taken to court because thats just regular stealing they just doing it the nice way. and every time im calling them bitching they blaming on my router because i didnt buy it from TIME WARNER- yeah funny they selling old fashion routers 3 or 4 times overpriced just paying monthly 4 it so in 2 years contract u dont feel it that they fuckin u over again:-))))))) got top of the line one but thats giving them reason to blame it on something lol. while im on internet i feel kinda like i bought a car i payed full price but they just gave me frame with the seats without engine when im asking where is the engine they telling me is there but is not gonna work cause i got aftermarket tailights.....

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People get confused about internet speed.
by robertandnancy / October 4, 2010 8:48 PM PDT

I have RR. high speed internet with turbo boost. I have download speeds of 1.3mb. You don't really surf the internet much faster, but the download and upload speeds are much faster. I think people think they are just going to click on a link and have it load up like lightning speed. That isn't the case, only the download and upload speeds are different with high speed internet.

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Re: high speed
by Kees_B Forum moderator / October 4, 2010 8:59 PM PDT

With the eyes of someone living in Europe, this socalled high speed is still slow. It seems America really is lagging behind.

I pay 25 euro (35 USD) a month for an ADSL-connection that connects with 15 Mbps (bits!) download and 1 Mbps upload. Cable is comparable of somewhat faster for the same price. Big parts of The Netherlands, however, can get 120 Mbps download (10 Mbps upload) for 70 euro (that's 100 USD) via cable. That's a download of a 4 GB DVD (2 hour movie in SD) in some 5 minutes. That's an upload of a 2 MB picture in 2 seconds.
Glassfiber to the home can be faster, but still is rare.


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Your not to smart..
by kyle772 / November 2, 2010 4:11 PM PDT

Ok from what I can see you have NO idea what you are talking about...
1) I have been playing xbox live for 3 years on a 1Mbps internet speed on DSL and I have seen absolutely 0 lag when there were less than 2 computers plus my xbox connected to the internet.
This is because Gaming consoles do not use constant bursts of speed over the internet they use short but fast bursts every .5-1 second. This is where lag comes in. Lag occurs when the modem receives the signal from your xbox saying "I need another burst!" slower than 1 second at the very least. Now if there are multiple computers connected to the network but aren't doing anything then they are using probably 1/2 the bandwidth they would if they were in use (on facebook etc.). Now as long as you don't have 4 computers connected to the network you should receive zero lag until at least 2 of them actually start doing something. Now in that time period if your network speed reaches below 60kbps transfer rate them you would receive very minor lag (slower controller to live responses) but if it goes to lets say under 50kbps you will go into red bar and bullets actions and walking will all be delayed but will still function. Now I am telling you this for your gaming benefit because until you realize that everything your doing, even when lagging, still process and go through the xbox live servers and return to your xbox. So if you are honestly having issues: a) walk slower b) aim slightly ahead of your enemy and c)Learn how to use a strategy even though I know how hard that is for modern gamers because they are usually bum rushing people. If you use all three of those you lag shouldn't matter.
Now back to RR! If you switch to road runner and get a 10Mbps transfer rate then you download speed should be anywhere between 1.28MBps and 1MBps which means you should never have lag unless 4 computers were in use or if 2 are downloading files. Now as primitive as modern household routers may be they will never use computer singularity which means every computer will always split the connection with whomever is on the network evenly. Now if one computer is receiving data faster than the other computer, then the wireless card is either not as good or is getting worn out (or is closer to the router). Now lets say you have you sister downloading a music video, Since a music video is small then the network will automatically pull more information toward that file because it will download faster and make the lag shorter if it does so. So if you want to not lag either connect your xbox via ethernet cord or make family, and friends in the house not go on the internet.
If at this point you are still lagging then you need to switch to another provider closer to your area because the drag will be coming from the lines sending the information to the area in the first place.

So now that all that has been said get your facts straight before bashing on everybody who uses RRL in this thread because you don't need to be a troll to be correct you just need to have some common sense.

All the information in this post was brought on my personal experience with a slow DSL network and if you have any questions (specifically justabadguy) then go ahead and reply so I can again correct your stubborness and prove you wrong. Thanks for reading.

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TIme Warner Cable - SoCal Road Runner Lite is super slow!
by zenofben / October 4, 2010 2:18 PM PDT

Every test I have done with it shows 730kbps but in practice my iPhone can load webpages faster even though I only get 1 bar where I live. That's pretty slow.

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AT&T just has good 3g service
by kyle772 / November 2, 2010 4:22 PM PDT

When an iPhone is connected to a wifi network it uses both 3g + the wifi so if the wifi is going slow 3g will help out. So the only reason your phone loads fast is because it is connected to 2 networks and is loading in a smaller resolution with less complicated files due to lack of flash.

Now if you are on 3g only on your iPhone the signal strength is not going to effect the 3g itself because the signal strength is how far from the nearest cell phone tower you are. So this does but at the same time doesn't effect the 3g speed. It does because 3g speed is sent out through cell phone towers (so if it gets 0 signal than 0 3g) but at the same time it doesn't because AT&T specifically makes their 3g network go about the same speed from infront of the tower to a mile away. This is how AT&T justifies their 3g network and is also why they say they have the fastest.

So it is not so much your connection it is more the resolution size on your iPhone.

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I'm happy with RR's slowest
by Noblepuker / November 2, 2010 6:49 PM PDT

I'm in an apt,and pay $15 for 384kbps.
I play alot of internet games with very little lag.I'm very happy with it.Under 200miliseconds lag on games is good.I get under 100 allmost everywhere.I've been on the web since 96,and downgraded from faster broadband.I feel i know what's up.
Downloads aren't great on lite,i don't break 100kbps usually.Sometimes i score a close server,and i'll get a file at 300kbps.I don't mind,and i download ALOT.

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i stream HULU on lite,its 1.5mbps min.
by Noblepuker / November 2, 2010 6:57 PM PDT

I stream hulu on lite.HULU requires 1.5mbps,so i fill the buffer first,this takes a couple mins...then the movie plays fine,and looks good.HULU doesn't include the commercials in the buffer,so when they appear,they chop.
However,they offer all vids in higher rez,those chop on me if i don't pause to buff up every 20mins.
All n all i'm happy.

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not an idiot
by Noblepuker / November 2, 2010 7:21 PM PDT

ok,it doesn't rock,but i run it,and have run faster packages.Many of my friends are still running faster packages,and don't fair any better in games.Most games play well with anything under a 250 miliseconds delay.I'm under 200 milisecond lag on any game...usually under 100.You can't tell im on lite.I play wow,and lotr no problem.

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(NT) Anyone notice the age of the first question?
by Coryphaeus / November 13, 2010 7:49 AM PST
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my experience
by eg7737 / February 8, 2011 3:31 AM PST

I cant speak for you guys but I am getting 3.97 mbps download speed on my road runner lite. It streams videos without any lag what so ever.
However, uploading videos to lets say youtube is very slow. I am getting about 0.16 mbps. A 397.3 mb video took 55 minutes to upload to youtube. The website I used for my speed test was
I am using a linksys wireless n router

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