Hi there. I work for muvee and we are the creators of award-winning automatic video editing software muvee Reveal X. With muvee Reveal X users go through muvee's simple three steps to create videos with an intuitive interface that focuses on sharing and ease-of-use. Users upload their photos and videos, select a style, and choose music from their iTunes collection or use the music we've included. muvee automatically mashes them up to create a video synced to the beat of the music. Instant upload to Facebook, YouTube, iDevice, in a click, gives the user the ability to create and share videos in moments. You can also personalize your video with the features below. Free 15 day trial here: http://www.muvee.com/en/products/reveal

What's new with Reveal X:

Intertiles, audio boost, 2 line captions and has hand-picked royalty-free music and fonts to compliment each style.

Styles (with effects, transitions, and more built in) have been refreshed and transformed by adding text animation, and even some with additional video and graphics content.

Uploading capabilities for YouTube and Facebook now support the 720P resolution streaming service. Saving on the iPhone4 and iPad will also be in 720P H264, with iTunes integration for auto-syncing to your favorite iOS devices.