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Poll: Why do you think XP is so resilient?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / March 4, 2014 7:53 AM PST

To give you some perspectives to this poll, check out this CNET article: Windows XP won't die without a fight

Why do you think XP is so resilient, even as support is coming to an end?

-- Businesses are the majority of users.
-- People in general just love XP.
-- Windows 7 and 8 are not worthy of upgrading to.
-- People don't like change.
-- Pirated XP versions make up most of those users.
-- If it isn't broken, why fix it?
-- People can't afford to upgrade the OS and hardware at the same time.
-- People have apps that run only on XP.
-- Other reasons. (What do you think?)

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7 and 8 won't run .COM apps!!
by Ted de Castro / March 4, 2014 8:42 AM PST

I have a LOT of very good utilities that are .COM files and for which there is nothing out there equivalent. #1 on that list is Vern Buerg's LIST!

And just forget Metro - wish it would just go away.

IF 7 worked with .COM apps - it would be ok - it lets me avoid MOST of windoze!

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Loved XP
by texasdan / March 4, 2014 8:50 AM PST

But have recently bought a new computer with Win 7 as OS. I like it personally, but I seem to be in the minority of people.

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I suspect a lot of folks don't perceive the exposure
by wpgwpg / March 4, 2014 8:58 AM PST

I'm sure a number of folks have multiple reasons, but I have to believe a lot of people either don't either don't know about this deadline (e.g. my next door neighbor), don't understand the consequences, or refuse to believe it could happen to them. For those in the know, I'm sure program compatibility and costs are significant factors as well. However I expect that within weeks after the deadline, stories will start to circulate about XP being hacked and there could be a stampede of folks to get new PCs with Windows 7. I'm afraid those folks are going to get a painful lesson about the ounce of prevention vs the pound of cure.

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deadline, shmeadline
by jw4444 / March 4, 2014 11:43 PM PST

Were you freaked out over Y2K as well? Happy

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No single reason for not upgrading
by Tanzer26 / March 4, 2014 9:04 AM PST

There is no one reason. I have a printer and scanner tthhat I like and they work well. Neither is supported in Vista, Windows 7 or 8. My PC is plenty fast in XP, would be slow enough in Windows 7, I'd want to upgrade. And I also have apps that don't work in Windows 7.
I use Windows 7 at work and I'm fine with the way it works, but some of it's security creatures really get in the way of getting work done.

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What do I do with my HP Laserjet 4 Plus?
by Chicagoland Girl / March 4, 2014 10:39 AM PST

It's been a Work horse that just keeps going. I have never found Software to have it work with Vista, Windows 7 or 8. I have been through several other printers but they just don't last compared to this one. What do I DO????

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HP Laserjet 4 Plus
by MadKatter / March 4, 2014 10:59 PM PST

You might try finding a different driver for it which is compatible with Windows 7? That is what I did when my printer wouldn't run in Win 7. I think I just googled for help with my printer and Win 7 and pulled up a couple forums, one of which had the information I needed.

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Windows XP in my rear view mirror!!!
by Ron Geiken / March 4, 2014 9:05 AM PST

I left XP in my rear view mirror over 6 years ago, and can't personally understand why people are still hanging on except for the possibility that they have programs that won't run on Vista, W7 or W8. I used Vista for 3 years and W7 for 3 years and was looking forward to W8 until I saw it in action. Needless to say, I haven't gone there. Any XP user that can conceivably go to W7 should do so. That still has until about 2020, and not telling what will be going on then. W7 is similar enough to XP that almost any user should be comfortable with that. If your Software will not work with W7, then you may have a problem. This must be specialty software, since most of the software that people use work just fine with W7. If they don't have to connect their XP to the Internet, then, they might not have any problem. At Honeywell where I used to work, they had some programs that did not work with a new O/S, and they also might not have wanted to go to a new computer and the newer software would not work with their older O/S. There have always been problems like that.

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XP was fine until...
by bukosky / March 4, 2014 9:10 AM PST

I had to upgrade from Open Office to a newer version of Windows Office. The only one that I could buy required Windows 7. I ended up getting a new desktop and laptop for that reason. Otherwise, my XP computers were doing fine. Just didn't have the memory to upgrade to 7. That said, I like 7 and 8.1 which is on my laptop.

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Pirated dont make me laugh
by dbpvr / March 4, 2014 9:15 AM PST

Any one that had a pirated copy of xp has gone got a pirated copy of 7 or 8 they get any Os for free anyways

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I agree. The editors here are really grasping at straws.
by sbill / March 4, 2014 3:06 PM PST

If it makes CNET and Microsoft feel good to think that it's just people in the developing world--who pirate the software anyways--who are still using XP, so be it. However, since pirating Windows XP is no easier than pirating Vista or 7, I very seriously doubt that a significant number of pirated copies of XP are still in use. After all, those people would logically have upgraded to Windows 7 long ago, since they aren't paying for it anyways.

Let's not kid ourselves here. The overwhelming majority of Windows XP users are businesses--who most certainly do pay for their software--and home users who bought computers pre-loaded with the OS. These businesses and people are sticking with Windows XP precisely because upgrading to something else would cost money and require a learning curve. Lots of expensive peripherals and application software would have to be replaced, and these days money is tight.

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Windows 8- an absolute no go.
by bl14 / March 4, 2014 9:39 AM PST

I like change- if it is a change for the better. And I hate gimmicks. That's why I still drive my 1992 Toyota truck with almost quarter million miles on it. No useless front airbags, anti lock brakes, power doors and windows and mirrors, fully digital dashboard( will not last 22 years) etc. IT DOES IT"S JOB.
So do windows 7. it's a work horse. Does the job for you. No need for vistas, windows 7 or whatever, let alone the slam-into -your -face Metro/windows8.

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Some programs run only on XP
by srk1945 / March 4, 2014 9:41 AM PST

I have some programs necessary to run an older I/O device. I only use XP to be able to run that device. My main operating system is Windows 7. I run my XP program under Windows 7 using Windows Virtual PC.

If Microsoft would supply drivers for some of the older devices it might solve the problem. In that case I would be happy to get rid of XP.

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Moving off XP costs money and entails risk for no reward
by sfmiller / March 4, 2014 9:43 AM PST

I've never done an major o/s upgrade on Windows because sys admins I respect have consistently said only a clean install (ideally, reformat the disk and reinstall) is really safe and stable. So, a new o/s means buy a new computer or deal with rebuilding your existing one -- and hope you get it right. I'm a professional s/w engineer; I create Windows installers, update registry keys, etc. But, updating a Windows o/s is not worth risking my wife's reasonably stable laptop just to make Microsoft happy. And that would be true if (a) Windows 7 was available and (b) the upgrade was free. Throw in requiring me to purchase an update, update all drivers for an old (7 years old) laptop, and it's just to risky.

I bought a Win8 machine (could not find new h/w with Win 7 back in Jan 2014). I survive it; don't like it. Wish I could have Win 7 instead. But, my wife is just barely comfortable with cut-n-paste; updating her would be a major pain for both of us.

So, why rock the boat, spend money, etc. I'm holding out hoping a Win9 emerges that is more usable. But, my wife bills insurance companies who may seize on this (and HIPPA) to refuse to allow WinXP users to connect to their systems and then it'll be time for a new computer. Hope we can delay, delay, delay this rueful day. Might be forced to look at a Mac instead if Microsoft forces this issue because Win8 / IE 10 is awful.

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I love my laptop with XP and it works great! but...
by girl_onthemountain / March 4, 2014 9:51 AM PST

My hardware on my laptop won't support Windows 7. That is the upgrade I want. I can upgrade to Vista but I think there will be problems. Has anyone upgraded from XP to Vista and had problems?
I use XP to connect to my work websites and it works just fine. I am not sure what I will do, but I can't leave my XP computer unprotected because Microsoft is making us buy another system.
Don't you think 30% of the population using XP and not changing will open a huge security hole in the computing world? BTW, my local country library that is low on funds still have XP computers for general public use.

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XP to Vista - yes I did it - depends on your computer....
by darrenforster99 / March 4, 2014 3:56 PM PST

You asked about going from XP to Vista.

Yes I did that when Vista first launched on my PC. The best way to do it was to backup, wipe the hard disk and start with a fresh install of Vista. Don't try and install over the top of XP (but that's the same for all versions of Windows) - you end up with so much junk DLL's and dead registry entries lying around and a very confused OS.

As for actually upgrading it all depends on your PC. On a laptop it's highly unlikely your laptop is able to cope with Vista if it can't cope with 7. I've seen some laptops "attempting" to run Vista and it wasn't good.

I had 64-bit version of Vista on my desktop PC and that run fine, however if you've only got a 32-bit CPU don't bother with Vista 'cos the 32-bit version of Vista is absolutely awful and causes so many crashes.

Vista was good but only if you had a good enough PC to run it. You need some kind of decent 3D GPU to cope with the Aero interface - if your laptop has one of those "Intel GPU's" don't even bother going there. ATI or nVidia cards are normally fine, but the Intel GPU's just don't have the acceleration to cope properly with Aero.

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Where else can developers install and run Visual Studio 6
by Tcubed / March 4, 2014 9:59 AM PST

Microsoft has tried to kill off VB6, and after 10+ years, VB6 is still more popular than! And those VB6 apps that are still installed and performing useful work are guaranteed to run under XP; no such guarantee under Win7/8. Same goes for Classic ASP apps, more installed (and easier to support) than; it's no wonder XP won't go away, business rely on applications that are working. If MS would provide a means of VB6 and Classic ASP to be developed under Win 7/8 (and beyond) the need to stick with XP would go away and MS would (might) win back the thousands of developers and businesses is has alienated over the past 10 years. I wonder how many VB6 apps are running on XP embedded, I'd bet is more than is running on win 7/win 8 embedded combined. XP embedded was great OS, better than anything since (unless you move to android; and there's the rub - you must re-develop to change platforms; for many developers/businesses moving their apps to android make more sense than migrating to Win 7/8 and being forced to use the MS development flavor of the week; with their obsoleting technologies over and over). Businesses want stability; not forced non-productive change, why has Cobol survived so long and it's popularity actually increased - because businesses can rely on it. For nearly 15 years MS told businesses it could rely on Windows and VB - then it created a new language and still called it VB, but it wasn't, not a better VB but a NEW - "startover" - re-write your code, it will be slower and buggy for a while and businesses DID NOT FOLLOW; I think that's why XP still has the following it has - MS's bad choices/options for developers/businesses.

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In the News. VB6 alive and well on Windows 8.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / March 4, 2014 10:04 AM PST

This thread isn't the place to go deep into this but where do folk get so informed? Try a new post so we can discuss this one.

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VB6 doesn't run under Windows 8???

I'm puzzled by what you are saying about the fact VB6 doesn't run under W8. I have Windows 8 on my desktop and run Lego Sticker Generator which is wrote in VB6 and it seems to run fine. Ok it's probably not the most advanced program in the world, but it is a VB6 program and it works absolutely fine.

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Visual Studio
by Tcubed / March 4, 2014 10:27 PM PST

The development studio can't be installed on in win7/8; the apps that are generated work fine (for the most part). So how are companies supposed to maintain the apps they have developed without using XP (or Servr 2003)? That was my premise.

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XP Versus W7 and W8
by badenpowellstrawblount / March 4, 2014 10:32 AM PST

The majority of XP users have PCs with older type CPUs, (socket 478 for example) these PCs will not run W8 because of MS's requirement to enable PAE,NX and SSE2 IN BIOS. So they would have to purchase a new computer. Also XP will run perfectly well on the minimum RAM and CPU size. W7, however is a memory hog and requires maximum Ram and an upgraded graphics card, all of which costs money to upgrade. I have W8.1 and W7 Ultimate installed on my primary computers. But have kept XP Pro SP3 on my other one and DO NOT intend to get rid of it no matter what MS decides to do. This OS is mine, bought and paid for and I intend to keep it.

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Pirated? You're Kidding Right??
by wootler / March 4, 2014 10:48 AM PST

(Sorry to disappoint Lee - I paid for my XP.) Personally, why the heck should I buy an updated OS when XP works just fine for me?? Folks are so used to upgrading their I-Pads/Pods, etc. every time Apple breaks wind!! Most of us common folk don't need the latest/greatest to impress our friends. We just need the basics and XP is just fine! .... And just to remind me ... what is it exactly you can do with Windows 8 that I can't do with XP???

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Not a business, not a pirate, not changing
by thedickwhite / March 4, 2014 10:51 AM PST

My laptop and newest desktop came with Windows 7 and I am fine with that. But I have two older desktops that I have no plans to upgrade. One is very old and is still at SP1 because there are apps that break with SP2 and later. The other is at SP2 and I may upgrade it to SP3, but the hardware doesn't support anything newer. Why pay for hardware and software upgrades when what I have is working perfectly well? I am considering a new PC and I would prefer to have Windows 7 on it so that I don't have to learn Windows 8 (don't plan to pay to upgrade the other Win 7 systems with no good reason to do so). I have gotten somewhat comfortable with Windows 7, but I still don't know it as well as XP and probably never will. My tech guru days are over--I just want the things to work without me having to know a lot of tech details.

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older business apps & computers
by wch747 / March 4, 2014 10:59 AM PST

Who needs the hassle of re doing an OS, and upgrading hardware, when 99% of office work that needs doing is accomplished with the older computers we have and that are operating perfectly adequately. Custom apps that have served a business well, may not run on windows 7. Staff relearning a new OS/app costs money. So... if it ain't broke don't fix it. The enemy of good is better. Of course, you will know when your business needs change, and upgrade is warranted.

Windows 8?? Yeccch. Gives me the creeps. Too obtuse and way too Orwellian. It may be a reflection of my age, but I simply resent being jammed into Microsoft's "cloud" in order to operate my computer. My wife has a Win 8 laptop. It offends me every time she has to sign on to her Microsoft account to log onto her own computer. It also offends me that every sort of photo, social network, email and any other application photo from god-knows-where, linked automatically by Win 8, keeps cycling in that awful Metro screen. Why can't we keep apps separate and unlinked without cumbersome workarounds? Microsoft is way too smart to not know this. They are up to something we wouldn't like if we knew what it was in all its implications.

I'll stay with XP for getting work done, until the apps just don't work anymore. If I need more processing power, I'll upgrade the office hardware and bump up to Win 7.

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good stuff!
by guywayne / March 4, 2014 11:15 AM PST

Xp was easy and intuitive to use, people have invested a lot of money in hardwate and software, and a lot of time learning how to use them. Throwing out xp is like throwing out a 91 Cadillac that still runs great because the mechanic is arbitrarily refusing to service it. And you can't even use it for a trade in...

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by allfritz123 / March 4, 2014 12:34 PM PST
In reply to: xp the best at all

Why would I want to update to learn a whole new set of bugs and operating parameters? Networking becomes more complicated, more rules for sharing - more automation makes the whole system way more complicated, especially when you already know how to handle everything in XP. Once you have learned one system and are happy, why would you want to learn a new one which does the same thing but requires relearning where to find everything again? Changing the way things get accessed doesn't make any sense to me to do the same thing you were already doing!

There are also a lot of games running on XP which you can't run on the new one. Making things like networks different and more complicated to setup, changing around windows explorers visual appearance and frustrating you to do things that you knew how to do before takes too much time to relearn and for what? I want to spend my time with applications not with the operating system which you change around just because you can and sell it as a whole new package!

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re good stuff
by wch747 / March 5, 2014 12:15 AM PST
In reply to: good stuff!

A '91 Cadillac? A '65 or '71 definitely, but '91? Already sliding down the slippery slope by then. Laugh

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I am offended that you consider XP users Pirates!
by hagar2935 / March 4, 2014 12:00 PM PST

I am NOT a pirate owner and I am offended! I am extremely satisfied with XP as a stable and well made platform. I also own equipment with windows 7 & 8, neither of which is a stable platform that is dependable enough for a businessman. Windows 8 is a gamers Joke and an advertising medium that has no place in the business world. In business, computers are to be used to GET WORK DONE..... PERIOD!

My Windows 8 machine sits idle 90% of the time and is seldom used. My Windows 7 machine is slow and almost useless. XP simply performs better and I have no desire to upgrade!


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XP, 7 and 8
by pomeroyl2 / March 4, 2014 12:18 PM PST

I have XP and also 7 on computers in my home office. XP is still
a good OS. Windows 7 is an excellent OS.

Windows 8 is as bad, or worse, than Vista in the opinion of the majority of
of computer users, including professional technical personnel, with whom
I have talked.


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Easier Target?
by skipper32 / March 5, 2014 10:05 PM PST
In reply to: XP, 7 and 8

I have heard that it is harder to "spy" on XP users.

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