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Poll: Which factor would make you upgrade to a Blu-ray or HD DVD player?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / July 25, 2007 9:30 AM PDT
Which factor would most likely make you upgrade to a Blu-ray or HD DVD player?

Extra content (Please explain.)
Price point (At what point?)
More DVD titles (Please explain.)
Special features (What specific features?)
Video and audio quality
Other (What is your reason?)
I already own a hi-def DVD player (Which format and why that format?)
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WHAT PRICE? $249 to $299 for BLU-RAY.
DVD-HD? Who cares; it is inferior. Price: free and include 10 discs.


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Upgrading now would be a waste of money. Most movies won't look that much better in HD, its mostly special effects and animated features that will shine in HD, cant wait to watch 'Planet Earth' in HD tho.

When they'll hit the under $200 mark ill consider it.

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Price point

When Blu-ray gets to $200 to $250 I'll get one, if HD DVD hasn't taken over by then........

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Don't plan to upgrade at all...nothing worth watching

While HD may be (slightly) better, the lack of content worth watching makes it very unlikely I'll upgrade. Thre are maybe 2-3 movies a year that are even worth seeing, so the current DVD quality is mroe than good enough.

This isn't about technology, it's about the trash that the movie industry is producing.

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Check out HD DVDs new web enabled features
by js1013 / July 26, 2007 6:02 AM PDT

You may want to check out the new web enabled capabilities that only HD DVD currently has. Theres some really cool stuff.
Be sure to check out Blood Diamond on HD DVD

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by jobert48 / July 26, 2007 2:11 PM PDT

Can't see the big deal. Most stuff Hollywood produces is worth seeing maybe once, if that. High def isn't gonna make lame actors and lame writers any better.

If players get reasonable <$200 and more rentals available might consider it.

As for Blueray vs HiD (whatever) who cares? Like a car gets you from pt. A to B, does it matter THAT much how; yes I know to some people it does; Gotta have that Mercedes or Lexsus. But my ford does the same for 1/4 the price. So let the loaded folks battle it out; I'll wait.

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Just bought A Dynex 32"
by mcmillan968 / November 23, 2007 7:24 AM PST
In reply to: Agree

So I'll let you all know once its set up for a while.
The old one was dying so I needed to do SOMETHING!!
Also got an HD DVD player for $200 with 7 free hd movies
blue ray is ok BUT OVER PRICED.
But then again I bought a Beta recorder too that was BETTER and it didnt last.
So we'll see how it all works out.
If blueray doesnt match prices I cant see it winning the battle.

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Blue Ray/DVD-HD

I'll have to say that I wont be upgrading. I have regular DVD now and do not watch anything on it other than what I produce from family trips etc. There is so much trash that the movie industry is producing that I don't watch it now, why would I spend upwards of $200 bucks just to let it sit there so I can say I have one.

Movie industry, get away from all the profanity and ludeness and I'll consider it.

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I would Not Buy Anything New

as far as i am concerned video is video, it can only get so good. and I am not into all this new crap at all, all i want to see is a movie that does not run me 20 bucks a DVD and has a good story line . the human eye can only see so much...esp if they are bad like mine anyways and I'm not planning to get them fixed or buy a new dvd player just to see some crap movie with un-needed extras.

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Price, price, price.

After both formats were hacked, I stopped caring. Whoever gave me a player for less than $200 won me. HD-DVD did that with the Xbox drive.

Before the hack, it was HD-DVD because it had fewer consumer-screwing, ahem... I mean consumer-protecting DRM. Blu-Ray pandered too much to the studios for my taste. But now, it doesn't matter. I can download whatever I want.

I now have both Blu-Ray (someone else bought it) and HD-DVD in the same house. The differences are slim, but I prefer the fun menus on HD-DVD. Blu-Ray has the unfortunate backing of more studios. I'm kinda' lucky in that most of the movies I want to see are on HD-DVD.

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HD-DVD is dead.

The studios are no longer putting any substantial orders out for HD-DVDs any more.
Its all Blu-Ray.

The one use HD-DVD might be used for is software, microsoft seems to like HD-DVD so...

We are converting our HD-DVD machines to make Blu-Ray 1 layer discs.

I have the inside info, HD-DVD is dead.

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This is simply untrue
by js1013 / July 26, 2007 6:03 AM PDT
In reply to: HD-DVD is dead.

HD DVD features have far surpassed anything on BluRay

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by ns387241 / November 22, 2007 11:53 AM PST
In reply to: This is simply untrue

Look at BD Pofile 1.1...
What was that you were claiming?

Get a PS3. For about $400, you get the internet via Wi-fi, a killer gaming system, and the best BD player on the market (this side of $1,500.00) that updates itself automatically via Wi-fi. To even start with internet connectivity on 360, it costs extra, plus another 200 for the HD drive. Beat that HD!

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inside info wrong
by fatty420 / July 26, 2007 2:35 PM PDT
In reply to: HD-DVD is dead.

whoever told u studios r not doing hd-dvd u r wrong cause its just the opposite they r giving more dual releases cause I know 1st hand since I work for a company who makes dvds for both formats & also sorry but hd-dvd does have the more advanced & new tech. not the 10yrold tech. blu ray use so it can rip u off just like ps3 amazing that it will be 499 b4 sept when less than a yr ago it was 699 what a rip off

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Blu Ray, Price.

I'd only buy a new Blu-Ray player if the price comes down to less than $300. Anything more is just too much to pay for just a HD experience.

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by vanquished...again / July 25, 2007 2:07 PM PDT
In reply to: Blu Ray, Price.

Its expected that by Christmas this year.
The Blu-Ray players will be $300.000

I think thats very reasonable, especially since its your only choice for HD format...

I'd just get a PS3, for $500 dollars you basically get a kick a$$ computer.

That you can use on your TV.

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Quality and DVD titles..... they go....
by Rollbar / July 31, 2007 2:19 AM PDT
In reply to: Wait

hand in hand I think.

I expect the quality, I want more titles. Price is important but experience tells me as long as I am satisfied with a product, I quickly forget how much I paid. It's when I'm disappointed with the performance of a product I feel cheated regardless of what I paid.


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I'm with you Garry
by nevido / July 31, 2007 11:02 PM PDT

I was very surprised that most people picked price over quality... wait a second, that's what happened with Beta!
Like cell phones I'm sure HD players will get jammed with added features that some people will never use, but for me I'll put my money on core quality, not bells and whistles.
OK, so I bought a PS3 which you could say contradicts my earlier statement, but it was the BluRay that clinched my console purchase, not the other way around.

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My reason: Other

The one thing that would push me to get a Hi-Def home movie system would be if my DVD player broke, and if they didn't come out with a reasonably priced HD/BluRay combo deck, I'd get HD-DVD. As it is, you can get HD-DVD's that will play in any DVD player, so those will be my choice of format whenever I buy movies. Actually, it might not be a bad idea if they replaced all standard DVD's with them, that way people can build a collection before they have to buy the player. So then, if and when my trusty DVD player breaks down, I'll just go out and buy that HD-DVD deck or combo if it's available and enjoy the movies I've enjoyed all along with a nicer picture. You just can't go wrong with that can you?

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Title Selection + Hardware = Value

I dont care about added features. I just want to drop in the disk and see the movie start within ten seconds. Price is important but content is more important. Right now the only one movie coming out on Blu-Ray that I want to see is 300. (and that is coming to HD-DVD as well.) The other problem is the players suck. They take forever to start up and load, and then they freeze up. They are also picky about what files they will play. Forget about playing an mpeg file of your kids from your digicam, you are still going to need a standard player for that. If you want to know much they players suck, swing by Best Buy and take a look at all the returned thousand dollar player they have from six months ago.

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No plan to upgrade DVD player for quite a while

Why won't I upgrade to a high definition DVD player in the near future? 'Cuz my current regular DVD player is doing just fine. And won't that actually be the most common reason those who stick with the status quo do so?

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Content + popularity = HD winner
by rjona1 / July 26, 2007 1:08 AM PDT

Eventually, everybody will switch a HD player because we are replacing our crt tv with HD LCD tv. And dvds don't look good on LCD tvs or at least the HD dvd or Blu ray will be infinitely better. And once you see the better picture quality, you have to upgrade. That is how the vhs was replace by the dvd.
So unless you're not upgrading your tv soon, your old dvd player will be fine for now

So who is winning? The one with the most players sold and/or the one with most (good) titles. And right now, that would be the Blu ray because of the all the PS3 sold and with the good titles around spread around evenly with many studios hedging their bets , creating titles for both hd dvd & blu ray

I hope the format wars end soon or we'll be downloading our movies instead of buying disks

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I don't plan to switch any time soon
by softwarecritic / July 26, 2007 12:09 PM PDT

My Samsung Progressive Scan works just fine on my old analog tv set.
I only use it to watch movies and don't care is I miss any 'thrilling special effects'. Beside that, my visual acuity is slowing down as age creeps up.

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The quality of the original transfer is what matters

I would consider a dual format player priced at $100.00
The quality of the original transfer is what matters. A high definition transfer of a classic film will be limited by the source. The quality of standard DVD?s is high enough. After collecting tapes, then Laser discs, now DVD?s only, I only collect DVD?s of small art house films that are not shown on cable and may never be transferred to HD or Blu-Ray.
Now that NetFlix rents HD or Blu-Ray DVD?s why buy, except for your absolute favorites.

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by pc monitor / July 25, 2007 11:38 PM PDT

Price, bought one with the X Box for 200 bucks and a free movie, picture looks great on the 57" 1080dlp set. Also, I wasn't forced into it like Sony does with their game system nor into any copyright protection garb. You can store and read information in HD on regular DVDs too.

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I already own a blu ray player, that is a PS3, and am already building my blu ray library, hd dvd will be go the way of Divx, besides for pc storage blu ray is the way to go....

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Bang for buck

I think that there are 2 factors that will have to come together to make the mass majority of people upgrade to a hi-def player...Price and A/V quality. But instead of thinking of them differently people will have to feel that the extra cost of a hi-def player and the more expensive movies will be worth the enhanced viewing experience. Currently a large majority of the public doesnt have an hdtv and those that do probably only have 720p so the visuals of hd dvd or blu ray wont be that much more impressive than the quality of an upconverted dvd. So most people probably wont feel that the little gain in quality is worth the high cost compared to dvd. But as the prices of 1080p tvs drops and they are put in more houses and the hi def players decrease in cost it may lead to more people upgrading.

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When the price for NEW machines breaks $200 bucks, maybe...
by JeffAHayes / July 25, 2007 4:04 PM PDT
In reply to: Bang for buck

I'd BEEN thinking from the beginning that Blu-Ray was better, probablly largely due to a lot of VERY GOOD P.R. early on by the Blu-Ray association, combined with the fact that for the first year or so, none of the HD-DVD players had outputs greater than 720P/1080i (even though many of the movies DID).

Of course all the NEWER HD-DVD movies and players support full 1080P (although there are still "discounted" HD-DVD PLAYERS from the "last generation" that aren't 1080P -- this is an ISSUE for me, even though I have NO plans to buy a 1080P TV for anything approaching the near future, just BECAUSE...).

HOWEVER, the fact that Sony has just come out with a BRAND NEW Blu-Ray player whose SOLE "new feature," so far as I can tell, is that it's exactly HALF the price of the old one, at $499, tells me the lower prices of HD-DVD MUST be having a painful impact on Blu-Ray sales.

Flipside, HD-DVD DOESN'T have as much studio support, with Universal being the ONLY studio releasing ONLY in HD-DVD, yet Blockbuster Video JUST ANNOUNCED a day or two ago that THEY'RE leaning towards Blu-Ray rentals over HD-DVD because "that's where the demand is." (I'm thinking it's more like maybe that's where the under-the-table DEAL is). HOWEVER (and I REALLY CAN'T KEEP UP), but I could've SWORN Blockbuster was part of the SAME MEGALOPOLY that includes NBC-Universal-RCA, with RCA being one of the FEW BRANDS of HD-DVD players available other than Toshiba (all likely MADE by Toshiba)... If that IS the case, then Blockbuster is talking about carrying the format that COMPETES with its business interests (but then that JUST COULD BE to avoid implications of antitrust violations if they ARE part of the Universal "family," and I'm NOT sure on that, just thought they were).

All the folks I've talked to at Best Buy seem to think the advent of the first dual-player machine by LG a few months back means this format competition will become a NON-issue, just as DVD+R and DVD-R became a NON-issue when those two formats were integrated a few years ago... Yet I BELIEVE there's a bigger difference between these two formats than there was between those, so it's hard to say, and I guess only time will tell.

In the end, I guess those consumers who have the patience to wait and let the dust settle DO win out... But all the early adopters, well, some of them end up paying through the nose, and many of them risk ending up with a DEAD platform, like VHS, Videodisk, RCA videodisk, and so much more that's come "down the pike" through the years.

Time WILL TELL, I guess,

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It's Betamax vs. VHS all over again

The real reason Sony lost the Video Tape wars in the 80's was their stubborn attitude towards licensing their technology to other manufacturers. VHS players were quickly available from dozens of makers. That is what is happening now. Sony's only "out" on this that might make them successful is their exclusive relationship with the studios, and inclusion of Blu-Ray with the Playstation 3. But at the same time, this places the machines at a higher price level, out of the budget of the average family (witness Sony's alienation of PlayStation gamers, who have bought Nintendo's Wii and the XBox 360 in larger numbers, just to push the "Blu Ray" feature). The Betamax was superior, I think the Blu Ray is superior in many ways. But unless Sony gets its head out of its nether regions, the result will be the same.

As for buying one or the other, I agree with some others. Until they are WELL below $200, its all moot. I have a cheap, $30 Zenith DVD player in my bedroom, with progressive scan. With the 20" LCD flat screen, it has an excellent picture. In the livingroom, on the 29" CRT TV, 4 years old, my DVD player is my PlayStation 2. That too works excellently. Unless I were at techno-geek and just had to have the latest gadget right now, I'd wait. My cheap DVD player, 10 years ago, would have cost $900... without Progressive Scan.

So let's get real and wait... and prod Sony out of their dark spot.

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Already got one

I got a bluray player purely because it's built in to the PS3. Sorry X-Box enthusiasts, but the XBox is just too ugly. I had the PS3 connected by scart initially and then got a HDMI cable and was amazed at the difference in picture quality. I'm not usually that bothered by these things but would definitely recommend the PS3 as a cheap player.

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