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Poll: Where do you mostly buy your computers or computer hardware?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / March 18, 2011 8:56 AM PDT

Where do you mostly buy your computers or computer hardware?

-- Online store. (Any particular one?)
-- Big-box retail store (Best Buy, Fry's, Staples...). (Any particular one?)
-- Local computer store. (Go ahead and mention them in discussion.)
-- Face to face with others, via classified ads. (How has that worked out?)
-- Other. (What is it?)

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by tedtks / March 18, 2011 10:18 AM PDT

I have always purchased the components and built my own
from either mail order in the 80's and now online.
the only pc I ever bought was a comadore 64. sort of
started the whole thing. quite the snowball !?!

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It seems like local retailers take to long to get new products in, so when buying a computer, I'm normally forced to order online. I usually consider Amazon.com, SonyStyle.com, or Dynamism.com. When buying a Mac, Apple's website of course, or maybe ColorwarePC.com. The local Apple and Sony Style stores do an ok job at carrying most models in many configurations; however, there's sometimes when they don't - for example, Apple doesn't carry the 1.6GHz, 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM 11" Air at the store.

When buying computer parts or accessories, I normally depend on Newegg.com, Amazon, OWC, or the local MicroCenter. As much as I like MicroCenter, they often times don't carry the "best" computer parts, and if they do, they tend to be overpriced - which in that case, I can wait for Newegg's 3 day shipping (which is often free) or take advantage of my Amazon Prime membership.

...sorry, but I'm very picky with computer stuff, and local stores just don't seem to have what I want. At times what I want isn't available in the US, and that's when Dynamism or Ebay come into the picture.

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Where I buy my computers/hardware.

I like Staples. I've shopped them frequently and watched the sales. The HP laptop I am using I purchased over a year ago. A great price and a good price on a printer. I will buy when the present model is being replaced with newer/faster model. I buy the present model on sale. They also have a great return policy.
I bought a Compac laptop in 2002. It was an open box sale at Office Depot. Someone had returned it. I found later the 3 in. floppy drive was broken and I contacted Compac. They sent a box for me to ship the laptop. The turn around was extremely quick -4 days. The old laptop still works! If you can wait for it to do anything. But it works. Since then I have special ordered a Dell laptop from AAFES (Army & Air Force Exchange). The hard drive quit on it after 6 years. Hoping the HP will hold up!

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75% online

NewEgg or Tiger Direct are my main sources. Great prices and fast delivery on all the latest tech. Very hard to beat them.

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I mostly buy online

I get most of my parts and peripherals from Tiger Direct or New Egg. I shop the sales looking for the best prices. Both are excellent to deal with. I've had no problems with either one. I've built this computer and upgraded it continuously in the last year and will probably finish the entire system next winter. I'm putting together a quad core media center with WiFi net to stream HD audio and video from the computer in the bedroom to the living room. I've spent half what it would have cost to buy it outright, on sale, from anywhere.

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by dolbyg / March 18, 2011 10:48 AM PDT

I bought my last 2 computers through this website on the cheap. They gather used computers from companies that went belly-up or upgraded. They clean the hard drive and sell them again.

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Where do I buy hardware?

The last year or so I've bought online from CompUSA (which is Tiger Direct by another name - the same parent company owns both). The prices are great, shipping is fast, the reviews are valuable, and they take all credit cards and PayPal. I've been quite satisfied with them.

Don, y'all

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Retail Stores

When I buy a new computer I always buy one from either Harvey Norman or The Good Guys. Why? Because I can always purchase an extra 4 - 5 year warranty. Some people believe that the extra warranty is useless but I have had to use the warranty after the normal expiry period on different items and it has been quite useful. Even so, if the new computer does "collapse" on you just before the normal expiry period, you can at least take it back. Retail stores for me anyday!

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Computer Warranty
by Zeppo / March 18, 2011 11:48 AM PDT
In reply to: Retail Stores

Well, the warranty depends on your personal ability to fix your computer, and whether or not it is a laptop.

I would purchase a warranty on a laptop, as about the only components I could replace on them is RAM and hard drive. Anything else goes wrong, I would have to have a pro fix it.

However, I never buy a warranty on a desktop - I can fix or replace all components on them.

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Retail Stores or online
by mariegarden / March 18, 2011 1:56 PM PDT
In reply to: Retail Stores

Last computer was a Samsung R780 which I really love from Good Guys (Australia) at a good price after looking for 10 weeks. Previously have got online from Dell mostly but after having a fusspot one decided wanted to feel the laptop keyboard and set out and especially IF IT FELT VERY HOT!!

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Computers and Computer Hardware
by Zeppo / March 18, 2011 11:42 AM PDT

I buy almost all my computer hardware and external components (printer, scanners, hard drives, etc.) from NewEgg.com. I buy pre-built computers from Dell.com.

I've built computers in the past but find that Dell's line of XPS computers are very good, very reliable and offer the latest Intel processors.

NewEgg.com is simply the best online store to buy from, as they even allow no interest for up to a year on bigger items - a service I've used a couple times now. Paid off my HDTV once and an A/V with speakers the second time within the allowed 12 months. Many times they offer free shipping on items, special discounts to regular customers, and almost always the lowest prices when compared to other online vendors, and since they do not have a presence in my state, I pay no sale tax. (Amazon.com is another good place to buy but since they do have a presence in my state, I always have to play sales tax when I order from them, so my items cost me more then from NewEgg.)

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Comuter & hardware

Self build via online, like most who answered 'other'. Laptops & netbooks I just pick up on-line or locally if the price is fair. I always try to give the local shops my business, but it doesn't always work out.
I have my select few places I do business with (cyber, compuV +), & those I never will again (the egg place, tiger).

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I have had really good luck with Staples. My first PC had something wrong with it and they gave me a new one. Their support people in the store are always nice and willing to answer questions. I had a printer go bad and they gave me a new one of those. I am not a tech wiz so I appreciate their willingness to make it right.

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Where do I buy my computers?

I always have my computers built for me by my local guru so I can change or upgrade without spending a lot. Always happy with the results.

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A mix of places for a build-your-own. I <3 living in Sn Jose

Two local stores are within shouting distance of each other in Santa Clara - Central Computer and Pixel USA. Both have up to date web sites that simplify shopping. I've had good success seeing what Pixel specs out as an advanced system and use that as the base. Central & Frys have a real good selection of cases on display.

For drives pick the best bang for buck.

Video card variety is great at Frys. Just don't buy any return & repacked video card there - no matter how 'good' you feel about it.

If there are no good discounts on mouse or keyboard I'll go online. Stores must make more $$ on those than motherboards & CPUs.

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My favorite re-sellers

Most of the hardware that I've gotten in the past 15 years has come from either eBay or TigerDirect.com because they usually have had some unbelievably low prices.

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online store

i like newegg.com, or tiger direct

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Where do you mostly buy your computers or computer hardware

I build my own systems with hardware from Tiger Direct. Great prices, never had any problems, shipping and delivery is great and they have manuals and support online for every part they sell. Can't get better than that!

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In a local store

It is the safest and quickest way to be served!
I got my new PC, assembled with the hardware and software(from processor, RAM, HD's,.... up to the case)I wanted in a couple of weeks and all this with two years of warrant.
I had two HD's (WD15EARS, don't buy them for heavy use !)with bad sectors, one after 3 weeks, one after almost 5 months. They were replaced and build in at no cost in twenty minutes.
Last week my power supply (Corsair 850W TX) had blown up,I went to the store with my PC and after one hour and a half I was reconnecting my system at home....
This is not possible with online stores and even if I have paid a (little) bit more (I checked prices and read reviews on internet before the purchase) this service has been worth the money, don't you think?

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Computer Hardware aquisition
by dayman / March 18, 2011 7:05 PM PDT

Get most of what I need on Auction sites.
If I am buying new 'bits' I normally shop around online, usually finding ebuyer are best as they normally offer free delivery, and are quick and reliable.

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I shop where ever I can get a bargain,
by ahtoi / March 18, 2011 7:12 PM PDT

be it Fry's, Mwave (store very near me), or even Amazon sometime.

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(NT) Mostly on line
by HisSon1 / March 18, 2011 10:48 PM PDT
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Where I buy my computers

I buy my computers and peripherals from Imaginet Computers in Bristol, Connecticut. Andy has been repairing computers for over 20 years and also been installing networks in both residential and corporate settings for the last 15. He is equipped to run diagnostics on over 20 computers at a time with integrated server, so he can return your repaired computer in a timely manner. he has recently got into repair of LCD monitors and laptop displays. He has never steered me wrong and helps me manage my computer budget with his expert advice on what is a fad, or what might be an asset to my business and/or personal computer.

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Special Needs, Special Retailer

I am disabled,and unable to drive a car so I need a retailer that delivers, and offers a reliable warranty. That's why I chose, and continue to chose Dell. When ever I have a problem with my PC Dell comes to my rescue. Even now, when my computer is well out of warranty, Dell customer support will take control of my PC and fix any issue I have. As for hardware, when I was still under warranty, Dell came to my home, and resolved any issue I ever had. Dell is my computer hero, and where I will continue to buy my hardware from for a long, long time.
A very satisfied customer,
G. Bowes

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Computer Flea markets
by bcw142 / March 20, 2011 12:29 AM PDT

I got most of my current systems at Computer Flea markets, which could be considered Face to face but not via ads. Generally what I buy is Corporate cast-offs, used office systems from people that chase the latest thing. I did get a netbook with XP, but it died in under a year from unknown causes (totally dead, no Boot at all, just the power LED) online, so I'm not likely to do that again.

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Mostly online

Just this past week I ordered a case, motherboard, processor, heat sink. hard drive, ram graphics card, etc all from Newegg.com. They always have top tech and some of the best prices, many times low plus an offered manufacturer's rebate. I will continue to order from them as they have always been fast, convenient, and cheaper than most.

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Mostly online from Newegg
by VAPCMD / March 20, 2011 6:05 AM PDT

They've got good product selection, good product search engine, good product description with multiple PICs, links to the respective product mfg., competitive prices, reasonable shipping and product reviews by buyers and occasionally replies from the mfgs.


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big box
by cny123 / March 20, 2011 8:09 AM PDT

I am really bad. after doing much research and reviewing I am in too much of a hurry for the "I have a new toy" feeling to wait for the computer to come from Online.

for parts and accessorys I will order online.

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Computers and hardware

I bought my 1st system online since then I've been getting any system my friends are getting rid of and piecing new systems together out of there old ones.

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Dell, but interested in newegg and TigerDirect

Most of my computers have been Dell, ordered online. The one I'm using right now is nearly five years old. Since it's truckin' on, it obviously has quality components. But because of how long ago I bought it, I don't know if Dell still has the same level of quality control. I've been able to upgrade as needed (myself, no repair shops), and have never had to replace a broken part.

I made the mistake about seven years ago of buying an HP from a local store. I specifically asked the salesperson if the motherboard and video card were integrated, and he said they were not. I should not have taken his answer without fact-checking, but I was in that eager "new computer" mode and bought it on the spot, since he acted like he knew what he was talking about.

The specs were about the same as a Dell, and the HP was $200 less. Ultimately, the HP cost me much more than the Dell would have. It turned out the motherboard and video card were integrated, and I wanted to replace the video card. There were other problems with the HP, so I bought a new Dell computer much sooner than I would have had I only spent $200 more on the Dell.

This is not a cheerleader yell for Dell nor a knock against HP, since both companies could have changed their quality control by now, for better or worse.

Just please learn from my lesson: Don't trust what a salesperson in a store tells you. Do your own research. Don't get too quickly into the "new computer mode" and buy as eagerly as I did.

One thing I like about Dell is that they shipped the computer without junkware, but I had to request that by phone. I didn't want all that free software already installed and those free software offers, etc. The computer was pretty much naked except for the basics. Yay! No uninstalling all that junk when the computer arrived.

I'm curious about newegg and TigerDirect. They both sound great from what I've read in this thread. Will they ship without junkware?

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