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Poll: When I upgraded, I went from Windows XP to:

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / December 13, 2013 8:33 AM PST
When I upgraded, I went from Windows XP to:

-- Vista (Are you still on it?)
-- Windows 7 (Are you still on it?)
-- Windows 8 (Are you still on it?)
-- Mac OS (Are you still on it?)
-- Linux (Are you still on it?)
-- What upgrade? I'm still on XP.
-- I was never on Windows.
-- Other. (What is it?)

Click here to submit your poll vote:

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My 1st was to Vista, but I'm all on 7 & 8 now
by wpgwpg / December 13, 2013 9:33 AM PST

I have 5 home PCs. 2 desktops run Windows 7 Professional, laptop runs Windows 7 Pro. One test PC runs Vista and Windows 8.1 dual boot. The other test PC runs XP, Windows 7, and 8.1 triple boot. Ain't technology wunnerful! Grin I have Linux Ubuntu and Mint on DVDs and flash drives for use when needed.

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When I upgraded, I went from Windows XP to:
by exsencon / December 13, 2013 11:59 PM PST

I went from WinXP to Linux, I think it was in 2008 and I never regretted it. I have several Linuxes running on my desktop as well on my laptop in a multiboot configuration. I still have my ole WinXP and I don't intend to upgrade to Win7 or 8 as I suspect a lot of my software that's running quite well wih XP won't do so with Win7 or 8 and I hate to change everything again. Anyway Linux is my main OS and I am happy with it.

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When I upgraded, I went from Windows XP to
by newshoes / December 13, 2013 10:23 AM PST

I was told years ago, never upgrade to the next Windows until SP1 came out.... I took it a step further, I stay one behind the curve.... I'm on Windows 7 now. When whatever new model shows up after 8.1 that's when I will move up to 8.1:)

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Uprading from Windows XP
by hjrich / December 13, 2013 10:25 AM PST

I have used Windows XP for years. A couple of years back I set it up to dual boot Umbutu.This gave me the best of both worlds. When I bought an upgrade computer It came with Vista. I never had the problems that so many people had with the operating system. When I bought my notebook computer it came with Win 7. I loved it and thought Microsoft had improved on the ability and reliability of the other systems.

I installed Win 8 on the notebook, but hated the learning curve so bad I removed it immediately. Later I was able to obtain an older HP laptop with no operating system on it. I figured, what the heck, I had Win 8. I might as well put it on that computer. Then I upgraded it to Win 8.1 and loaded the free start menu program. Now I actually love it.

At 68 I just keep on learning that change is not always a bad thing and it is a good thing to keep up with the times. Now I have had every system Microsoft has put out and learned to use all of them. Basically I have four computers using five different operating systems and have no major problems with any of them. I would suggest that anyone thinking about upgrading their computer to a new operating system to "go for it" and keep an open mind. It just adds to the enjoyment of new technology. It has worked for me.

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Congratulations on your confidence...
by Kostagh / December 14, 2013 5:53 AM PST

...however, I doubt that you have a lot of old programs that were initially designed for Win98 that still run on your XP machine as i do. I even have older programs, for MS-DOS. And I don't intend on giving them up. If at all, I'll configure one of my spare machines as a Linux proxy and do the antivirus scanning on it. No. I won't give up the XP. Probably not ever. I do have a newer (2010) Win 7 machine. It simply gathers dust. I don't like the eye candy and the excessive hassle of Win7 security. I know my way around WinXP perfectly. Why should I buy a car with the brake pedal on the right and a joystick instead of a wheel? I like the way my computer runs (it was assembled in the end of 2005) and will stick to it until it dies. And when it does so, eventually, I'll probably move the whole installation to a newer machine. Nope. XP's for me. :)) By the way! I'm 52.

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Old programs
by alias Winston Smith / December 15, 2013 4:18 AM PST

I still use some features from Win 98 programs
I use Photoshop 4.0 to add text to pictures for instructional purpose
Lotus 'Smart Suit 97', has a few things I still use
I don't need anything newer with 'feature's' I'll never use.
Upgrades to Office 2007 few years ago because Office 97 wasn't supported (never used 90% or more of it's 'features')
I've found GIMP, Open Office and LIBRA Office covers everything I need to do
I also have some programs that NEED Win 95 to work.(they are a bit sketchy on Win 98 for some reason?)
I'm not a Luddite, these things are NO LONGER AVAILABLE ANYWHERE AT ANY COST
BTW, I'm 56 (and a half Laugh )

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Forgot to answer question
by alias Winston Smith / February 14, 2014 11:31 AM PST
In reply to: Old programs

...................I'm 'upgrading' to Linux, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to be exact Cool

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Moved from XP to Vista
by Ron Geiken / December 13, 2013 10:32 AM PST

I bought a new computer 6 years ago and W7 wasn't out yet and had to move to Vista. I have been using W7 on 2 different computers for three years now. Vista was an Interim for me. Moved to W7 shortly after it was out. Bought my latest computer, a W7 Lenovo Desktop with an i7 processor and 8 gig of ram. Still runs like brand new since I make sure I use all the clean up tools that I can. This computer after 3 years is better than any other computer that I have had at 3 years, in fact it is the best computer that I have ever owned, and have it all gussied up with lots of useful gadgets. I also have a Lenovo Laptop with W7, an i7 processor and 6 gig of ram that I can press into service as a backup whenever I have to. I can use either one of them and happy to have such a powerful back up computer.

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LOVE 8.1
by Meezer123 / December 13, 2013 10:47 AM PST

The caveat is you MUST buy touch screen. Working on older (obsolete!!!) OS systems now drives me crazy.
The learning curve (keep in mind I'm on Social Insecurity) took me 2 hours and 8 was literally reading my mind.
Anyone who hates 8 is either a luddite, an idiot fan-boy or not working on a decent touch screen product.

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Luddite here
by James Denison / January 1, 2014 9:39 PM PST
In reply to: LOVE 8.1

Moved to Linux. Watching people messing around on tablets is about the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, LOL. Reminds me of someone doing math on an abacus. Looks like kids playing with food in their plate.

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When I upgraded XP I went to 7
by pebarefoot / December 13, 2013 10:52 AM PST

I upgrade my desktop to 7 Pro 64 bit last spring. I recently bought a refurbished Lenovo ThinkPad SL410 with 7 Pro 32 bit. I intend to stick with 7 until 9, or whatever MS calls it, is out with the SP1 included. Or I may just dump Windows for Linux Mint.

I'll be upgrading my desktop to a 4+ ghz AMD quad-core, new MoBo with 6gbs Sata and USB 3.0 and 8gb 2130 mhz RAM sometime next summer. I'll use the 6 month old WD 1tb HDD with 7 Pro 64 bit in it in the new desktop. That should keep me happy for a number of years.

BTW, I recently lost my vision and now use a screen reader and keyboard shortcuts to operate my computer. Cool

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I went with Win 7 ONLY because that's all there was!!
by feduchin / December 13, 2013 11:10 AM PST

I'm 72. All right, that's not 82, but is that a reason to go for semi-obsolescence?
Don't waste time, Win 8.1 is faster that anything preceding it, it loads and unloads faster and it's more responsive.
Why on earth bother with earlier stuff??

I used Win XP SP3: It was great.
I upgraded to Win 7 pro. It was great too! And faster. And more reliable.
I upgrade to Win 8. It was great too! And faster. And more reliable.
I upgraded to 8.1. It was great too! And faster. And more reliable!!
Don't footle about with old operating systems, the newer ones are nearly always better (apart from Vista...)

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by alias Winston Smith / December 15, 2013 4:23 AM PST

I'm pretty sure your confusing really fast hardware with slow programming (Win 7 ~ 8 ~ 8.1)
Computer is much faster because it's newer, the operating system is slowing it down
I'm not a programmer or even a computer 'geek', can anyone tell me how an extra 400 (? - just a guess) million lines of code speeds things up?

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Long time Windows user went to Mac at age 75
by BeachBumJ / December 13, 2013 2:00 PM PST

I go back to DOS and 5-1/4 inch floppys thru Windows XP on a desktop and a laptop and Vista on the wife's desktop. Three years ago, at age 75, we moved to Mac Pro laptops and iMac 27 desktop. Best computer decisions I ever made. I could run Office on Mac with a crossover program but WHY...there is a very inexpensive Open Source program that models Office excellently.

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LibreOffice, right...
by Kostagh / December 14, 2013 5:55 AM PST

... with some of the visual appearance and very few of the high end features of MS Office. Not for me, sorry!

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A few missing choices, Lee.
by mijcar / December 13, 2013 2:03 PM PST

When I upgraded from Win XP, I ...
... went to Vista on one machine (took me 18 months because of all the bad rep). I kind of liked it.
... went to Win 7 on two machines and loved it.
... went to Win 8 on a portable hold-out. I did it just because the darn thing told me I shouldn't (for sake of screen size and tile issues) and I wanted to see how it would work if I could force it to happen. It worked just fine.

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My ancient XP is still hanging on!
by mcm10 / December 13, 2013 2:37 PM PST

Maybe I'm still with XP 'cause my laptop is now 7.5 years old (Dell Inspiron 1505) and that's what it came with! Well, I did upgrade to XP Pro at some point. Amazed that XP took second (at the moment - Vista close behind!? Yikes) behind 7, and 8/8.1 trailing in 4th place! What a bunch of cave dwellers we are! However, I will be switching soon, probably to 8.1 unless some great laptop deal comes along that just happens to have 7 -- definitely will go with a touchscreen if it has 8.x. Only way to go.

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When I upgraded from Windows XP, I left Microsoft for good.
by Be-Ge / December 13, 2013 5:20 PM PST

Now extremely happy user of Linux Lite. Works better than Windows XP ever did and Windows 7 and ever will. Yes, I have tried them both and they are overpriced, bloated, resource hugging pieces of software that caused my machines to constantly hang. Now I have installed Linux Lite even on a 9 year old machine and it runs faster than it ever did with Windows XP when it was new.
Never look back, as for Microsoft I only have to say one thing; those who fall behind are left behind. Goodbye forever.

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I have no choice but to stay with XP
by skycatcher / December 13, 2013 6:44 PM PST

Both myself and my girlfriend are using old PCs which cannot handle any OS above XP (or XP Pro in our case). We are both on state pensions and don't stand a snowball's chance in hell of buying new PCs - and all the software to go with it. Neither of us have had any trouble with XP (until the latest Windows Update fiasco...!!!) and it does absolutely everything we require.

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Use Linux, it's free
by alias Winston Smith / December 15, 2013 4:31 AM PST

I have pretty much the same situation since I was laid off 2-1/2 yrs ago
Was very wary of using Linux but the new 'distro's' are real easy to use
I'm actually enjoying learning new system with a load of free software doing things I never previously considered (mainly due to cost of experimenting)
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is going to be supported until 2017 but I'm pretty sure I'll know enough by then to migrate everything to the 2018 version without any problems (if I can't I know someone will have a simple solution)
IBM are 'giving' Linux a BILLION dollars to develop further so things can only get easier

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Totally agree.
by Dafydd Forum moderator / December 15, 2013 4:37 AM PST
In reply to: Use Linux, it's free

People make much of the learning curve on Win 8. So does Linux, but it's free and is not so hard to learn.


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I Am Still Using Windows 2000
by GVrooman / December 13, 2013 7:57 PM PST

Why should I pay Microsoft money for an OS that forces me to reactivate it whenever I modify my hardware? Win2k has been through a few of motherboard swaps, and I have never had to call Microsoft and beg for an activation code.
A year or two ago Win2k began crashing whenever I encountered a web site that used Disqus. As Disqus became more popular, the crashes became more frequent. I began using Puppy Linux for web browsing, and it worked fine. Then I installed Windows Update Rollup 1 for Win2k, and it no longer crashes. A month ago I bought a copy of XP just to see what it was like. It turned out to be the most irritating OS that I have ever used, but I have never used Vista or anything newer. When Firefox 12 can no longer render pages accurately I will switch to Linux for web browsing, and use Win2k for offline activities such as listening to music, word processing, and playing old games.

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by James Denison / January 1, 2014 9:46 PM PST

I have an old computer with w2k on it and Avast AV still gets timely updates on it.

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Moved to vista,then to win 7
by cudles41 / December 13, 2013 9:34 PM PST

The only thing I miss about XP is the pinball game that came with it.
I have always been a pinball junky & was tickled to find it in windows when they disappeared from stores.
Microsoft should bring it back.

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Windows versions
by louberk / December 13, 2013 10:32 PM PST

I quickly left Vista for win 7 an big improvement, and now use win 8.1 allthough I boot directly to the desktop so in effect use it like win 7

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XP to 7 to 8.1
by rwscolari / December 13, 2013 10:55 PM PST

I've been using computers since the DOS days and have worked with most of Windows flavors. While there is a learning curve with 8/8.1, adding classic shell solves most issues. I agree with the posters that a person should go with the latest OS. I grant the 8/8.1 is a work in progress and that it will continue to be improved. I've found it to be very stable, great boot up/shut down times and overall an improvement over 7. I do run the pro version and have used the compatibility feature at times.

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Still on XP
by Hforman / December 14, 2013 2:12 AM PST

I hate to think that an OS which comes packaged with a PC needs to be replaced by an OS that you have to pay seperately for. I'm not rich, by any means, but I know there are probably a few people out there that just can't afford to spend the money on a new OS. Then there are other issues like, how do you keep your old programs and upgrade from XP to 8 or 8.1? I understand there is no "upgrade" from XP to Windows 7 or 8. You might as well format the drive and start fresh. We have software at work that ran fine on XP but would NOT run on Windows 7, especially, 64-bit. There is no rule that says "if it runs on XP it will run on Win 8". It all depends. Also, there is no guarantee that Windows 8 will run on hardware that was designed for XP or even Windows 2000.

My goal is to get a new computer before the deadline and then start adding all brand new software. I'm not sure I'm going to go with Windows 8 though. I've tried it. I don't like it but I found removing most of the "tiles"; is easier to do. I also prefer a mouse to a touch screen. At work, I'm on the PC at least 8-9 hours a day continuously and if I had to start picking my arm up off the desk.....

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I upgraded to multiple OS.
by echo_mike / December 14, 2013 6:25 AM PST

I went from XP to WIN7. I also use Linux (Mint, Olivia).
My main computer is a Macbook Pro (downgraded from Mavericks to Mountain Lion.
It is by far the most stable, and the most fun.

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LINUX of course. Thus insanity has gone on too long.
by jysk / December 14, 2013 3:01 PM PST

Yes, get out of the MS bondage! Download a copy of UBUNTU, try it out.What about Linux Mint. The choices are many.
Isn't it time to get out of that awful MS dependency, I would rather call bondage or salvery. When MS does what it does, - fases out usable programs like XP, and then starts up Vista which was a flop, then Win 7 and now Win 8 - and all the many editions of Office with constant modifications and refinements you never need or use,and the compatibility issues, and viruses (or viri) isn't time to dump MS? Grow up. Are you a dog on a leash? Don't use any extra effort with MS, just drop it ! There IS a viable alternative, which gets better all the time. LINUX and all the good programs which are free, which work, and are a pleasure to use . Need en Office, well you can chose between a couple, - some starters Open Office, or Libre Office, among others. Get out of the MS tyranny, try LINUX and all the variant "distros" that are available. Just remember Win 9,10 and 11 are also comming! Linux is free, is constantly upgraded, works, many many ancillary programs, uses less CPU power, can be run without installing, (has anyone seen a virus recently?) Get Linux for Life. Regards Mike H (Denmark)

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When I upgraded, I went from windows XP to:
by boojieman / December 14, 2013 10:08 PM PST

Vista; then to Win7; then to Win8, to 8.1. I'm an old codger (66) who began with a Vic 20, then Commodore 64, then A TRS 80 with a dot-matrix printer. Then to Windows 3.1. Wrote my own programs. Was in data processing for several years (COBOL, ASSEMBLER, a little FORTRAN). I absolutely HATE Win8. I don't like how Mocrosoft has forced me to conform to its little boxes. I listed my background only to show that I am not a novice-I have a basic understanding of how these contraptions operate. I loved XP and Win7 (except for security, but I understand why). Maybe I am dense, but I cannot figure Win8 out. I can't find things easily, have trouble maneuvering through it. I have a touchscreen, but prefer a mouse. I operate from the desktop screen-hate the Metro. I find that Microsoft has taken the old AOL approach--trying to force us to do it their way, or no way. I like more freedom. It appears to me that people who like Win8 best are people without a computer background, for the most part.

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