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Poll: Do you think Microsoft will ever bring back the Start button?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / March 12, 2013 9:48 AM PDT
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MS Sucks

I use XP and am very upset that one can not upgrade without wiping everything out and starting all over again with the programs you use. I want an upgrade that upgrades on the fly and adapts all the programs I am using and does not wipe out my data. I know one can back up data to another drive and then reload programs.

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MS doesn't care

My vote was "I don't care." And its because that has always been the attitude of MS. You do it their way or get the much more expensive Apple. It's just amazing that Win 7 was such a dream and so easy to use and they go and give you Win 8 which is an immense hassle. Nothing is familiar and you've got to re-learn everything. I will delay upgrading as long as possible before I spring for the 8.

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Wireless Problem
by tomncar / March 12, 2013 11:20 AM PDT
In reply to: MS doesn't care

Hi- Ive just bought a HP Laptop with W8 on it - evrything seemed fine but the wi-fi has dropped for some reason. To complicate matters further, this is for my wife's son, who goes back to Slovakia Friday. Can you help please? I (dont know if he has inadvertently switched it to flight mode or something)

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If sales don't pick up. But that's the least of their probs

I really don't care about the start button. I am however, disappointed about their decision to remove the "Manage Wireless Networks" tool. It just seems plain stupid that you can create hidden networks but once created you can't manage them (because they don't show up in the wireless networks list). You therefore have to either learn the command line method which only provides the options to see them, delete them and display the security key but not edit them or download third party tools which only show them to you but don't allow you to manipulate them.

Unless Microsoft brings this back I won't be going to Windows 8 with wireless being the dominant, growing method of networking.

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bosses at Microsloth are too stubborn to fix their mistake

I think the bosses at Microsloth are too stubborn to correct their huge Windoze 8 MUTRO chimps and toddlers interface even though it should be very easy to do. They are not capable of admitting mistakes.

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I don't care...

I don't care because regardless of whether they bring back the start button or not, I'm not putting that garbage bubble-gum interface on my computer.

I use a computer to do my WORK, and if the OS gets in the way of DOING MY WORK, it will be "a cold day" before I put it on my machine. And it REALLY ticks me off to have a software company try to dictate HOW I will use the computer; install a bunch of "features-in-search-of-an-application", render a bunch of my most-used programs and apps obsolete, and then try to convince me that they're doing it "for my own good."

I don't WANT pretty little blocks to a bunch of social apps I DO NOT USE, (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, ad nauseum) I want a clean, customizable desktop where I put the icons for the apps I use the most, and when I'm not using them, I still see a CLEAN, UNCLUTTERED desktop...

MicroGarbage doesn't want to give me a "Start" button? I don't care...because I'm not putting that garbage on my computer.

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I use a computer to do my WORK
by ChristsMan / March 13, 2013 12:21 PM PDT
In reply to: I don't care...

"I use a computer to do my WORK, and if the OS gets in the way of DOING MY WORK, it will be "a cold day" before I put it on my machine. And it REALLY ticks me off to have a software company try to dictate HOW I will use the computer; install a bunch of "features-in-search-of-an-application", render a bunch of my most-used programs and apps obsolete, and then try to convince me that they're doing it "for my own good."

WOW, you just described a Mac & Apple all in the same sentence.

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I use a computer to do my WORK
by Save_Me_from_my_Govt / March 23, 2013 12:11 AM PDT

If I'd wanted a Mac, I would have bought one by now. I've used the Mac/Apple stuff enough to know I don't like it, and don't want one.

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I don't Care, But........

Why all the whining about this or that. I've been using Win 8 since beta. If you want a start button use a program like Classic Shell. You get to choose XP or Win 7 or what ever your preference. My home-built PC does not have a touch screen & system boots right to the desk top. While I use dual boot Win 7 and 8 I enjoy the speed of the new OS. I also use Oracle virtual Box to run win XP for some legacy items. IT's all in what you want to do. Quit complaining and have some fun computing. If you want to do it you probably can & someone has a little add-on to make it so.

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"Buy a little add-on"?
by Save_Me_from_my_Govt / March 13, 2013 2:42 AM PDT

Why should I have to pay for an OS upgrade I don't want; that cripples my system; that renders most of my most-used apps obsolete; that obscures the functions I use the most....and then PAY some 3rd-party for a "little add-on" that restores the functionality I used to have...before MicroGarbage killed it and told me to "like it"????

Are you nuts?

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Start button is gone?

I upgrade my NB to Win8 pro since it release. After 2 days using I get used to its style.

As you mention here, I notice Start button is gone. I think maybe that's cus I rarely use start button in XP and Vista.

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No. They think that they know best.

Microsoft did really well with XP. It took them some time to get it some what hacker proof. But it worked well and did everything that I needed. Then came Vista, what a bomb. I got it and then nothing worked, no printer no scanner or fax machine, and it was slow as. Found the problem was drivers for the system. Couldn't get them as there is no money for the MOBO makers to write new drivers. Dumped it. Seven came out and I waited to see what happened. It was obviously better that Vista, but again no new drivers, unless I bought all new hardware. I know am sysadmin to a small charity group and there headquarters demanded they switch to 7. Now their computers are as slow as a wet wick, the reason NO NEW DRIVERS. And to do any thing you have got to wait for the wizard to fall over before you can fix anything. I had the 8 trial verson an a machine and it is usable, but very difficult to find thinngs, couldn't even turn it off. Found the answer when I hit the upper right corner to find the shut down, and again no drivers. I might consider up grading to 8 if I can set the system to boot to a legacy type desktop, else it will be a really big learning curve for Linux.

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They do not care
by bl14 / March 12, 2013 11:51 AM PDT

Microsoft has simply decided that we have to abandon the desktops and laptops and all switch to the idiotic tablets.
Instead of improving good old existing systems they will rather push this nonsense down our throats. Corporate rule.

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They do not care
by Wim_Damstra / March 12, 2013 8:43 PM PDT
In reply to: They do not care

Maybe the Microsoft programmers are too young or too old to understand that not everyone is happy with a computer that does not do what is has to do: making the daily job as easy as possible for computer users; in this way they will quickly loose the market and go through the drain, leaving the market to other and more understanding companies!

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No Windows 8 Start Menu.

It can be difficult for a large corporation like Microsoft to admit they made a mistake!!!! Even then, my W7 works so great that I wouldn't want to go through the hassle of updating to W8. Maybe W9 or the next version when it comes out. My update from XP to Vista to W7 was caused in each case by a new computer purchase. I have 2 Lenovo W7 computers currently. A Desktop and a Laptop. Both have an i7 processor and the desktop has 8 gig of ram and the Laptop has 6 gig. With this combo, I am set for the next few years likely. No W8 in my future. I can do everthing that I want to do with the W7 units. I have a Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 to use too, so I don't see any more Windows computers in my future for a few years or more. I think that Microsoft did such a good job with W7, that people are not prone to update since they don't see any value in the update.

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Why Windows 8?
by jthelw / March 12, 2013 12:07 PM PDT

There's nothing wrong with Windows 7. End of story for me.

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I'm with you....
by pocosdad / March 12, 2013 2:51 PM PDT
In reply to: Why Windows 8?

I also have Win 7 and it runs like a champ...and I have Aero, Media Center, Network management, start button, desktop gadgets...and I don't have to pay MS extra for any of them. I have an investment into my system, which I built, in both hardware and software and I see long term use in both.
To "upgrade" for the sake of upgrading and having the newest and latest reminds me of the old saying "you can tell who the pioneers are...they are the ones with arrows in their backs".

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Windows 8, Start Button

I think that they should make the start button part of the main page as it is on Windows 7, I know that you can get to it from the settings ,moving your mouse to the far right bottom of the screen, the thing is that no person wants to move from 1 screen to the other just to shut down, restart or sleep mode.
As far as Windows 8 goes it seems to be a good program so far and it does use more resources than that of Windows 7.
The only thing that I don't see is that Windows XP has run great and if it wasn't for all of the fix's and updates that are actually 50 times more than that of the original OS CD. (original 840mb, Now 6 gb) .
Windows 7 is good in my book but not a challenge when it came up against XP-PRO.
My guess is that you have to get acquainted with the program as we all got use to Windows XP for the past 12 years.
The problem here is the same with all and that is Virus's and Adware's getting through the firewall in Windows, so the thing is, if you are going to have internet access then the modern day phone, tablet and Televisions are going to have issues (Modern Day Cyber Crimes).

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Windows 8

I'm 70 years old and was nervous about buying a new computer with windows 8. I had heard that it was difficult to make the transition from older systems. I had used XP for several years. I'm not particularly computer savvy but I've had no problem adjusting. I've had my new computer for about 6 weeks now and I'm still learning things but its not been a problem.

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I'm 70 years old too...
by ilovenola2 / March 12, 2013 12:51 PM PDT
In reply to: Windows 8

...and I'll be damned if I'll play Microsoft's game any more! I liked XP and fought Vista on a friend's computer (he took it to get W7 when I refused to try to make his toy work with Vista anymore!) --- and when I obtained a Sony laptop about 16 months ago, it had W7. And it will continue to have W7. I will be damned if I'll pay Microsoft to allow me to "adjust."
No sale, fellers!!!!!

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I would not stop progress.
by shafiqkhan31 / March 14, 2013 11:35 PM PDT

I am a big bit older than you and have been using computers since early computer days. I am not sure if any of you remember Sinclair (In Britain) and the other BBC produced computers! Well I used them. The only thing I remember of that period is the exuberance, enthusiasm and welcome to the new devices. the commodore, and Allan Sugar's computer. They were very basic with 64 MB Ram or close.
Then the Windows 5. WOW. How could you not be overwhelmed by the fantastic progress. I can not remember using fountain pen ever ,which my grandchildren bought for my 78th. Birthday.
I remember my history. When the first railway line between Manchester to Liverpool was proposed, the MPs in the Parliament were concerned about the cows going off their yield. Not much different than the Motor car scenario, a chap with red flag had to walk in front.
Come on chaps, we have loads of choice, from free OS to expensive ones, thanks to the Microsoft we are where we are, choose something different.
I moved on from Windows 7 to Windows 8 some months since and never bothered about the issue of start or stop button. Leave the dam thing on all the time, besides you knew that before you bought it , if not ,Well. what is the problem?

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Are the people at Microsoft idiots?????????????????

I spent 30 years in the retail business, and in the past 8 months I have trained and worked on 89 computers, laptop and desktop. I am a real computer geek and my hobby is building super computers.

The reason for slow computers sales is not presentation or poor sales etiquette. It is an operating system (Win Cool that sets the laptop and desktop back twelve years to the days of Word perfect and the maze of key strokes to learn the system. While Word Perfect is not an operating system, it is the same principle. Who wants to learn key strokes when they could have had a START icon with everything they need on it.

Most of the people I work with can barely turn ON and OFF a computer with a Windows 7 operating system, much less maneuver through a clumsy Windows 8 operating system scheme.

When these new computers do start to sell, half the people who buy them will take them home, try to operate them, and finally end up taking them back to the retail store where purchased, because the operating system is just too complicated for them to learn. I have had calls where they can't even get to their Home page, their email, or on line.

There are a lot of good things in Windows 8, but the removal of the Start icon is not one of them. Microsoft has let the world electronics retail industry down, and will cost industry billions of dollars in retraining expense. Simply because they have tried to create an all purpose operating system to corner the market in smaller electronics devices. Wake up Microsoft and correct this situation while it is still early in the game.

SHAME ON YOU MICROSOFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Voted "Yes" but there should be a "I Hope So" category

I voted "yes", but I really have my doubts. What I needed was a voting option that read, "I doubt it but sincerely hope so".

I'm using Windows 8 in a dual-boot mode on both a VISTA machine and a Windows 7 machine. I've set my default boot to Windows 8 on both machines, and have forced myself to use 8 almost exclusively for a few months. I've never been a new OS basher--I've worked with Microsoft's operating systems since the early DOS days and have had (and been happy with) every version of Windows along the way. In fact, in contrast to so many Windows users, I never even had a gripe or a problem with VISTA. But I can't say the same about Windows 8, and it's only because of two things: 1) The loss of the option to boot straight to the traditional desktop and Start screen/menu setup--that's the deal-breaker for me. 2) The way the new search option works.

Touch screens hold no appeal whatsoever for me in either a desktop or a laptop environment and those are the environments where I spend most of my time and do all of my work. Don't get me wrong... I think touch-screens are great for things like smart phones and tablets, but please don't design an interface for mobile devices and force it on me in my laptop and desktop environments.

But do I think Microsoft cares about folks like me? I kind of doubt it. I'll hold off getting a new Windows 8 machine as long as possible in the hopes that Microsoft will appreciate and respond to the needs and desires of their desktop and laptop users, but I have a feeling it could be a long wait, and know that in the end, I have no real say in the matter.

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Do you think Microsoft will ever bring back the Start Button

I say no! If you miss the START Button just switch to the DESKTOP. I started using Windows 8 in Beta. Its was a real mess back then, and the Apps were very Spartan. Since then thing have come a long way. It took me a while to figure out that the MENU page is replacing the START Button. I have discovered a few other things about Windows 8 along the passing of time. Of which the missing Start button was the easiest to get used to. During Beta I had my DVD drivers, after the full version I had none! I purchased new ones for about $35.00, now there is an App costing about $15.00. I found that there are two very different versions of the Internet Explorer in Windows 8:
(1) one I call the App version and it caters to the media people that don't like computers users stealing their content, so cutting, pasting, enlarging, and shrinking doesn't work unless the media people allow it. I don't know why, I think maybe it is a web security thing, and the Adobe Flash Player doesn't work no matter what! (It drives me batty)
(2) two the DESKSTOP Version of the Internet Explorer acts just like the one in Windows 7, just like the one I have grown to love so much over the years. I tried loading Google's Chrome on Windows 8 and it worked for about a week before I got the famous "Windows Blue Screen of Death". I am lucky I had made Recovery Disks before, just rolling back the system didn't fix it, I had to wipe the hard drive and use those Recovery Disks. I have found a Google App that lets my do some of the Google domain, but again because it is an App the Flash Player doesn't work. My laptop used to be Windows 7 before I installed Windows 8, trust me It is remarkably faster reading email and surfing the web. Those are the only two things I care about speeding up on my computer and Windows 8 hits the mark for me.

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Yes, if they listen to their customers
by wpgwpg / March 12, 2013 12:42 PM PDT

Whether they listen to their customers remains to be seen, but I think they WILL pay attention to their revenues. If the sales of Windows 8 are poor enough, they'll listen. Otherwise they'll say things like "people are resistant to change", "you just have to get used to the new innovations", and "when everybody has touchscreens they'll like it better" like they did during the pre-release days. The comments in the forum for Windows 8 were similar to what we see here. I got the impression then MS seemed to believe they were in some kind of mission from God and they said "no compromises". Personally I think their management is out of touch. As a publicly traded company though they must answer to the stock holders who pay great attention to sales and profits. Everything I've read and heard says Windows 8 sales have been sluggish. In the last year the stock market has gone up significantly while the MS stock has gone down around 10%. If that continues like I believe it will, they will eventually have to bring the start button back. In the mean time all I can say is thank goodness for Classic Start and Start8 which make Windows 8 very much like prior versions of Windows (minus the desktop games, XP Mode, and a few other things). I think we'll all be watching closely to see what they put in Windows 9.

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Windows 8 Start Button

Microsoft does what Microsoft want to do whith out regard to it`s users.
I like windows 8 and the NEW start button is at the bottom left of the screen.
I don`t like that windows 8 does not support POP 3 mail. Also the send mail by
Page/Link is grayed out. I know thier is a work around but it is crazy that microsoft
would change this. To many steps to send link/page by mail.

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Windows 8 does support
by orlbuckeye / March 12, 2013 10:27 PM PDT
In reply to: Windows 8 Start Button

Pop Mail servers email clients. The Metro mail app doesn't support it but there is Outlook, Windows Live and Thunderbird you can install as desktop apps. I use Windows Live Mail and I have a shortcut in my taskbar on the desktop. It also can be run from metro.

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I'm stuck back in XP mode. I have a computer with Vista, but it is in many ways a pain. It's like when they thought they were improving things by radically modifying Office. The difference between Office 2002 and Office 2007 is so far out there, that after all these years TRYING to use the /07 version on my Vista laptop, I get so frustrated that I shut it down and revert to my 2002 XP desktop with Word 2002. Why would they expect the bulk of users to be sophisticated and professionally trained enough to leap to Windows 8?

Microsoft needs to come back to earth. Apple learned how to expand on an idea without tossing out the baby. I and a lot of people liked the leap from Windows 95 to XP. Not everyone is a cyber engineer, and somewhere beyond XP Microsoft lost track of that. Now the behemoth is forsaking us all and shutting down support for XP, the one great engineering success story they ever had. I don't think the present crew there has the hutspah or blessing of Bill's descendant management to reactivate what they believe to be ancient history, such as the Start button.

My next computer will be an Apple.

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The bottom line will always be sales..

If people are reluctant to purchase a new computer that has Windows 8 OS Microsoft may have to rethink it or add an option to run it in another mode.

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NO, don't need a start button.

It is just fine the way it is. Windows 8 is extremely fast and it does everything windows 7 does and more. I like the live tiles and the way it interfaces with all my devices.

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