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Poll: Are you getting the Nintendo 'Wii Fit'?

by Lee Koo (ADMIN) CNET staff/forum admin / May 22, 2008 3:30 AM PDT

Are you getting the Nintendo 'Wii Fit'?

Yes. (What?s your reason for getting it?)
No. (Why not?)
Maybe. (What?s stopping you?)
I will get it as soon as I get my hands on Wii. (Good luck!)
I?m already getting fit using it. (How do you like it?)
What the heck is it?

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Love it!
by Dr. Zoltar / May 22, 2008 6:34 AM PDT

I love it. My wife loves it. We are both using it to get in shape and lose weight. We played with it for about an hour last night and it was fun. I consider the WiiFit another positive major change in the gaming world -- Much like the Wii controler was when it first came out. Nintendo deserves major kudos for this.

And for the record, I was never a big Nintendo fan until the Wii won me over.

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i am curious
by wow_gold / April 17, 2010 2:31 PM PDT
In reply to: Love it!
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It is quite a workout
by docsyfert / May 22, 2008 6:36 AM PDT

I got my Wii Fit last night and my son and I stayed up till 2am doing ski jumps. I am sure it is going to make a dent in my exercise regimine. Our legs ached after spending several hours playing all the different types of balance and strength exercises.

My hats off to Nintendo for making game playing highly interactive and with a physical pun intended!

Dr. Tim

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The Wii Fit is great
by Fabfluteplyr / May 22, 2008 6:38 AM PDT

I received my Wii Fit yesterday and I have used it last night and this morning. I have not had a chance to try everything. I am 46 years old and I think this is fantastic! I have tried something from each of the categories: yoga, balance, strength training and aerobics. Tracking the BMI and weight seems pretty accurate so far. The tips were good. The board is really sensitive for doing any of the balancing. I was trying the slalom and slight changes in your weight can really make changes. I know it will take some work on my part but isn't that the idea? This is actually the first time I have found exercising to become fun.

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by stanleypatkan / May 22, 2008 6:39 AM PDT

I work out at the gym for less.

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Wii fit a wii bit too expensive and fake
by Gack / May 22, 2008 6:46 AM PDT

Seriously, do you really need to get a wii and wii fit to stay in shape? How about taking a walk or jog? Its all free! And what ever happned to playing real sports?

Guitar hero gives people the illusion that they are good at playing guitar and now wii fit gives lazy bums the impression they are working out. Whats next?

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No thanks. PS2 fan here!
by mrkillerman / May 22, 2008 12:38 PM PDT

No need to buy a Wii or Wii fit. I walk/run and have changed my diet slightly. Next month I'm gonna try drinking hot liquid only and no cold food/drink for a month. I hear that this puts air in your system.

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Exactly why Wii Fit is good
by 3rdalbum / May 24, 2008 4:45 PM PDT

<<I walk/run and have changed my diet slightly. Next month I'm gonna try drinking hot liquid only and no cold food/drink for a month. I hear that this puts air in your system.>>

First reason why some people need Wii Fit: Walking and running are good excercise, but running involves hard impact and walking can be impractical when it's stormy outside (as it was last night when I played Wii Fit).

Re "this puts air in your system": That's another good thing about Wii Fit. It actually gives you real health information, not fad diet fakeness. I mean really, hot drinks put air into your system? How on earth does it put the air in, where does this air go, and how does that help?

Wii Fit also helps with balance. I discovered that my centre of gravity is too far back, and this is causing my heels to hurt. I'm slowly... very slowly... beginning to stand more evenly due to the Wii Fit balance games.

I'm very impressed with Wii Fit. If you haven't actually used it, you can't really judge how much of a health title it really is.

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Yes, I do need a wii fit
by nitab1 / May 22, 2008 11:48 PM PDT

Because of both patellar tendons growing the wrong way & damaging the knees before they were chiseled free & moved to the correct positions in my early 20's, I've had to have one knee replaced & the other will need it at some point.

I'm overweight now, that comes from not being able to even go up or down stairs for 2 years, etc. before the replacement (doc said I was too young).

Jogging? My ortho would kill me! Besides, bone on bone pain seriously sux. Walking? I wish, but unless there's a nice unpaved route, that's out because of the impact damage. Swimming? No pool close by. Exercise bike, got it!

So YES! I need the wii fit. I want to be able to go hiking again. (sleeping in the clouds is fantastic!!) I'm not even 50 yet.

There are so many things I can't do until I get back in shape. I can't stop the future replacement of my left knee, but I'm going to do what I can to make the one I have now last longer and aid the future recovery time.

And a word of advice. Don't be so quick to judge. Just because you are lucky enough to be able to play sports, jog, etc., not all of us are.

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psst...sports aren't free.
by mymotherisaduck / May 23, 2008 8:41 PM PDT

obviously, you are a good hype-hater, but i couldn't just read-on without pointing something very flawed in your thinking.

nearly in the same breath, you infer that sports are too free. where have you been the past 20 years? amateur sports cost dough. it's no different even for kids. fees for this, membership for that, equipment needed, etc. $100 vs. $40/month x 2-3 kids each. think about it....wii-think.

wii fit is an economically sound purchase that could be very valuable for us none-mac-affording few people. wait, now that i think about it, we seem to be the majority. who knew?

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Pstt wii fit, come on?
by Anastasios912 / May 24, 2008 2:50 PM PDT

lol I completely agree. I dunno, it looks kind of fun, but seriously an actual work out? I'm sorry, I don't mean any offense to anyone here but for someone that is already in decent shape, I don't see the Wii Fit doing much good.

Yeah, I suppose it wouldn't hurt, but come on....that is not a real workout. Take a run...go to the gym....go on a walk....throw a ball around even! I just don't see this being worth it for an actual "work out". If they wanted to they could have actually had an exercise dictionary in it...then maybe it would have been worth it, maybe throw in free weights too.

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don't knock it until you've tried it
by atcsim / October 1, 2008 1:19 PM PDT
In reply to: Pstt wii fit, come on?

if you are in good shape and you like going out and jogging bully for you. But don't disdain something that you haven't even tried, especially in the face of people who have tried it and are telling you it really works. I am not saying that it should replace all forms of exercise, but it has taught me yoga and improved my form on various strength training exercises. Plus it is a fun way to get exercise and most of the people who hate exercising are more liable to exercise if they are having fun. It is also great for older people who want to do a little bit of exercise to stay relatively fit but don't want to go out in bad weather. You don't need special workout clothes or equipment, I usually do it in my nightgown at 5 am and by the time I am finished and ready for my morning shower I REALLY need one.

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if you don't like the wii fit don't buy it
by atcsim / October 1, 2008 1:07 PM PDT

But personally, I think it is great. There are a lot of people who are so out of shape that there is no way that they are going to go out and jog. The wii fit is available when you don't have a lot of time or the weather is lousy. I can tell you from experience that the exercise you get is not "fake" I am usually sweating like crazy by the time I am finished. I also know a lot of people who are very overweight and the wii fit gets them moving. Also, it gets children doing physical activity WHILE they are playing their video games. It keeps track of your progress and tells you when you are making mistakes or when you are doing well. It gives you grief when you haven't worked out for a few days. It tracks your weight and BMI. And you get all of this for the cost or 1-2 personal training sessions at a gym. All in all I think it is well worth it.

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Another Wii hit!
by wcrutcher / May 22, 2008 6:47 AM PDT

We have had a Wii game box for some time. My friends love the bowling and tennis. We are all in the above 65 set.

One of our sons was visiting us on spring break and his family fell in love with the Wii. We sent them a unit and he bought three more controllers. His 3 year old is bowling.

I gave my wife the Wii Fit and it came this week. She installed it and says it is a serious work out. She had been skeptical. She was not happy when the game told her she was 6 years older than her actual age!

I am recovering from ankle surgery and I tried it out, but am not ready for it physically.

I think the hardware shortage is just because they have opened a new market of adults.

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OK, "What the heck is it?"
by callmar / May 22, 2008 6:47 AM PDT

I kind of know but have no idea the price, footprint(size), variety of fitness games available, or much else. Anyone want to play tutor?

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Homey Don't Play That
by robertmro / May 22, 2008 6:51 AM PDT

Spend a lot of money to waste lots of time...... I don't think so.

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I would love to get it but I'm addicted to Warcraft.
by tmmullin / May 22, 2008 6:52 AM PDT

Christmas 07 I got a Wii for my wife and I. We played it solid until we mistakenly bought Warcraft. Oops. Now we're addicted to Warcraft and I don't think we would use the Wii Fit even though I would love to. It would probably get thrown in the same place as our treadmill and rowing machine.

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That's a definite "maybe"
by marikavs / May 22, 2008 6:53 AM PDT

While I can't really afford it (no work for over a year now) it might help with my balance and general stamina--I'm physically handicapped. However, I can't say I understand how it works. Oh, they're so quick to show you in pictures and videos, on fancy screens etc., but... where does it hook up, e.g. My ancient TV? Really? My computer? Really? I use a MacBook. I can just see trying to balance on a board while holding the computer which in reality is too heavy for me to carry around...

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No thanks
by as2786 / May 22, 2008 6:55 AM PDT

What on earth is the point? If you need a little exercise, go for a walk, enjoy the countryside. Or cycle to the shops instead of driving 800 yards in your SUV. Really! Words fail me.

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If One Must Stay Indoors ...
by Ken Jr. / May 22, 2008 7:24 AM PDT
In reply to: No thanks

The, "go out for a walk instead" comments, I presume, are coming from people who live in California and Florida. Late Fall, Winter, and early Spring are, in much of the country, a time when it's difficult to keep any exercise regime going.

It's funny, so far, the only critical comments on the Wii seem to come from those who don't own one.

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Use it or lose it
by as2786 / May 22, 2008 7:38 AM PDT

Actually, I live in the UK, where most of us still have the use of our legs and can fit on a bar stool. And no, I don't own a Wii, thank you for asking, but my brother does and I think it's a very clever piece of kit. But get a grip people. Your body is designed to be used, so use it, at least a little bit. My mother in law has an artifical hip and Parkinson's disease but she still gets out and about as much as she can. It's a question of making the effort.

I didn't intend to start a flame war here but I just can't believe some of the things people are saying in this thread. The Wii is just a toy, get over it. You don't *need* one, really you don't.

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No Wii for me....
by Jakeman97 / May 22, 2008 7:33 AM PDT
In reply to: No thanks

Another 'toy' with an artificially created shortage by the mfg. to keep the price high, and consumer interest up. Sometimes, I think we Americans are saps.....tell us we can't get something, or there is a shortage, and we collectively will crawl all over each other, try to be first in line, camp overnight outside the Big Box Stores in rainy, freezing weather to get whatever it is. Even if we don't need the item. The foreign manufacturers know this about us, and capitalize on it every time. Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids in the eighties? I'll pass.

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No Shortage Near Me
by Dr. Zoltar / May 22, 2008 7:39 AM PDT
In reply to: No Wii for me....

There's no shortage near me. I was able to get one at 8 am yesterday morning. No overnight wait in line. There were 3 other people waiting at store opening with me. All ladies between 20-40 already in their workout gear.

As for cost -- It's $90. I'm guessing $50 for the game (standard price for any Nintendo Wii game) and $40 for the pressure board. It doesn't seem exuberant to me.

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Nintendo 'Wii Fit
by Irelands child / May 22, 2008 6:57 AM PDT

WHY O WHY - just another electronic toy to play with for a week then put in the basement until the next yard sale

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It has a certain theraputic value
by poohma / May 22, 2008 6:58 AM PDT

My mother and stepfather are of a "certain age" and cannot go out walking/jogging as someone suggested (especially as stepfather is a stroke survivor).

In the Senior Center they hang out at, there are several Wii consoles and Mom says the members keep busy with them pretty much non-stop. The older people are keeping active and are socializing a lot more. Stepdad is moving around more and it helps him with motor skills. They were supposed to be getting the Wii Fit this weekend and I bet there will be a line around the building for people to take a turn.

I have a Wii, Guitar Hero and the Wii Fit will be set up this weekend. It is a family-friendly system that gets all of us involved and there is everything RIGHT with that, wouldn't you think?

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Why criticize the WiiFit before trying it?
by Dr. Zoltar / May 22, 2008 7:07 AM PDT

The people being negative about the console obviously haven't tried it.

I do like the balance games. And the board acts as a great feedback device to let you know how you're doing. My favorite game so far is the ski jump.

It does make exercising fun. Especially when I don't want to go for a walk in the rain or snow. Or go cross town and deal with the crowds at a gym.

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Love it!
by hiskes6 / May 22, 2008 7:08 AM PDT

I got my Wii Fit yesterday & LOVE IT! In one day I lost .6 lbs & my BMI went back down to the normal range. (I was only slightly over normal the first day.) I love that it keeps track of my progress for me, it is in doors (it's allergy season here), and no one other than my kids can see me making a fool out of myself. LOL Also, I don't have to take my baby to the gym to stay w/ a sitter I don't know. And it is FUN!!!

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Getting Wii Fit?
by maldelus / May 22, 2008 7:43 AM PDT

No. Not Interested. Too many toys already.

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Wii and Wii Fit
by Ogee101 / May 22, 2008 8:10 AM PDT

I never thought I would own one, but the recent marketing has been fantastic. I an 68 and my wife 61. We are both using it to lose weight and get in better shape. The high demand is due to great advertising and excellent marketing. We got ours at Best Buy and there were only six left from a shipment of 60. They were going like hot-cakes when we were getting ours. Good for Nintendo---great product, great graphics. My wife and I were laughing like kids while we were doing our excercises. Great fun while getting healthy. Happy

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Nintendo Wi not available anywhere at retail!
by tmcgonagle / May 22, 2008 8:21 AM PDT

I bought one for my grandson for Christmas, it was necessary to spend 75.00 over the retail price in order to get it on eBay. This was due to a screw up at Amazon where they did not have any and waited to the last minute to notify me. I think it is a great item, and I would like one for my self (67 yrs young) but there is no way I will buy another one on eBay, they now bring a minimum of 100.00 to 150.00 over retail. I am quite sure the shortage is created by Nintendo, however I think the strategy may backfire. I have already lost interest over my initial desire, and when you are my age delayed gratification is not such a great deal.

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