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Playing HD DVDs - XBox HD or PS3 BluRay?

by paqrmatt / January 11, 2007 5:03 AM PST

I'd first like to clarify that I'm not partial to either system, nor am I a techy. I'm building a home audio system to accompany my HD flat screen tv. I'm considering either the XBox or PS3 as a means for not only gaming (sports games mainly), but also for playing HD movies.

Can someone give me advice on whether either system will suit my needs? What is the quality of both drives for playing HD or BluRay movies?

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go with ps3
by ghfsfdgd / January 11, 2007 12:10 PM PST

the ps3 uses hdmi where 360 doesnt so u wwill never get the turn hd u want with your hd dvd player. also ps3 uses blu-ray which holds more and blu-ray has more support from movie companys. ps3 has free live and has web broser. and it cheaper to get s ps3. $500 ps3> $400 360 + $200 hd dvd drive= $600. so geting a ps3 would be better for price and quality

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oo i forgot.
by ghfsfdgd / January 11, 2007 12:14 PM PST
In reply to: go with ps3

if u want wirless then u can play $100 for an adapter for your xbox where you can pay $100 for 40 more gb and sd slots for the same $100. the ps3 sport games will look better then the 360 game well the sport games.

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Xbox 360 at $260 + HDDVD @ $200 can't be beat.!
by MultiMuse / January 12, 2007 5:28 AM PST

For only around $460 or less you can indeed get true HD DVD with standard RGB component outputs to a HDTV display that looks life like.
Plus there are already more HD DVD movie titles than you could have time to watch available on shelves at store e.g. Best Buy and online ordering. Prices range from around $25 up to around $40 for dual format HD + Standard DVD on the same single disk. And it won't take long before there are as many HDDVD titles as Bluray. Finally if the Blueray disks can hold more capacity, but none of the publishers are giving you any extra content on that blank space, then what good is that, and why pay more for unused capacity? Doesn't make economic sense, IMHO.

And see other posts re. Xbox360 Zephyr that reportedly will be an incremental upgrade with HDMI output on the cable. If they make the new unit and cable compatible with the current Xbox 360, then you might only have to buy the newer HD cable to get HDMI connection to your HDTV or amp. The original/current 360 cable already has optical digital audio interface so you can get state of the art digital audio.

Reportedly Sony has always ad inferior tech support, if you can get any at all, unlike Microsoft. Also (like Pioneer, etc.) you pay way too much for just the Sony name, when there are more affordable alternatives of equal or better quality. Just compare a Sony Vaio to Toshiba notebook PCs, and the proprietary Sony memory sticks to the industry standard SD memory cards, for proof, then tell me that I'm wrong on that point.

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want a bigger hard drive!
by ghfsfdgd / January 12, 2007 10:12 AM PST

with the ps3 u can easly add a hard where the 360 need to buy xbox stuff which means they chose the price. with the ps3 u can just go to any tech store like best buy and get an exturnal hard drive and it will be like $50 for 250gb and that is a lot better then having to get a new xbox just cuz you ran out of hard drive space. same thing with the player toshi is the only one that makes hd dvd player where blu-ray which has panasonic, samsung, and sony just to name a few. the ps3 also has an 1.3 hdmi input whoich is the best thing in the market all the bluray and hd dvd players out to date dont have this and wont for a while. hdmi 1.3 transfers 2 times more then data then the hdmi we have now.

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Xbox 360 uses any size ext. hard drive on any USB port.
by MultiMuse / January 15, 2007 10:28 PM PST

Just add any size external drive on any of it's several USB2 ports, or store anything on any external USB thumb drive or standard memory cards (with a $20 mem card adapter). No storage problems on 360. Or if you opt for Xbox 360 storage, just unlatched the attached HDD module, and clip the new bigger one (reportedly 120 GB or bigger) on in it's place. You do NOT have to buy a new 360 to expand storage.

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ps3 is still better in that aspect
by sonymaster101 / January 31, 2007 8:34 AM PST

the ps3 can store a hdd larger than stock internally. any laptop drive will do, and they make those 200 gb+. so, there is not as much clutter as there would be on the xbox.

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Studio Perspective on BluRay
by thisiskansas / February 5, 2007 3:42 AM PST

Well I work for a large studio that actually supports BluRay and WE think BluRay is going to go the way of BetaMax. Not nearly enough has been put into customer education and I think the average consumer doesn't see the advantage over standard DVDs. I think the issue is that only a very tech savvy person really can make a distinction between the two formats.

For now if price is an option, go with HD-DVD. Cheaper and awesome picture (as is of course the case with BluRay).

In the end it may come down to manufacturing costs. BluRay requires a whole new factory set up to pump out BluRay discs while HD-DVD only requires a modification of existing DVD manufacturing set ups.

I personally would just wait until the silly studios and tech companies settle on a standard. You could go with the multi-format player from LG but I don't know how good that is (haven't read reviews).

I think from what I've read about the PS3 and it's lack of user-friendly features, difficult set up, lack of add-on support that maybe the Xbox 360 is a better option. I have one myself and have no issues with storage or add-on capability but I'm not buying either format right now because honestly I haven't been physically shown why it's so darn great. Maybe I haven't gotten out to a Best Buy recently but I just haven't seen anything on display that caught my attention. If Sony/BluRay camp had an add campaign on par with say, the Apple vs. PC adds then maybe they'd gain more traction. I just don't get Sony! They put all their eggs in the BluRay basket and severely under advertise that aspect of the PS3 to the average consumer.

Good luck deciding! I think being an early adopter of these new technology is a little risky but if you have the funds, got forth and have fun! Why not. I can say that if you want the game system/Hi-Def DVD format combo, the two game systems are probably your most cost effective way to go.

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thanks for the straight-forward reply...
by paqrmatt / February 8, 2007 5:03 AM PST

From someone more concerned with visual performance over drive space or the rest of that technical stuff, this was the viewpoint I was looking for. I've been putting off making a decision for either Blu-Ray or HD. Personally, I think the more confusion and indecision that exists over the two formats, the more I think it favors Microsoft. I agree with your prediction that unless Sony can differentiate itself from MS-HD (either cost-wise or performance-wise) to the common consumer it will likely suffer the same fate as BetaMax. I believe Sony shoulders this burden.

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My pleasure...
by thisiskansas / February 8, 2007 6:31 AM PST

I find the whole subject fascinating. I should clarify that the studio opinion is certainly not the "company line" but more some privately shared thoughts on the subject amongst peers. I'm sure the studios supporting BluRay are gung-ho to support it. I heard Apple may be jumping on board as well?

May the best advertising campaign win. It certainly doesn't seem like the best technology always wins.

Also, the comment earlier about the Porn industry cracked me up. That could very well be true, but I suppose only if they throw their collectice weight into one format or the other. I would guess they'd go HD-DVD only because of the much cheaper cost of setting up HD-DVD production. I guess what that would really mean is that Van Nuys, CA will decide the fate of Hi-Def DVDs since I've heard that city alone accounts for 90% of worldwide production. Wink

Anyone willing to chime in as to whether they've seen any hi-def adult video content out there? Come on, you could say you bought if for a friend.

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PS3 is better.
by Elrondo / February 8, 2007 10:22 AM PST

I would like to quote: "For only around $460 or less you can indeed get true HD DVD with standard RGB component outputs to a HDTV display that looks life like." That is a lie. You NEED and hdmi cable and port to view hd. The 360 isnt 260 bucks either. In fact, if u include the hd dvd player the 360 is the same price as the 20 gig ps3. Also, all movies are coming out in Blu ray.

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Here it goes...
by bevillan / February 15, 2007 12:36 AM PST

First off, you should take a look at what movie studios are supporting Blu-ray and HD-DVD or what movies are exclusive for either that you prefer if you really want a hi-def player.

Second, what connections does your HDTV support? If it has HDMI then perhaps the PS3 will be a better fit for you. If it only has component then the 360 is better.

Since you are going to be only mainly playing sports games, you should put which console is better for games on the back burner since it isn't as important as most sports games are cross-platform anyway.

What it comes down to is $500 to $600 for a PS3 w/ Blu-ray or $500 to $600 for a 360 w/ HD-DVD add-on. Personally, I wouldn't jump on the hi-def player bandwagon just yet as modern DVDs look great on upconverting DVD players and the format war could leave you with a Betamax-like player if you go with the loser. Either wait till dual-format players are available, the movie studios decide to use the dual-format disks, or a real winner emerges.

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Wait a bit...
by broo2 / February 25, 2007 11:22 AM PST

rumors are that MS will be releasing a new xBox 360 (G2?) with HDMI output- and possibly and integrated HD-DVD drive; if so, the combo will probably be a little less than the PS3 (I am betting around $480- just to undercut Sony's lowest price).

Both formats look nearly identical- save storage capacity of the BluRay disc (which is really only useful if you are burning data from a computer).

Personally I cannot tell the difference between either HD format and my $80 Philips (non-HD) player up-sampling a DVD to 1080i- but my TV doesn't do 1080p (not that it would be much difference on a 42" plasma).

I would wait a bit and see if either format prevails- no one knows who will have the next 'betamx' of DVD formats- it could be both! (I am betting on Sony going out first as their track record of fizzled proprietary formats has not been good: BetaMax, SACD, MiniDisc, AIT, UMD, MemoryStick, etc.)

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Not quite
by bkchurch / February 25, 2007 8:45 PM PST
In reply to: Wait a bit...

It doesn't have a built in HD-DVD drive, it has an HDMI port and a smaller (65nm instead of 90) CPU that will run cooler (meaning quieter fans). It's just a new model 360 so it will be the same price.

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