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Pioneer pdp-4214 at Costco

by johnnyD05 / November 12, 2005 11:24 AM PST

Hello everyone,
I plan to buy this Pioneer tv at Costco, but I don't know its spec. Can someone let me know everything about this 42" hdtv?


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Pioneer pdp-4214 at Costco
by johnnyD05 / November 12, 2005 12:59 PM PST


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well i bought one from cosco today
by klumsy53 / November 29, 2005 8:59 AM PST

dont know yet will post detailed reveiw later. either way costco has a great return/warranty policy. i have been looking for a tv to buy for some time i hope this is the value i was waiting for...

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Pioneer pdp-4214 at Costco
by jcrobso / November 14, 2005 2:24 AM PST
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pdp 4214 costco plasma's
by klumsy53 / December 5, 2005 1:20 AM PST

i recently purchased a pioneer pdp-4214 as far as i can see the plasma is basically the same as the pdp models found at best buy and other major retailers. the model listed above the 4312 is i beleive the older model or version of the pdp model. the 4214 has the pure drive it has the pioneer encased cell structure, it has the tuners, it has split picure and it has pip. so the tv picture is the same as any other newer pdp 42 models the difference lies in the extra options. connectivity options and a non-back lit remote are the two examples of features this tv lacks to the 3000-4000+ variant. if ur savy u can do everything that u need to get done with the connectivity opions available.
now on to performance. several of my friends and family have hd tv's so i have had been able to see several tv's ranging from dlp locs and lcd hd projections to other plasmas and even a high end lcd's for prolonged periods of time. i must say that the brightness and color of this plasma is spectacular. contrast and sharpness are very very good as well. the major flaw is in what i would call dark blacks. they tend to oversaturate simplify adn just drown out to all black. scenes such such as the one with adrian brodie in the "jacket" when hes in the cadaver space are drowned out and artifact. in scenes that are dark that are in dimly lit rooms, tunnels and caves etc in which there are not many colors on the screen just shades of dark dark greys and blacks the plasma oversaturates blacks and has artifact issues. blacks in well lit scenes look great, crisp and cleam. the issue is when somebody is wearing a black suit in a dimly lit room. the suit either just turns to an oversaturated black(more often) or it artifacts(less often). needless to say these types of scenes are common and the issue cannot be fixed it is a model defieciency. if this irratates u get a samsung dlp but then the colors do not even come close. thus there are trade offs advantges and disadvantages. there are several picture presets available and they must (MUST) be tuned properly as well as utilized only one of the presets was usuable, which was the standard preset with increased brightness. i tried to calibrate the tv to take advantage of its strengths and minimize the effects of its weaknesses, i suggest u do the same if u get one. if u try to calibrate the tv in a way that it really cannot be tuned u will likely not be taking advantage of picture strengths and may wind with a disappointing picture, that being said i really like the tv. movies such as the incredibles, the island, revenge of the sith(except anikan's black clothes) football/basketball and hockey look spectacular. the jerseys and texture look unbeleivable even during the day. this tv has extremely vibrant colors the reds blues greens seem to burst out of the tv. the tv is also so bright that u dont really wanna watch movies with the lights turned off, it hurts ur eyes. i personally do not regret my purchase at this time and look forward to using this tv for a long time. if it malfunctions i will take it back to costco and exchange it with the spectacular warranty that comes with any purchase there. i paid basically $2400 after discounts out the door, regular price on 11/30/05 was 2499.99. i figure the warranty is worth at least $400-800 so u do the math. its not the best product on the market but for the price i would swoop up this tv or the 50 in at costco. the bottom line is that the foundation technolgy of this tv is the same as other pioneer pdp's. i am not a tv professional so i did not know all the correct terminolgy but i do know good and bad HD picture. when i purchased my set they had came in a day or two before, there were three left when i bought mine and they were gone two days later. if ur not sure u want it, buy it and then return it.
hope it helps

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Re: Pioneer pdp-4214 at Costco
by daveplatt / December 12, 2005 1:10 PM PST

12/12/05 This pdp-4214 is a repacked (by adding the optional speakers) Commercial use "display" panel not HD. The resolution is only 480 and is used by businesses to connect a computer too and display product or flight shedules etc. It is not a High Definition plasma TV set. HD is 720 pixels (v). Go to web site and find PDP-424MV. Also right here on cnet find product reviews and see the 4214 reviewed for sale at $1695 and up. Sorry to bust bubbles but I think Costco and Pioneer both stupped low this time. end

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it is hd check it on ebay type "pdp plasma pioneer 42 "
by klumsy53 / December 16, 2005 8:56 AM PST

and read about it. the pdp-4212 is a 1024 x 768 plasma hd 42 in. it is not 720 unless the box(and picture)are lying as it clearly says 1024 x 768 hd. this is also not the industrial model read further. the Pioneer PDP-4360HD which sells for over 3 thou has the same resolution specs 1024 x 768 as do all 42-43's except the newer hitachi's, including the best in class performer 42 from panasonic 1024 x 768. in either case true hd is 1080 and for the most part only 50 in or larger tv's have true hd resolution, and resolution stats like all stats is not the determining factor in quality. as for the difference between this and the similar looking pdp 42 in at best buy have to do with connections, which are limited, check the ebay site, for example there is only one hdmi socket. anyways this basically has the exact same screen as those found on all the pdp 42hd pioneers. ive had multiple people see this tv and its not ed. u can state your opinions but dont lie about the facts. get ur facts stright. if u see one take it home try it out and return it if u dont like it costco has a great return policy as well as great warranty. anyways i am gonna have mine calibrated professionally it is not easy to do yourself. the commercial display is actually the 43 in pioneer. if u look at the tv u will see the speaker bracket hardware(very unasthetic). i saw the 4312 and looked at the back of the tv to find the model number which was 4304 because i had not seen this non glossy front model pioneer plasma before. type the "pioneer plasma hd" on ebay and u will find both of these plasmas as well as picture and facts. wow i did not realize that information on this website was so speclative.

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simply not true
by 79cvtecc / March 29, 2006 8:20 AM PST

Your information on the specs of the pdp 4214 are not acurate. This clip was taken right from the manual:
XGA 1024 x 768 high definition resolution, for an incredibly detailed picture. This unit is completely manafactured by Pioneer along with it's opticle grade glass viewing screen. This information was obtained at pioneer vision. I think this is a great set with hdmi and three componenet inputs, I think the picture is fantastic.

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I'm returning mine today...
by sfvas / December 13, 2005 7:52 AM PST

I bought this unit from Costco, without doing my research, because I thought I can't go wrong with Pionner (Being a Pioneer Elete Fan). I called customer service twice about this TV and they could not tell me anything, finally I called Tech Support and talked with one of the Service people.

Here is a scoop on the PDP-4214HD. The guy told me that 4214 is "like nothing else Pioneer makes". He said that it does not compare to the 42A3HD or the 434CMX and was built specifically for Costco. He said the only thing pioneer in that TV is the Plasma screen, all the other cards/filter/parts are not pioneer and does not have the tech to clean up signals from non HD signals. He said that it would not be his choice in units, and recommended the 4312 or 5050PD before purchasing this one. It was basically made as a 'entry level' very basic unit.

I think I'm going to go get the 5050.

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Pioneer cust svc on the PDP-4214
by 5under / December 29, 2005 2:35 AM PST

after getting bounced around to 3 Pioneer cust service reps, I finally got one willing to talk and she said; the PDP-4214 model sold through Costco is an "entry level" product. Another rep told me that the panel and components were "pretty much the same" as the non Elite models found in the other stores. I pulled up the specs on the PDP-4360 and started going down the list with her, asking if the 4214 had: pure drive 2 (no), ace 4 (no), advanced pure cinema (no), but it does have the deep encased cell structure.

Bottom line, you get what you pay for. The PDP-4214, while certainly not a bad product, does not have the same quality componentry/circuitry stuff (I'm not a techy) as the PDP models Pioneer talks about on their website.

I'm leaning towards the Panasonic TH42PX50U because I can get it from a reputable local dealer for $2,799.00, which is $200.00 less than other stores I've checked. I know Costco has a 42" Panasonic that is similar for less, but I'm certain it is not the same quality.

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4214 specs
by ducknut / January 29, 2006 11:07 AM PST

The 4214/42A3 HD owners manual is titled Plasma Display System. So is the 4360 and 5060. The specs are identical for the 4214 and 42A3 HD. Comparison between the screeen specs and the 4360 specs appear to be identical, differences appear to be the number of input slots and the media receiver. There do appear to be some differences when it comes to sleep timers and other software.

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the 42 panasoniic
by alfredo36 / February 14, 2006 10:51 PM PST

Thats all good but the 42 inch panasonic you going to buy is also entry level.but it does not have picture in picture. and lacks some inputs you might need later on as technology advances.

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Technically PDP-4214 & PDP42A3HD are the same
by kphung / February 7, 2006 7:20 AM PST

I can believe other posts that said these two plasma are the same. The difference can be just the number of connectors that each unit has. Coming from working in the semiconductor industry I can tell you that it's too expensive (we're talking about 2-10 mil) to design two chips that are entirely different. Most electronics cos. do is to enable or disable certain small functions within the same chip and market it under a different model or part numbers. This can be for different reasons. One is for different segments of the market. To capture more market share, manuf can sell the same part under different part numbers under different pricing structure without jeopardizing your existing customers. Case in point: Pioneer sell one plasma to general retailers like Bestbuy or CircuitCity but Pioneer wants to sell more plasma so it uses the Costco channel to sell more of it. They understand that Costco can sell a lot more of these plasmas as more and more people are buying electronics from Costco. But to sell it to Costco, pioneer has to sell it for a bit less because Costco is a discount wholesaler. So they relabel the same plasma with a different model name and disable a couple connectors on the back and sell it for a couple hundred less. This way, Bestbuy can't complain to Pioneer that their plasma at Costco hurt Bestbuy business because Costco sell the same unit for less. So Pioneer is happy (they can sell more plasmas with a bit less margin thru Costco) and Bestbuy is happy as they can tell customers that the plasma at Costco is sold for less but it's a lesser model! It's all about marketing. This is a very common practice.

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You get a good deal with PDP-4214
by kphung / February 7, 2006 7:37 AM PST

You said "He said the only thing pioneer in that TV is the Plasma screen, all the other cards/filter/parts are not pioneer and does not have the tech to clean up signals from non HD signals."

I don't think you got the whole story. Pioneer would not do this as it will jeopardize the Pioneer brand name. After all, the plasma you got from Costco is still a Pioneer not a Kirkland. And technologically it is too expensive a proposition to swap out Pioneer circuitries with cheaper parts. You pretty much have to redesign the circuits yourself in order for it to work in sync with other parts inside the plasma. Engineering-wise this is too much and too expensive proposition just to sell it for Costco. It's cheaper just to disable some input/output functions (i.e. HDMI connectors, etc.) and sell it as a different model number. To disable/swap other internal parts may jeopardize the picture quality and I dont think Pioneer wants to get a lot of returns from Costco. It hurts the Pioneer name and Costco may not want to sell them again.

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RE: Pioneer PDP-4214 at Costco
by treyze / February 7, 2006 8:54 AM PST

I bought the TV at Costco and the jack layout and the look seem closer to this model PDP-42A3HD. I'm not sure of the internal specs.

Being a previous TV/Audio sales person, Costco likes to sell one off's and Manufacturers will sell Costco similar TV's with a slightly different look and a modified model number.

You still can't beat the return policy!

my $.02

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Owners Manual Heading
by NYTodd / February 8, 2006 5:06 AM PST

It appears they are identical (easier to look up the PDP-42A3HD) - I copied the front of the owner's manual and pasted here:



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$400 off 02/13/06-02/19/06
by pyramidale1 / February 12, 2006 10:57 AM PST

I do-not think Pioneer will engineer a TV just for costco. I am going to try one today heck they have a in store coupon 400 off 1999.99. 42 plasmas are about 2500 and up. this without the sale is 2399.99. I guises its is six and a half of the other.

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Here's the poop
by R Garner / February 12, 2006 1:56 PM PST

Here is the link on the Pioneer site regarding the 4214. I was just at COSTCO today looking at this set. When I looked at it side by side with Samsung's and Panasonic's it holds its own very well. You can't go to wrong with this set at $1999 on sale. If it doesn't work out you simply bring it back to COSTCO. Pretty simple when you think about it that way. Check it out.,,2076_290146100_290101944,00.html

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You get what you pay for!!!
by shahryar / February 13, 2006 3:10 PM PST
In reply to: Here's the poop

I won't throw in buncha hardware lingos here. I'm not into that. However, I took a risk and bought this unit from Costco today. Here's what happened:

1. Installation: painless. It tracked the signal in the setup and settled things smooth.

2. Watching non-HD signals became nightmare. I gave up after a while.

3. Watching DVD was at least bearable. But I didn't want 'bearable' picture. I want quality.

4. Got a phone call middle of the movie, put it on pause and came back after a while and guess what: had a burnt-in picture which scared me. Luckily it went away 20 minutes later. But hey... I won't mess with this anymore. It's going back to Costo.

Bottom line: I have to move this 90 pounds TV back to the store. Time waisted and disappointment. So pay more and at least get quality. I'm not sure if I would risk it with Pioneer. One thing is for sure, I need to make sure I find a way to test my future TV with non-HD signal. Need to find out how. Any ideas?

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costco pioneer pdp 4214 plasma hd
by klumsy53 / February 14, 2006 3:12 AM PST

i purchased this plasma a coupla months ago and have been pretty happy about everthing butthe price has dropped 20% with a coupon. people who come over consistently say that they see about $4,000 picture. i have gone to best buy to see the similar $3000 plus pioneer 42 model and do not really see much of any picture differences. my two biggest gripes on this tv are the blacks which can annoying when watching dark movies such as alien vs predator. also there is color noise when the screen is shows a largely dark picture flickers of white flashing thats extremely brief and only when there is a lot of dark colors or black. other than that the picture is exceptional. something about pioneer color is a step above. the pioneer 42 plasma that sells at best buy has exactly the same picture. connections are obiously not as numerous but there is one hdmi and 2 component inputs which is sufficeint. if u like animation, sports and discovery/nature shows this is the tv for u. im probably gonna return it and exchange it in 2 years under my warranty hoepfully once they fix issues that are present in plasmas. no tv medium offers a perfect picture for reasonable prices. ie other than the top plasma's going fro 6000 plus their will be a trade off. u cannot get perfect picture for under $3000 plasma lcd or projector so know the plus and positives cuz they will determine what fits u best.

remember their are many uniformed, uneducated, meanspirited as well as many people whose opinions on electronics u should not and would not value except on cnet reviews. u would not listen to some of these reviewers at a fast food store why with a small investment. read a lot of reviews and if u really want to listen to them dont read the extremes of the reviews either to the negative or positive sides.

as far as the burn in issue stated above, burn in is a risk on all new plasmas for about the first 100 hours. im well into the hundreds and even an overnight burn, for 10+ hours, fades away in less than an hour (thank god i learned this the hard way) plus there are screen savers and a white out feature. i dont use either and dont feel its needed after the first two months. in any case after the first 100 hours u have to basically try to ruin ur tv to cause any burn damage.

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Unless I can get a clean picture I am returning mine!
by bruce06 / February 18, 2006 8:35 AM PST

Well I used the Costco coupon and purchased a pdp-4214 for $2000. I receive the tv signal via Dish Network. I receive a few HD channels but the majority of the tv channels including the movie channels are standard. Unfortunately after setting the unit up I noticed that the picture was blurry/ghosty and made people look squat/short on the movie channels. I am not a techy person- I want something I can pull out of the box, plug the cable input in and away I go- but will attempt to play with the picture settings to see if it will look any clearer. If anyone has any suggestions they would be appreciated.

For what it is worth my 10 year old Sony TV has a way better picture. During the US hockey game I shut of my fancy plasma TV and went up stairs to enjoy the game on my old 34" Sony.

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I got what I paid for.
by treyze / February 14, 2006 7:02 AM PST
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aall the hoopla is just hoopla
by alfredo36 / February 14, 2006 10:43 PM PST

Csotco has the pdp 4214 which is the same as the pdp 42a3hd.I loged on the pioneer website and looked through the 45 page owners manual.There are no exceptions for either model #.Even the setup is the same.To say they are not the same when the front of the owners manual says it is a little strange.The only difference is that the 4214 model is minus 1 hdmi input.the 42a3 has 2.

I hired a prof installer for about $550 to install and cailbrate the displayIt looks good even with non hd channels.Lets face it most people today are hooked up to a satelite or cable signal anyway.Also dvd's won't be a problem later this year when the hd dvd players come out.

Also at $1999.00 its a steal.

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More Hoopla re: the Costco 4214HD
by scarlet250 / February 20, 2006 11:16 AM PST

I just purchased the Costco 4214 and of course I read all these posts ?after? I bought the Plasma (I had researched the PDP-5060HD). Anyhow, I probably would have NOT purchased the unit with so many negative postings. I am happy to say?the TV works well. I am not sure what all the fuss is about?

DVD picture quality?I noticed a HUGE difference when I enabled the ?progressive? mode of my DVD player. Very Good. Throw in Star Wars III or Black Hawk Down and you will drool in awe. Make sure you set your DVD to "widescreen" too.

Sound?so loud I can hardly get past ten without my wife complaining. Excellent.

Cable HD, my Comcast is not yet up and running. I expect HD to be near flawless!

I do see ?mosquitoes? at times, but heck?show me a TV without some form of gnats?especially one for $2k flat! Put it this way?do you think an ?ED? TV would hold up to the Pioneer? Nope, and they cost nearly as much!

Regarding rumors?my manual also states PDP-42A3HD. I think this is the model that sold at Tweeter. There is no distinction so I assume the 4214HD is this very TV. There may be some truth that these Pioneer?s are Pio-NECs. Pioneer did acquire NEC?s plasma display business. I am not a plasma TV engineer, so I do not know what parts can be mixed, matched, or upgraded.

All that really matters is that I saved a lot of money and the display may not be the best, but you certainly get your value for $2k.

My 2 cents and happy viewing!

Ldr. D

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Where is the coupon?
by tslarson / February 16, 2006 3:02 AM PST

I looked through my Costco "Passport" and don't see a Pioneer coupon anywhere. Where did you find the $400 off coupon? I don't know if there is a geographical difference in marketing, but I am in L.A.

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by manapuaguy / February 16, 2006 3:40 AM PST
In reply to: Where is the coupon?

Go to your local Costco store and you find the coupons there. Just ask for it!

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Coupon for Pioneer PDP 4214
by slyfi / February 17, 2006 12:20 PM PST
In reply to: Coupon

I saw the PDP 4214 at Costco earlier this evening and noticed there was a small sign next to it saying "manufacturer's coupon-$400 off Feb 13-Feb 19." I asked the Costco Customer Service counter persons and they said this deal is NOT in the current coupon book; rather, the $400 will be automatically deducted from the price upon check-out.

After reading all the reviews here, I am going to buy one tomorrow-last chane for someone to save me from myself-any reason someone can give me to resist?. I resisted the Philips 42 PF7220a after reading numerous mediocre to poor reviews and experiences. BTW, I think someone previously said this Pioneer DOES have a CableCard slot-is that correct?-Does it have such capability? Hope this helps on the "coupon" mystery.

Good forum-I'm a newbie here.

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To reiterate what was said and a little more
by titan97 / February 15, 2006 12:07 AM PST

After reading the posts here and on other websites. I decided the view on this model is 50-50. Yea it has its issue as all tvs do, but unless you are willing to go for the much more expensive units be it panasonic or pioneer or etc... You are going to have issues with all sets. For anyone looking to buy this tv, I called Pioneer tech support rather that customer service because I feel customer service never knows more than what we can read in the manual or on the box. They said the following which agrees with some posts on this thread.

It is exactly the same as the 42a3hd, just different model numbers for different markets. 42a3hd for tweeter for example, 4214 for costco.
The difference between this model and the elite sets like the 4360 or pro-930 are less features and a little less quality. For ex. this has lower quality filters, the 4360 comes with a media box, the less boards in the system, the better quality you get (less interference). 4360 uses ACE IV where the 4214 use ACE III. Less inputs. That being said they said there was only a 10% viewing difference between the two ( don't know how they came up with that #).

They said the pdp-4214 is Gen 6, where some compared it to the 4312 which they said is GEN 5. So this is better. the 432cmx is ment for computes not tv viewing.

What are the man differences between the generations. Is it only the screen or more. I also would like to note i had the phillips 42" and am taking it back, not to say all units are like mine, but ine was a nightmare in all respects.

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Trust me here is the real poop with this.
by mturner69 / February 17, 2006 1:54 AM PST

I recently bought the PDP 42" from Tweeter for $2499. I have used it for a week and loved it. Great picture, inputs, its simple, and it looks good. For 2499 I thought I had a real good deal. Then I saw Costco had a similar model for about $1900. I went on this site and read everyone's thoughts to try to get the straight jive and felt relativaly comfertable that they were inded the same TV. Solution, go out and buy the Costco TV bring it home and compare it side by side with the Tweeter model. Bottom line, they are exactly the same TV (only exception is the color Costco is black, which I happen to like better). The inputs, the picture quality, the remote, the size, everything. The real kicker is when I went to look at the owners manual and saw that it was the exact same as the PDP model from Tweeter. Case closed. Its a great deal and I saved myself 500 for a TV b/c of its color I actually like better. Better get to Costco quick cuz they are going quick. Sorry Tweeter you will be getting your TV back this afternoon. And No I don't work for Costco, I actually hate going there cuz of all the other BS you have to put up with there. But anyhow hope this helps some of you HD shoppers out there.

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Thanks, Great Post.....However.....
by RoadRunner6 / February 17, 2006 2:01 PM PST

Thanks for the info. Now that is what we call going above and beyond the call of duty. You went out and bought two plasmas and did a side by side comparison so we could get the results. Great job! I suggest we have you do all our comparison tests from now on.


In the future would you please refer to it as the

Real ''Scoop'' instead of the Real ''Poop''!



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sweet TV
by kjswensen / February 18, 2006 3:35 AM PST

i just took back my 42" Phillips that i bought at Costco. the sound kept shutting off at random times. I upgraded to the Pioneer and love it. the minute we plugged it in we could see a noticable difference in the picture quality over the phillips. every tv station looks fantastic, even non HD shows look excellent. i love my TV and i think you will too. hurry and buy one and quite worrying about what model # it is.

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