Hello iwanttolearn,

as I have already informed you over our email communication, the license number bound with your email address is fully functional in AVG 2011 installation.

Can you please check the license number is entered in installation of AVG 2011 properly? (your license number cannot be used in older AVG products like AVG 9.0 or AVG 8.5, but I can generate you a compatible one with the older products)
Or please provide us with screenshot of entered license number in AVG installation (you can upload it to some favorite online storage and provide us with the link to it).

How to create a screenshot:
1. When the needed window is active, press PRINT SCREEN (located next to the F12 key on most keyboards). If you are running Windows on an Apple computer, press Shift+Fn+F11.
2. Open any image editor (e.g. Microsoft Paint in Windows Accessories) or Microsoft Word, and then press CTRL+V.
3. Save the new image to your computer (we recommend saving it to the Desktop for easy access).

You can also contact our support directly through this webform

Thank you for your cooperation