It probably depends on a couple things- budget, and what sort of technical ability you have to set a particular solution up.

To the best of my knowledge, DISH requires you to have another receiver if you have another TV in your quilting room <remembering back in the day when we got my grandma a cordless phone in her similar space Wink >
I assume you mean you would like to be able to view videos you have downloaded/streamed from the internet to a small HDTV in that room(?) Or are you only referring to accessing content from the DISH network in the second space, but not adding another sat box?

There's also a product called Slingbox which is kind of neat. You place it next to your main tv in the other room with the dish receiver/cable box/etc, then watch desired content on your computer, even remotely, not just in other parts of the house.

But I'm not sure if you are married to the idea of buying a small HDTV, or simply a device that does not have any sort of monthly fee but lets you get content you need from the DISH network.