Typical most receivers can only handle so many speaker pairs/groups. You may likely need an external switcher/amp too. Do you really want to send only (HD)TV sound to those other locations, or would you be wanting to send along other types of sound (e.g. CD, iPod, etc.)? Perhaps the decks could have their own 'zone', either w/ a receiver or additional piece of equipment (a la iPod docks, etc.). Also, do you have a desire for proper 5.1 surround sound in the (HD)TV viewing space(?)

FWIW, I have often recommended Crutchfield as a great online site both to purchase and receive additional info on what equipment is required. Definitely check that out since there's some helpful reading there for newbies. Good stuff to get your feet wet.

See my prior response to a similar question/setup:


Something small to power an additional 'zone' (=room, etc.)