It is impossible to say what problems you are having without seeing full resolution samples of your images with the EXIF data attached. It could be the camera, but it could be the settings you are using as well. For example, if you are using the smallest aperture, that could be a problem. For one thing, using the smallest aperture means you are using a slower shutter speed, and the image stabilization cannot always guarantee a sharp image if the shutter speed it too slow. Or you could be using a higher ISO, which has more noise. Also, camera lenses are generally at their sharpest at a medium aperture; the smallest aperture has diffraction distortion...less sharpness.

As far as movies quality is concerned, the FZ47 *is* a point and shoot camera, in the respect that it uses the same small sized sensor as a P&S. The *only* real difference between the two is the focal range of the lens.