make sure your new pcm was flash-programmed by a dealership or it will not work. also, make sure the code #'s end in the letter C on your pcm. Alot of bloggers have reported getting ones that end in the letter A, and they didn't work for them. Check all your plug wires. How old are they? I recently had some starting problems and stalling problems with my jeep. I changed the ignition coil, distributor cap and rotor, new plugs ( which came pre- gapped about 9 numbers over the recommended gap space), new plug wires, a new O2 sensor, and a new crankshaft position sensor. A bad or shorting out pcm / ecm will give you false readings for DTC codes or, even not give them at all. To where you are like what the f ***! My jeep ran beautiful for 36 hours. Then it wouldn't even start. Felt like it was trying to jump in timing. I smelt gas. Reading some other people's problems, I was able to get a quick fix. I removed my coolant resevoir, I unhooked the white and the grey connectors to my pcm / ecm. I backed out the two little silver torque screws ( regular screwdrivers will not work ) about four turns ( 1/4" ) and my jeep fired up like floorroom brand new. smooth idle, smooth ride, fully functioning systems ( air, radio, windows, etc. ) . I still plan on getting another pcm / ecm. But, I am gonna ride this puppy out til then. Sorry for rambling. Just a few things to check. pcm hooks up from left to right, White on outside, black in middle, and gray last and closest to motor. make sure they click in good. make sure your crank position sensor has a rubber grommet on the transmission and had a spacer on the end of the sensor before you installed it. check to see that plug wire connectors are not pushed up in the boots and you here distinctive clicks when you connect them to plugs. make sure your plugs are not gapped past their recommendation. you did not indicate whether this has happened before or just started. this will give you some things to double-check last thing, make damn sure that your cps sensor was put in the same way it came out. same with your rotor w/ distributor. check coil connectors for grommets. the cps electrical connector should have attached to one on the wiring harness. no spacers will kill the parts.