I thought I remembered you asking about Java and Pogo in the past. When I tried to access your profile to verify it, "Page Not Found - Whoops! You broke the Internet!" was staring me in the face. Sad (If I'm not the only one it's happening with, I'm going to look into it)

I'm wondering if Java isn't safe is there another program that could be used to play all Pogo's games?

According to what I read at the Pogo Forums, there are very few games which will work without it. See the list in the post titled, Java games list on Pogo. I see no other programs or substitutes for Java.

Is it any safer than it was in April?

In my opinion there's been no significant improvement, BUT.. you can minimize the risks, should you want to play Pogo games. One way would be by using a dual-browser approach. Use one browser (with Java disabled) for your everyday surfing. And another browser specifically dedicated for Pogo use. The latter would need to be current and up to date, in order to keep it as secure as it can be.

To further limit risks, don't click on ANY prompts or pop-ups alerting you of an update. Even those which may be legitimate. Instead, go to and download it from there.

As usual, the choice is yours to make.

Best of luck..