Isn't it strange how itunes can import the song off of your cd and then can't seem to download the appropriate album art, even though they have the SAME album in their music store?

If your music is not in the protected AAC format, then you are in luck. Just download Mediamonkey ( This is one of the most powerful programs you can use for updating ID3 tags and adding album art. It also solves your problem of finding the music that does not have album art associated with it. When you first use it, you tell it which folder to scan for your music files and within about 3-4 minutes, it has your entire music collection in a widely sortable database. You can even ask it to sort out songs that do not have associated album art. I used this for my collection of about 5,000 mp3s and was able to do it fairly quickly. It uses an database to search for your missing album art and you can select multiple songs (i.e. an entire album) at a time to change.

Mediamonkey can also sync with your ipod, so if you are sick of itunes, you can use it instead.

Mediamonkey is capable of listing your protected AAC files but it is not able to alter the ID3 tag and cannot add album art to them. If this is the case for you, then you are stuck with itunes. If you are stuck with itunes and can't find the album art for a particular album then I would use to search for the right cover. This is the most comprehensive database I have seen thus far to find album artwork although using amazon's images or googling usually works.