I would like to know this too.

Every online review (including cnet's) says that the camcorder is NOT SDXC compatible; however, according to the Sandisk help page on SDXC, the Canon camcorder DOES support SDXC.


Confused, I emailed Canon support for some clarification. Here is an excerpt of the email response I received...

"This camcorder will use the SD / SDHC / SDXC compatible SDHC Memory Cards using AVCHD specifications... This camcorder should be able to accept any size card available on the market today as well as into the future, up to 2TB. Even though memory cards do not come in capacities as high as a terabyte, the camera is capable of accessing that amount of memory."

I would still like to hear from a real world experience, since Canon doesn't officially say on their website that this camcorder is compatible. Has anyone tested to see if the HF s200 camcorder supports the SDXC formatted SD cards?