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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 now available for download...

by John.Wilkinson / January 31, 2006 6:15 AM PST

Microsoft has officially released Internet Explorer Beta 2 Preview for download to the general public after restricting Beta 1 to developers.

Key new/enhanced features:
* New streamlined interface.
* Tabbed browsing.
* A new search bar.
* Support for RSS feeds.
* Enhanced security.

* Legitimate copy of Windows XP (32-bit) with SP2

* There are known issues with properly loading websites.
* It does crash more than you would like it to.
* You cannot perform a Repair Installation of Windows XP until you uninstall IE7 Beta 2.
* As noted by Microsoft, IE7 Beta 2 ''should not be used on production systems in mission-critical environments.''

Final Thoughts:
IE 7 is coming along, but is still a Beta with several known issues. At this time, only those who know what they are doing should install the upgrade, preferably on a secondary computer. For the rest of those wishing to get a taste of the new features, click here to download Firefox, the free alternative browser that prompted Microsoft to update Internet Explorer in the first place.

Download Link:

Hope this helps,

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by Coryphaeus / January 31, 2006 8:24 PM PST

Have you tried it?

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(NT) (NT) Never mind, just saw your other post.
by Coryphaeus / January 31, 2006 8:35 PM PST
In reply to: Well?
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Tried it - Not ready for primetime...
by skipperjohn / February 10, 2006 12:28 AM PST

I installed IE7 and tried it for a couple days. I went to update the virus signatures for McAffee, and was unable to.

I uninstalled IE7 and will wait till the kinks are ironed out a bit more.

I generally use Opera as a browser, and don't think there are many features in IE7 that I don't already have with Opera.

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I've tried it
by guptasingh / February 9, 2006 6:02 PM PST
In reply to: Well?

and had to uninstall it. Just before I installed it, I also installed another browser, Avant. Suddenly my internet shortcuts on the desktop stopped working. It was just like platoon where the two sergeants, Barnes and Elias were fighting for the possession of my URL association. Or something like that. The problem was that no one had it. When you clicked on the shortcut, a print dialogue box showed up. ***?? Plus, my e-mail program stopped showing me what I was typing, and wouldn't allow me to delete words or misspellings. My computer went totally ********. Even the REstore function stopped working further back than 24 hours. IE7 worked nice, though, and so did Avant. My problems were all solved when I uninstalled both new programs. I am running XP with the latest updates and am wearing underwear. My assessment: Don't play with the IE7 beta unless you're able avoid committing suicide. I have to get my wrists stitched shut.

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by nothing / February 9, 2006 8:11 PM PST
In reply to: Well?

I had to get rid of it. Even tho I set everything to autodetect, I still had windows popping up all over the dsl connecting and disconnecting...and I could never get past the first page of a website. It's garbage (at least at this state..maybe they'll fix the bugs in next release). Advice? Stay away from it and wait for the next release.

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by raykirkwood / February 9, 2006 9:01 PM PST
In reply to: Crap

As usual with negative new software posts, it is probably your system which has problems. The new software installed perfectly first time and runs without problems on my second/backup & test PC. Whether useful /better than IE 6 we will find out in due course. We were warned that some sites may not work properly if they have not prepared for the changes. It is a BETA. leave it alone if you are not skilled/equipped to test it safely without risking your main PC.

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IE 7 Not Crap
by bill flinn / February 9, 2006 9:40 PM PST
In reply to: Crap

I tried the beta version for week and it downloaded and worked perfectly ok . One error message popped up from a dll file but that did not stop the application working .
The more important observation and I told Microsoft on survey is that IE 7 was not much more than a copy of Firefox . If we are supposed to be impressed with this effort then I think the general consensus will be not impressed .
I do agree with Raykirkwood that those guys who are having major problems with IE7 must have problems elsewhere on their PC's or it would not work perfectly for some of us . (Quite willing to share my set up details )

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Should be fine...It is in BETA for a reason
by / February 9, 2006 10:15 PM PST
In reply to: IE 7 Not Crap

It should be fine in its final release, but I do agree it's nothing more than a duplicate of what Firefox has been doing for a long time. Until it is finally released, and people start developing "add-ons" (or whatever MS is going to call them), IE 7 will still have a long way to go to catch Firefox.

What I've found:

1) Tabbed browsing is very clumsy in IE 7, and it's made so smooth by various great extensions in FF -- one of the main reasons I'll wait to upgrade. I've also gotten it to stop responding on more than one occasion by starting it with 7+ tabs loading @ once.

2) As a developer, the most important thing I've tested are my company's websites, and thankfully they all look that's plus. However, I did notice it's not holding ANY cookies even on sites like eBay. In other words, it won't "remember you" even if you click the respective box when you login.

These are all known issues they're (hopefully) working on.

In the end, it is in BETA...use it to test your websites (if needed), report a bug here and there, and then uninstall it and move on...all the while keeping the faith in the (ugh) good folks at Microsoft to make the necessary improvements in the final release.

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I agree
by lewisd / February 9, 2006 11:41 PM PST
In reply to: IE 7 Not Crap

I have to agree, as I am not having any problems with IE 7 Beta 2. I am also running Fire Fox, Avant and Maxton browsers. I don't really care for Avant and Maxton yet they work I just don't care for them so I switch back and forth between Fire Fox and IE 7. I expect to see some problems from IE 7 it is a Beta after all. I have had it crash once but I just restarted it and went back to doing what I was doing. I haven't seen any browsers that haven't crashed once in a while.

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I agree...IE7 is not crap!
by d_tisdal / February 9, 2006 11:44 PM PST
In reply to: IE 7 Not Crap

I downloaded IE7 on one of my secondary systems as soon as I found the links on this discussion group. To be quite honest, I found it to be quite an impressive upgrade compared to the previous version. The changes were so dramatic it was like using Firefox for the first time as it took some getting used to. I run both Firefox and Explorer and have had some minor annoyances with both. Overall it appears that MS has worked hard to meet the demands that Firefox supplied and I really believe that MS will make a comeback with this new version once the bugs if any are worked out. After is in the beta phase. I worked with lots of betas and what they are designed for is feedback and redesign. On the MS site it clearly states that "Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview is intended to enable developers, Web developers and IT pros to begin to test the new browser for compatibility with their applications and Web sites". I personally like the new interface, quicker loading of content, the functional aspects and it has not yet crashed my system even when I push the browser to the limits. I give the MS crew a thumbs up for their efforts in giving the user what they want. This new version rocks!

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by beegdaddy1 / February 10, 2006 10:04 PM PST
In reply to: Crap

I have been Beta testing for almost 4 weeks now, with minimal changes noted, and no crashes (fingers crossed & knockong on wood)
Will post any/ if I have any difficulties with it.

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by nothing / May 21, 2006 3:50 AM PDT
In reply to: Crap

The first beta version screwed up my DSL. The second beta version works just fine. Obviously, there WAS a problem with beta 1. I have 25 years experience with computers; it's my job. My computer works just fine in every other respect. The only complaint I have with beta 2 is that images load really slow but this will be smoothed out in the final version. I still maintain the first beta WAS crap (full of bugs) but MS addressed the issues and fixed them in beta 2. That is what beta is all about.

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(NT) (NT) I agree 100%
by stonehkm / May 21, 2006 6:48 AM PDT
In reply to: IE7
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That's cool
by ASBaltazar / February 1, 2006 10:22 PM PST

I just read the review on Cnet. I'm an avid Firefox fan but my default browser is IE (my family likes IE). The things that caught my eye is the tabbed browsing, the size to fit, for printing and the zoom feature for web pages. I'm legally blind and it would be nice to zoom in on small pictures and text without changing my display settings.

I think I'll wait to download it when it goes off Beta. I just hope my Norton Antivirus or Webroot Spysweeper don't have problems with it. The Norton is a pain to remove and reinstall.

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(NT) (NT) No problem with Norton or Webroot here. :)
by John.Wilkinson / February 2, 2006 3:49 AM PST
In reply to: That's cool
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IE7 Problems with Norton Internet Security 2006
by MikeNicoloff / May 7, 2006 10:46 PM PDT
In reply to: That's cool

Hi I would wait. I am running Windows Media Center, I just downloaded the new Internet Explorer 7, and now if I open up my Norton Internet Security
2006, and click the Norton AntiSpam tab, I am getting Internet Explorer Script Errors.

The 1st one I get says "An error has occurred in the script on this page
Line: 15, Char:1, Error: Object expected, Code: 0, Url: res://C:\Program
Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\AntiSpam\asRes.LOC/nasstatus.htm"

If I click anything else I get 10 different Script Errors depending on what I click on. (I took screen shots on all error messages if any ones need the
info on all error messages) Don't know what is causing this except for maybe Internet Explorer 7. So I un-installed it, and now it is ok. Has anybody else had this problem?

I really like the new Internet Explorer 7, and would love to use it, but it is affecting my Norton AntiSpam.

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This is the problem with betas
by MarkFlax Forum moderator / May 8, 2006 7:50 AM PDT

3rd party software writers take time to adjust their software packages to handle betas. That's why they are buggy.

But I am sure Symantec/Norton would appreciate your report of this particular problem with IE 7.


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more IE crap
by Harajuku_man / February 2, 2006 3:28 AM PST

i got this thing and its not that great tell the truth it just seems like a wanna be firefox and it missed up my mcafee ever since i installed it my mcafee comes up blank im done with IE for good now i wish i could get a mac so i could use safari which is another great browser. but for now firefox is just fine

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Go with the Mac and stay with FireFox
by jim_jensen / February 9, 2006 8:25 PM PST
In reply to: more IE crap

Actually even if you go to the Mac stick with Firefox. Safari is great but Firefox is better.

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Uninstalled it after 3 days!
by stonehkm / February 2, 2006 5:14 PM PST

Has great promise and all websites load properly, unlike Firefox! Tried it out and liked it, but I ran into too many bugs. One that particularly annoyed me was text overlapping text meking it unreadable on certain websites. Yahoo mail was unreadable for example. Worth giving it a spin to see where we are headed, but then uninstall and go back to IE6 untill it's out of beta!
In response to critics of IE. It's very secure if you keep it updated and have the appropriate AV and firewall protection. If you don't, shame on you as sooner or later malware will get Firefox, Mozilla etc Happy

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Compliance, Compliance, Compliance...
by sleesolene / February 9, 2006 6:56 PM PST

Bear in mind that although it might seem that Firefox is loading websites improperly, but this is often times due to Firefox's superior W3C compliance. Web designers are all to familiar with the non-compliant way in which IE renders pages (there are still bugs and it is likely there always will be) and sometimes it is just simply too aggravating to continue writing two separate sets of rules for IE and the rest. This has everything to do with the 90% market share IE has..not because it is a better browser (just look at the new browser and see how much of it appears to be ripped off from Firefox!) but because of the fact that IE comes packaged with the Windows OS. I for one have seen this criticism vaulted toward Firefox often, when in fact, it is IE who need to get their act together.

If IE could establish W3C compliance to the degree Firefox has, designing web pages would be a whole lot easier, and web pages which are accessible to users who use screen readers or large fonts would be a lot easier to write.

Just wait until CSS3 becomes the standard. I am guessing that IE will drag its feet for quite some time. It took them ages to get around to supporting the PNG image format, and the box model in IE still needs some work. I am sure that Firefox will embrace new standards far more readily.

It is important to research what seem to be quirks with Firefox's rendering of web pages, because almost without variation, you'll find the only difference is that Firefox is being WC3 compliant where IE is not.

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How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2...
by John.Wilkinson / February 5, 2006 8:09 AM PST
Here are the steps to uninstall IE7 Beta 2:
* Go to add/remove programs in the control panel.
* Check the box at the top next to ''show updates.''
* Scroll down under the Windows Updates listing until you find Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2.
* Click the remove button to uninstall.
* The uninstaller will remove IE7 from your system and return IE6 to its original place.
* All of your favorites and settings will be as they should be.

If Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 2 Preview is not listed in add/remove programs, go to the directory local drive\Windows\$NtUninstallie7bet2p$\spuninst and run the application spuninst.exe.

Note: You must be using an administrative account to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2.

Hope this helps,
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How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2
by Rowena100 / February 5, 2006 8:34 AM PST

Hi John,
I'm a computer newbie....Please bear with me. You said I must be using an administrative account to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2. How do I do that? Where do I go?
Also, I just checked my 'add or remove programs' and what is listed there is 'Google toolbar for Internet Explorer'. Is that the same as the 'Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 2 Preview?

Rowena 100

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Hi Rowena,
by John.Wilkinson / February 5, 2006 8:46 AM PST

In Windows XP there are three types of accounts...administrative, limited user, and guest. To verify your account type, go start->control panel->user accounts and see what it says under your username. I'm willing to bet you're using an administrative account already, but you can check and make sure.

For part 2, Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer is completely different...that's an addon for IE, but what you want to remove is a new version of IE. Make sure you have checked the box to ''show updates'' and look for ''Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview.'' (That's the exact phrase.) If it's not there you'll have to follow the aternative directions for uninstalling IE7.

Let me know how it goes.

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How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2
by Rowena100 / February 5, 2006 8:50 AM PST

Hi John,
I'm back.... I apologize for the oversight but I went back to my add/remove programs, then I put a check mark next to "show updates" and I found the listing for 'Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2'.

Before I follow your instructions to uninstall the IE 7 Beta 2, do I still have to be using an administrative account since I found the list already on my add/remove programs? I'm sorry. I'm new into this computer stuff...


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I believe so...
by John.Wilkinson / February 5, 2006 8:57 AM PST

I had installed it using an administrative account and when I tried to uninstall it with a limited user account it refused. Thus, I believe you must use an admin account to uninstall the beta. However, if you are the primary user of the computer your account should be an administrative account. Even if it's not and you try to uninstall it won't cause any problems, so there's nothing to worry about.

Good luck.

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How to reinstall IE 6.0 version
by Rowena100 / February 5, 2006 9:12 AM PST
In reply to: I believe so...

Hi John!
I followed your instructions and I was able to re-install my IE 6.0 and got rid of their IE 7 Beta version.
Thank you so much for all your help for a computer newbie like me! I was scared to do it being new to computers, but your instructions were very detailed and clear.
You guys are God-sent to people like us!

Thanks for all your help,
Rowena 100

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(NT) (NT) Glad I could help and thanks for posting back. :)
by John.Wilkinson / February 5, 2006 9:16 AM PST
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sound card issues - even after uninstalling ie7beta2
by burkemr / February 9, 2006 9:05 PM PST

I'm running xp sp2 on an emachines T-3085 with on-board nVidea audio drivers. Have installed every m$softpatch to date. I'm also quite disabled with an almost unintelligible "voice" so its a major pain to reinstall everything and call for activation.

ie7 ran ok for me, but newsgroups werte lost and it messed up my sound somehow so I lost most of my Replay Radio stations and this pgm is quite important to me. Uninstalling ie7 was straightforward, but the sound card issuesw not only remained but got worse. Any ideas anyone?


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Something to check...
by John.Wilkinson / February 12, 2006 4:59 AM PST

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 shouldn't have caused a problem with your sound system, though with Microsoft anything's possible. What I'd like you to do is right-click my Computer, select Properties, select the Hardware tab, click Device Manager, and expand "sound, video, and game controllers." See if any are marked with a yellow caution triangle. Also, right-click the entry four your audio driver (it should say something to the effect of 'Nvidia nForce 6-channel audio'), select properties, select the Driver tab, and report back the name and version of the driver.

Most likely the issue can be solved by updating/reinstalling the audio driver. You can try "roll back driver" from the driver tab, though that usually doesn't solve the problem. The eMachines website doesn't have any drivers available for download, so you'd have to get it from Nvidia's website, but at this point I'm not sure which one you need. (That's what the above info should help to determine.) If this strikes out, you can try contacting eMachines teh support via live chat (5AM to midnight Pacific time) by clicking here.


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