If that is an issue, don't buy.

2. I have the Nexus 7 and it's pretty nice. I added this keyboard and my bluetooth mouse has a new friend.

But a disclaimer here. The tablets are not mine but the office because we are porting apps.

The Kindle Fire HD however is mine and it's doing great connected to the HDTV for amazon video. Really nice.
The Nook is well, unless it's cheap enough to consider disposable I would avoid it.
The Samsung is great but for our work we don't want what Samsung added. No sale.
Archos has been around the block a lot but can't say I'd consider it unless it was too cheap to avoid.
HP? Sorry, absolutely no sale. HP did not fix my laptop that was 3 months old and 6 months later it was still broke with HP's phone support telling me they had done all they could. Not a name I can go near.

How this helps.