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I want a November Surprise !!! I want the whole GOP

by Ziks511 / November 4, 2012 1:22 PM PST

Crooked Election Staff indicted on RICO and Election Tampering Charges. There's more than enough evidence, and it would be such a nice finale to all this Romney Mitturition.

Not to mention that Bain Capital used to take businesses apart, so let's take the entire Republican Election System apart.

Now I want you to know that I'd bet 80% or more of GOP election folks are just regular committed Republicans but the Roves. the Diebolds, the Urosevich's, Jeb Bush, the Chief Electoral Officer for Florida in 2000 Kathleen What'sherface, and the guy in Ohio who promised to deliver Ohio for Bush in 2004, and every little programmer gnome sent out to put patches on the South Carolina machines in 2002.

Clear (but not clean) out Sing Sing, put its current inmates in nice new prisons, sequestered by race, and make the greatly over paid and the good for nothing do real old fashioned hard time.. The price for stealing the Presidency should be life, but I'd be satisfied seeing a Karl Rove carried out in 15 years

Besides, I'm allowed to ask for this. the election falls the day after my Birthday on Guy Fawkes Day, the day some looney Catholics tried to blow up Parliament in London England in 1605.

"So Please you, remember the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder and treason
Should ever be forgot..."

See Toni, everybody's got some terrorists in their background.

Me, I'm stuck with the Covenanters, the most miserable, least effective terrorist organization in the world, and I haven't even been able to establish a connection to them. My Mum was a Lutheran. They didn't do much in Britain except to campaign to end slavery.

Meanwhile, I'd like you to contemplate this. A man arrives about 9PM at the Houses of Congress on a waggon (sic) and 4 Horses, what else), loaded with wood, and says, "I've got permission", (he had) shows the form, "to store this wood in the basement. We'll be bringing in a lot of it over the next 3 weeks, that okay?

"Sure, just so long as the rent is current with the Chamberlain."

That's how it happened, Not a word about the barrels of gunpowder rhey were storing too.

A very extended plot involving many of the nobility, sort of like the ordained leadership of the Republican Party, but their party favours were programmable, hackable, manipulable electronic voting machines to misrepresent the vote.


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(NT) Expressing hate only unites people with the same hate.
by Steven Haninger / November 4, 2012 5:54 PM PST
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Steven, you approach a moderately long and complex post
by Ziks511 / November 6, 2012 6:42 PM PST

with a sledgehammer attributing only one motive, despite my already excluding the vast majority of Republicans in the post itself.

You confuse anger and strong feelings with hate. I Hate No one

I do not hate Republicans. Some of them are my family members, for God's sake. What I do hate is the group who have taken control of the Republican Party, who probably constitute less than 1% of registered Republicans. For 40 years now, the professional managers of the Republican Party have been pushing it Rightward, and attacking anyone who expresses reservations or opposition.

I do despise, as oppose to hate, those extremely privileged and wealthy old men who exert appalling influence on a party which is supposed to express a range of opinion. This is not the Republican Party, based around a set of shared values i.e. a platform. It is a Party being dictated to by extremists whose primary influence is money. It is the Norquist Koch Coors Adelson (can I buy a non Teutonic name here?) Consortium who use the Republican candidate as a hand puppet. In your heart of hearts, do you think that George W Bush was in control of the party he led? It is clear that Obama is the leader of his party, but it is not clear that Reagan, W and Romney were leaders or merely convenient figureheads. In fact I'd say that most Republicans didn't trust Romney but were reassured by Paul Ryan on the ticket. Paul Ryan has a backbone. His opinions may not be comforting or even accepted by the majority of Republicans, but he has a core, a firm centre.

Mutt Romney has changed position so often nobody knows where he stands on anything, they only know what he says from moment to moment. That provably untrue "47%" comment, and various other gaffes eroded any confidence people had in him. Obama's response to Sandy, was in stark contrast to Bush's response to Katrina and to 9/11. He moved decisively back to Washington to await a storm aimed at DC.

Bush possessed no hint of true leadership. If he had, he'd have been out of that chair in the Grade 1 class, and made an apology that he had been called away by an emergency in New York City, thus localizing the problem and eliminating anything scary from the kids minds, like nuclear war or danger in Florida.

Indeed what has become dimly apparent in this election cycle is that the Extremists are not having it all their own way. Romney's "opinions" as dictated to him by Norquist Koch and company, alienate the swing voter, and even cause discomfort among what moderate Republicans are left.

If you've drunk the Kool Aid Steve, I am sorry. You are smarter than that.

I've had occasion recently to re-read Eisenhower's farewell address from 1961, and to contrast it with the extreme positions being bellowed from the ConservaTeaParty Republican looney Right who in 1961 were proto John Birchers. It is a fine document, which warns against precisely the problems that have developed, the Military Industrial Congressional Complex. (Bet you didn't know that Eisenhower decided at the last minute not to alienate Congress by deleting that reference) It was an early reference to what we now call the Beltway Bubble which isolates Washington from the remainder of the country and disconnects elected Representatives from their Constituencies. It all becomes about positioning in the Washington hierarchy, and making connections to guarantee funding for the next election.

The Founding Fathers made a mistake when they ordered elections every 2 years, not in the context of 18th or 19th Century Politics, but in the context of late 20th and early 21st Century politics, where every Congressman having run for office is now permanently running on a treadmill to generate enough money to stand to be re-elected. Ditto Senators despite their 6 year terms. They are chained to their big donors not to their States or constituents. That is deeply and profoundly wrong, and would promote projectile vomitting among the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress and the members of every party up to the Republican Party of 1918. Have you forgotten the Harding Administration, and Tea Pot Dome, a party bought and paid for by speculators which made Harding a one term wonder.

Have you no sense of history Steven? Can you not make the connections between things that went wrong in the past and things that are going wrong now? You're a bright guy, that's clear in your longer posts.
That Address line Tweet was uncharacteristic of you.


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Keeping it simple isn't all bad.
by Steven Haninger / November 6, 2012 7:39 PM PST

My observation is that you slam people as you've done to me here. I don't think that's a decent thing to do. I also don't go with the idea that posts with the greatest amount of verbiage are better than those which are more succinct. Why...because, when a lengthy essay pops up in front of someone, how many will care to read it? Why would I care to read your many lines of text when it starts out with a personal criticism? Think about it.

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Honourable Opponent: First, I disagreed with you. I didn't
by Ziks511 / November 7, 2012 2:21 PM PST

slam you. I think one line responses to larger ideas and Tweeting are glib and ill advised. I have slammed people here, who clearly have an agenda which they will push regardless of evidence or the will of the American electorate. I see you as a mainstream Republican rather than an extremist, and thus as worthy of respect and will disagree but not slam.

What I meant to include in that first sentence was a reference to Tweeting as what passes for thought in the US today. Had I included that, it would not have been directed at you, it would have been directed at people who do think that complex issues can be reduced to however many characters a Tweet will support.

The only one liners I consistently appreciate came from the Algonquin Round Table in the 1920's. "Brevity is the soul of lingerie. As the camisole said to the chemise." A play on the truism "Brevity is the soul of wit."
Or "If all the girls at the Harvard ball were laid end to end, I wouldn't be in the least surprised." Both of those are Dorothy Parker. One was written as a caption for a Photograph in Vogue and probably took hours of thought (or not). The other was a conversational gambit, as was "One more drink and I'll be under the host." In all cases, these were usually witticisms honed and polished for years before they were dropped with exquisite timing into the conversation or an article or review.

I can't help that I think in paragraphs and several interconnected and hopefully reinforcing ideas, and not in terms of quick shots. I distrust shots from the hip in a political discussion viz "There you go again ...." Dismissive without substance or evidence.

As for how I write, it's how I was educated. In conversation I may come out with one-liners, but put me at a keyboard and I'm in writer mode. Blame Grad School.

I may disagree with you Steven, but I respect your opinions enough to try to explain why I disagree rather than perpetuate a "you take a shot at me, I take a shot at you" form of dialogue.

With honest best wishes,

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Be honest with yourself here
by Steven Haninger / November 7, 2012 5:52 PM PST

Your OP was filled with hatred and a desire for revenge. I found that to be repulsive. You didn't get much traffic. I was the first and the next didn't have comment either. You obviously enjoy reading and writing and seemed annoyed that I didn't spend more time with your post in commenting. You challenged my desire to learn history but I don't need or want your history lessons. I can do that on my own...thank you.

You claim to be a "liberal". Is what you write typical of liberal thinking? If so, I found your OP and many other of your hate spewing posts to be anything but a recruitment package for that side of the fence.

I'll repeat something I've said here before. Anyone can speak to be heard but not everyone can speak to be listened to.

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Psuedo Liberalism is a poison of the soul
by James Denison / November 7, 2012 9:12 PM PST

You see the result. True Liberals give of their own and don't demand others follow suit, but may try and persuade them willing to join them in giving and helping. Psuedo Liberals give of what belongs to others which they've taken from them and then take credit for themselves. Many Democrats call themselves Liberals but in truth are False, and many of them also are instead arrogant demanding beggars hiding behind the label "Liberal".

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the will of the American electorate
by James Denison / November 7, 2012 9:05 PM PST

What do you consider the "will of the American electorate" when it's almost an even split in this election? If you have 20 people in a group, 11 want to go one way and 9 wish to go another, is there a "will" being displayed as a group? In such a smaller group typically 11 would go one way and the 9 would go the other and agree to meet up later somewhere.

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and then the group of 9
by JP Bill / November 7, 2012 9:21 PM PST

could split into a group of 5 and another group of 4 other and agree to meet up later somewhere.

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by Willy / November 4, 2012 9:06 PM PST

I remember a saying or something like it. Only cream and sh*t rises to the top. And so it goes. ------Willy Happy

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(NT) Nice Vonnegut reference.
by Ziks511 / November 7, 2012 2:21 PM PST
In reply to: Woooo!
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Brain cramp. My mother was a Methodist not a Lutheran. Same
by Ziks511 / November 7, 2012 1:17 PM PST

Anti-slavery campaign though.

My familial religious upbringing Presbyterian and Methodist. Can you imagine any fun at all? Fortunately my parents weren't particularly religious and allowed me to go to the Episcopalian church because the minister was a very pleasant and well educated man willing to talk about all sorts of issues.


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you do mention your parents often
by James Denison / November 7, 2012 9:14 PM PST

More than anyone else in these forums.

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