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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue

by adam4574 / January 21, 2011 6:08 AM PST


I bought a HT-C6950W from Harvey Norman last week and am having issues upgrading the firmware.

When I choose to upgrade by the internet I get an error message telling me :

"Model info in upgrade file does not match with your player"

Even though it is a HT-C6950W the firware on it is actually "HTB-C6930WWB-1011.4"

I have emailed Samsung but haven't heard anything back fro over a week now.

I have searched for the firware on Samsungs website but the model does not exist.

Can anybody help?

One last point is that I am very dissapointed with the DLNA playback not supporting Pause, very very poor!



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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / January 21, 2011 10:21 AM PST


I'm sorry to hear that you're having this issue with updating your unit.

You can try calling the support center in your region. Assuming Harvey Norman is Australia, try dialing 300-SAMSUNG to see if they are able to assist you in upgrading your HT system.

I looked on the site and couldn't find it either, so it's not a case of you not going to the right page.


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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue
by paulp99 / February 2, 2011 10:01 PM PST

Same issue here but identified it 2 months ago, have contacted Samsung took several weeks for them to get back and no solution, just said upgrade firmward but of course you cannot do this due to the error and there is no correct firmware anyway.

HDTech, can you explain the solution if you find out.

I think the firmware actually is the wrong one.
I'm experiencing
- audio pops on DLNA playback (only)
- inability for Samsung TV to turn on or off the Amp "permanently" via anynet.
Off works for a couple times then disables by itself if the amp is off for a while.
Odd visual glitches with the playback from blurays, when faces move across screen. No problems on DLNA video.

Samsung is very poor quality, especially on this top of their line equipment.

Hope someone posts a solution.


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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue
by paulp99 / February 4, 2011 7:04 AM PST
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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue
by paulp99 / February 15, 2011 10:33 PM PST

According to Samsung support here in Australia, they said that the error message reported by adam4574, which I also get, is a generic error which can also mean no update is available!

Also they sent me out a disk with the latest firmware, it was also exactly the same as what was on the unit also with the wrong model number (HT-C6930W) The support staff could not find any specific firmware. It looks like thats the only one.

They really don't seem to know what they are doing and were just reading from a script. All my reported issues above are still have not been fixed despite several calls to the support centre.

One, thing, I noted that the anynet+ settings on the TV are lost after 2 hours, exactly in time with the "auto firmware update check" feature. Turning this feature off stops the settings from dropping, but still I cannot use anynet+ to turn on the receiver from the tv report as the Samsung staff claim I should be able to do. Thats the who point of anynet+, use one remote right.

Anyone have this feature working. My TV is the 58 inch 3D Plasma.


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Just so we know.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / February 16, 2011 12:24 AM PST

At some point remote diagnosis or repair by phone or by shipping a CD becomes problematic and both sides will be unhappy.

It's time for the service call.

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Just so we know
by paulp99 / February 16, 2011 9:17 AM PST
In reply to: Just so we know.

Take a day off work for a service call and then potentially be told its firmware like others have reported on similar issues. Is it worth the day off work...

Indeed though but you are right, it is the next step specially if the call center staff can't even verify the version of firmware they are posting out before sending it.

At least once confirmed I can request a refund.. Wonder how I will go with that.

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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue
by blenderxd / March 10, 2011 3:09 PM PST
In reply to: Just so we know

Hope this helps.. check out

fw dl link -

I purchased my ht-c6950w from Harvey Norman within the first week of release and had a hectic issue where the sound would cut out intermittently on every audio input.. Luckily for me a fw update resolved (I did try official support which was terrible) this which was only possible via USB as the 6950 does ship with 6930 sw. Annoying not being able to update directly from the web but USB does work..

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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue
by paulp99 / March 11, 2011 8:48 AM PST

thanks for the informatin blenderxd,
I was looking for that link! This is the same firmware that Samsung posted out.

This firmware I've applied, however the following changes occured since applying it.
- The sound bit error chirps when playing DLNA movies have stopped!
- Sounds now tends to go out of sync after a few minutes of playback.

No changes to the anynet problems or video fuzziness problems.

Note, anyone reading this don't apply the latest firmware to the PS58C7000.
The new firmware on the TV, has introduced audio lag with timeshift and overall TV viewing seems to have decreased in quality (I suspect something to do with the mpeg noise logic)

Question for benderxd, have you got the anynet working so it turns "on" both your amp and tv? (I went out and bought a logitech harmony universal remote but due to the way the inputs work its not a very good solution, so I am still keen to know if the anynet "can" be fixed to control both the tv and amp/bluray or if Samsung are just lying through their teeth about the one remote for all concept. I spoke to a sales guy at jb who said the anynet functionality is generally non-functional and advise me not to bother trying to use it)

Also, I was experimenting with the bluray playback and I've noticed that if jubber correction on the TV (a TV picture setting) is set to "smooth" it improves the problems wiht bluray playback!. (the fuzziness around faces moving across the screen is decreased significantly) I am now starting to think this is a problem with the HT-6950W firmware as the TV should not have to "fix" the image coming from the blu-ray/amp right?.

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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue
by blenderxd / March 11, 2011 11:28 AM PST

Paulp99, I've setup anynet and it's working as designed with the one remote. I've an older TV (model PS50B550T2F) so unfortunately I'm not familiar with the PS58C7000 setup and any issues it has..

With regards to sound falling out of sync, how's your dlna setup (wired, wireless, via tv or bluray), how's the quality of the file you're trying to play?

Using this home theatre I can't find any issues with picture quality although on another note, Samsungs software/firmware departments need a good bloody kick in the guts - looking at you Kies & PC share manager.

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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue
by paulp99 / March 31, 2011 9:42 PM PDT

DLNA setup is wired (CAT 6 cable, high quality switch) I can run it through either the TV or the Bluray, both have DLNA and both have different "issues".

I've got lots of different types of video including basic AVI and MKV. The level of quality seems to impact the quality of video reproduction. i.e. my lower quality AVI's which work very well on a PC, look like trash on the Samsung, lots of mpeg ripples around the images on the TV (mpeg distortion of some kind) The MKV's are better but definately still show the issues I discussed.

I feel with the new firmware the quality of "everything" has decreased, almost as if the screen is not responding as "fast" as it should be. Really stands out if I watch it after visitng my parrents and watching their 46 inch LED, which is flawless unlike this piece of junk.

I went out and purchased a harmony remote to try and work around the issue with anynet... its not any better because the complexity of the samsung system means a universal remote actually is more of a pain than a help.

I might call samsung again see what is going on with the firmware, been weeks and I've heard nothing further.

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HT-C6950W Firmware upgrade issue Samsung support are useless
by paulp99 / July 31, 2011 10:00 PM PDT

I finally was able to get Samsung to pickup the TV to repair. They had the unit for over two weeks and have returned it with a major new fault and NOT ONE of the existing faults fixed. They lied to me on the phone saying all the issues were resolved.

The units are also marked from being handled, couple of scratches now on the equipment due to rough handling.

I've had just about enough of Samsung!

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DLNA issues could be casued by your DLNA media server
by Andy Holman / August 1, 2011 6:43 PM PDT

From your posts, you may indeed have faulty hardware or firmware, but I thought I would add that I do have a Samsung TV and Blu-ray player and I find their DLNA works great and looks great. One thing I did was dump Samsung's applications Allshare/PC Manager/etc. Frankly they were junk & really give DLNA in their hardware a bad rap. I now use Mezzmo DLNA media server and it streams my HD videos beautifully. I have many MKV & AVI videos, and they look/stream great on both my Samsung TV and Blu-ray player.

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Samsung faults
by paulp99 / August 8, 2011 11:54 AM PDT


I've got 4 DLNA servers to use, including a Twonky deployed on a QNAP
NAS, serviio, windows 7 and samsung. Its not the server unfortunately.
Samsung DLNA server is generally fine, though yes its rubbish in capability.

I thought hardware also, however its been back to Samsung and they've had their chance to fix the hardware with plenty of instruction. They sent it back with scratches all over the bluray, disk now jams in the bluray drive and the TV was untouched other than to install yet another firmware upgrade, which I specifically asked them not to unless they were certain it would fix some of the issues.

Each firmware update has made matters worse. Current fault list includes
1. DLNA quality issues, including decoding, intermittent audio lag, sound pops, etc
2. Timeshift garbles, no longer supports devices formatted with with first firmware so basically after trying a dozen different HDD's and memory cards nothing will work for recording.
3. Ripple effect around moving scenes. This seems to effect the built in tuner particularly. This is aweful and makes the TV unwatchable.
4. Anynet still dead, won't active amp on power up
5. Audio lag when using external tuners or DNLA on bluray instead of DLNA on tv.

There are several other issues, will exclude for now.

Anyone from Samsung is welcome to talk to me about this.

I would classify items 1, 2, and possibly 4 to be purely firmware problems (hence posting to this thread) and items 3 and possibly part of 4 to be manufacturing problems which "SHOULD" have been addressed by a repair.
Item 5 is new after repair. Note item 3 got MUCH worse after it was returned. Happening on basically all motion scenes where there is a strong contrast of color. Before it was happening on specific scenes, maybe 5 times per hour depending on the type of program and the transmission mode (1080i most effected).

MKV is probably the least impacted, I think 1 to 1 (1080p to 1080p) might be easier for it to deal with than other formats.


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Sorry Paul The forum bottomed out.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / August 8, 2011 11:59 AM PDT

No one can reply to your post.

Why not call it in and make it a warranty issue? I mean, it seems you read the manual that such and such should work and it doesn't.

Next time, try a new post.

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Already been in for warranty
by paulp99 / August 8, 2011 2:24 PM PDT

Didn't realise there was a depth limit on cnet

Sorry, many not have been clear, I already been into service centre for warranty. This is how it is after warranty work has been done.

I'm trying to get my money back at the moment because either Samsung cannot fix these type of fundamental problems (because of firmware issues) or they just don't care to bother with it. Whats in the manual not working should be reason enough to take action I agree. The service technican they sent out could not speak English well so even though I had detailed instructions including video and photos showing each fault I have no idea what happened when it landed in their repair centre, as they refused to let me talk to the repair technicians or even give me an update on what parts / components were at fault.

I suspect when they go it, they updated the firmware with the new more faulty firmware, then sent both the TV and bluray back to me with no further work (apart from rough handling causing physical damage to the bluray unit).

I've been trying to get a service technician to look the original faults since Feb this year, now again getting no responses from them on what to do next for the last week and a half.

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paulp99 can't respond to you.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / August 9, 2011 2:22 AM PDT

You are at the limit of the forum's replies.

If you want replies, maybe your own discussion is best. This is Adam's original post.

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HT-C6950W firmware issue
by vcvaliant / May 17, 2012 5:57 PM PDT

Hi i have just read your post, i have the same model 3d bluray player and i am having trouble playing the latest 3D movies like Immortals 3D and Yogi Bear 3D. I also get the same message when trying to update directly from the unit. The latest firmware is HTB-C6930WWB-1013.2 which i updated over 18 months ago. When i rang Samsung they told me that i need to update the firmware again to be able to play the latest 3D movies but i very calmly explained to the guy that there is no updates, he then checked and come back and told me that i do have the latest firmware and they will need to come up with new firmware to play these movies. This was 2 weeks ago and when i rang Samsung today they were making alot of excuses so i told the guy that i will give them till the end of next week to come up with a solution. If i can't play all 3D movies then i want Samsung to exchange it with a model that does play all 3D movies This model isn't doing what it was advertised to do, paid alot of money for a system which is obsolete with in 2 years. Please let me know how you go

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Australian Model?
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / May 18, 2012 12:45 AM PDT


Glad to have you drop by. But just so you know, this forum is meant to mainly support US products and customers. And from what I can tell, this model is for Australia. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) So while I can't help you directly, if you want Samsung help, here's the Samsung Australia portal for support on that product:

However, I would urge you to be patient. Firmware updates go through a lot of testing, but while they're meant to fix things, if you rush testing and skip some steps, you can end up breaking other more vital things.

Also, I get the feeling you may think this is just like playing a record or a CD or a DVD. It's just spinning around and being read, so why doesn't it just work? While certainly the Blu-ray disc is being spun and read, more than that is happening, and without getting into the details, let me just say it's closer to a computer program.

Hope this helps you!

-- HD Tech

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HT-C6950W firmware issue
by vcvaliant / May 18, 2012 6:18 PM PDT
In reply to: Australian Model?

thanks for your promp reply, i did not know that this was mainly for American residents as it did not say so when i joined up and i apreciate that you have replied anyway. i understand what you are saying about the firmware but you also must realise that when people like myself buy these things we expect Samsung and any other company to keep up with the technology, its a bit late to start looking for new firmware for a product once people start to complain, i think all companies should keep their products up to date with the latest firmware in order to play all the latest movies. i do hope they come up with a solution because i do like the unit i have but if they can't i will be very upset and will have to look at other avenues. thanks, vcvaliant

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by Cheddle / February 18, 2013 9:05 AM PST
In reply to: Australian Model?

Hey there, FYI all, its now 19/02/2013 and the last firmware update was released in May 2012... I am unable to play blurays released after this time, and even worse is using another player to play them, then using an optical out to the blu way player, even using a HDMI connection only 2 channels are played by the unit... when my player outputs to the front left, rear left or surround left it all just plays via the front left.

I brought this unit for its high quality surround sound and it is useless. Ironically I used a new $120 Samsung bluray player to play the movies and output the sound and it plays the new movies fine...

I have demanded that samsung either release a firmware update, as they clearly are able to play movies on newer players. or that they replace my unit with a new and equivalent model...

I will post here, any action they take to remedy this situation. I use their TV's and mobile phones, not problems, but this home theater issue... terrible.

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Re: Firmware
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / February 19, 2013 7:19 AM PST
In reply to: Firmware

Hi Cheddle,

Do you also have an Australian model? By the way, what is your model?

HD Tech

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firmware ht-c6950w
by stagg5418 / November 15, 2013 6:41 PM PST
In reply to: Firmware

I have this same unit have same firmware issues and not playing a lot of 3d movies paid a lot of money for it and Samsung don't want anything to do with it.
keep passing the buck cant find way to fix it. I have had the unit for 2 years and been serviced three times now I get told to wait for updates the haven't come and still cant play a lot of movies have purchased a Panasonic 3d player to play my movies but the home theatre screws up the sound thru hdmi in.
I cant win I live in new Zealand.

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